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  • Skates
    Bauer Totalones/Bauer One100s
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    5 Sherwood T90, Easton RS, Bauer Totalone
  • Gloves
    2 pair Bauer 4 Rolls, Eagle PPF, Sherwood 9950
  • Helmet
    CCM V08
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    Bauer Total One Girdle
  • Shoulder Pads
    Farrell H600
  • Elbow Pads
    Bauer 6000
  • Shin Pads
    CCM Vector V08
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    Custom Team Bag

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  1. Went out to price a few Christmas gifts on Saturday. I ended up buying a Kindle Fire. The store extended their black friday sales and I got a pretty big discount on it.
  2. Found a lot of my old N64 games. Been racking my brain playing Tetrisphere for the past hour and a half. You can find some great stuff when you clean your whole house.
  3. Pretty sure Im getting a job at the local Total Hockey. Plus everything is falling into place finally for thanksgiving at our house. Both sides of the family coming over for the occasion so it should be interesting.
  4. Slapshot9123

    CCM V08

    CCM Vector helmet V08 Medium with Oakley 2.0 Visor I have been using the helmet for the past 4 months 5-6 times a week. Fit - The fit I was a little thrown off by at first. I wore a Large in the V10 I was issued last season and that seemed a bit to tight in my temple region. Other than the V10 I used, I have worn Larges in 4500s, 5500s, and Reeboks in the past. After trying on the Large I realized I needed a Medium with the V08 everything felt much better. The helmet sits low on my head compared to the other helmets I have used in the past. I experienced a bit of a sung fit in the same area as the V10 (not as tight though) after mounting my visor but, It opened up after a few uses and feels great. It sits lower in the back compared to the 4500s I have been wearing. Makes me feel a bit more protected. I have the helmet adjusted a tad bit more than 2/3s open with the adjustment system and it has not moved since day one. After breaking it in this helmet has great coverage all around. 10/10 Ventilation - I feel that I am getting the same airflow as the Bauer helmets I have worn before but not as much as the Reebok. Never experienced overheating what so ever. 8/10 Protection - This helmet has provided me with the most coverage out of anything I have worn in the past. The padding feels exactly how it has from day one. I took a puck to the head and have received a few good hits where I hit my head along the boards. I have not felt the impacts from either. It has done a great job in the protection department. 9/10 Weight - Not insanely light like the S19 or even the 8k, but it feels just as light as any other VN padding helmet out on the market to me. I do not notice it at all while playing. 8/10 Durability - No scratches, scuffs, or nicks so far. I do keep my helmet on a shelf in my locker right after I use it and keep it in a helmet bag when I pack up my gear for road trips, so its not like it is taking a beating being hauled in a bag everyday. As stated in a previous review, the front and back shell shift a bit while in my hands but only a few millimeters, not to the extent as the previous reviewer. The adjustment system has been working insanely well, my helmet has not shifted positions at all since I dialed it in when I first purchased it. The VN is holding up great too. With the 4500 I could feel the padding stiffening up around this point in time after purchase. Like I stated before, the VN padding feels just as the day I bought it. 10/10 Conclusion - This is probably the best experience I have had with a helmet so far. It is priced very well and I find it to be a great value. I have recommended it to a few people and a few of my teammates have made the switch to it. Next time I am in the market for a helmet I will be buying another V08.
  5. Found a A/V cord and a copy of NHL 94 last night for my Sega Genesis at a local play and trade store. Time to play some 94 on the big screen with my dad tonight just like when I was a kid.
  6. New season = New Update Helmet = Bauer 4500 black DX100 visor, Bauer 4500 White Itech Straight Cut, CCM V10 White Itech Straight Cut Shoulders = Farrell h600 Elbows = Bauer 6000 Pants = Bauer Total One Girdle w Tackla Shell Shins = CCM V8.0 Skates = Bauer Total Ones, Bauer one100s Gloves = Bauer 4 Rolls black, Bauer 4 Rolls Purple/gold, 2 Pairs Eagle PPF Navy, Eagle PPF Black, Sherwood T90 Red Sticks = 4 Sherwood T90s, Bauer Totalone, Bauer One100, 2 TPS R8, RBK 10k, Warrior HD all Drury clones 95-100 flex
  7. Cloudkicker, just one guy, he does everything in his music. Doesn't get involved with labels or other musicians. He does exactly what he wants he is in total control of his music. Either way, after listening to his music for the past few days I am very inspired to focus on playing more. My link Edit: Forgot to add his website, name your price on all of his music no minimum. You can download it for free and if you like it pay for it at a later date.
  8. Nothing really major, just had a really good night last night. Went out to dinner and then saw Blink-182 with a girl Im kinda into. Just all around good feeling all of last night and it carried onto today. Plus the White Sox absolutely wrecked Texas today. Always a little bit better of a day when the Sox play some good ball.
  9. Released on bail, kicked out of the band. He also left the band in 06 with a heroin addiction. Either way, Coheed is moving along just fine. They have posted up teasers for the past 8 days now, really obscure odd stuff that is probably going to be pieced into the story somehow, I maybe totally wrong. You never know with Claudio. Aside from that, Dream Theater's new cd drops September 13th and it will be Mike Mangini's debut with the band. Extremely pumped for this because I have been very impressed with what I have herd so far off the album.
  10. Traded to an expansion team in my last year of juniors. Not sure If I will go there to play, look for somewhere else to go or hang em up. Been a pretty rough past few days.
  11. USHL combine is this weekend at my local rink. I always try to head up there and check out a few of the scrimmages with some of my friends, there are always a few kids that stand out and they are very fun to watch during this.
  12. I am already playing down a level for mens league over the summer but, I take it easy for the most part. The team we played last night has 2 ECHL players, a 2011 3rd round draft pick, 2 division 1 players, and an ex pro playing in the B league. How is that fun and competitive for anyone?
  13. After keeping an eye out during 4th of July sales. I made out with 3 T90s and another pair of PPFs for under 350.
  14. You are mad about that? Or can I just not sense the sarcasm? haha Seriously, I don't know what it is about me and mosquitos. I can spray myself down in repellent for 10 mins straight and I still end up with 50 mosquito bites on my arms and legs.
  15. So at the golf outing I played in on Saturday, I ended up winning the Longest Drive Contest, a Chicago Bears On Field Authentic Jacket, 25 dollar gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings, and the grand prize of free golf at the country club for the whole month of July. On top of all that I finally landed another job.
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