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  1. Cool. So a large for a large girdle should be a bit more roomier then the stock shell? The site has no returns just want to make sure I don't waste money. Thays why I was leaving towards a medium Pp10. Looks like it would be more comfortable
  2. I came across these (2) shells, what would be best for comfort without being skin tight like the stock tacks shell https://www.prostockhockey.com/player-protective/shells/size-l-ccm-pp9ka-girdle-shell-team-stock-not-identified-2/ https://www.prostockhockey.com/player-protective/shells/size-m-ccm-pp10-pant-shell-team-stock-indy-fuel/
  3. Im having a tough time finding a plain black CCM pp90 shell online, can you suggest anywhere? I came across a pp15, looks like a pant shell, but i read some guys use these? any experience?
  4. Awesome info man thanks. What's the diff between pp90 and pp9k? Which do. You prefer
  5. Haha thanks for the response. What size is your pp90 and how does the fit look over the shell? Tight looking or roomy?
  6. Thanks. What model is the shell you got?
  7. I just ordered a large ccm 7092 girdle and I tried them on in the store first but didn't like how tight the stock shell was. What would be the best ccm shell to order for these that wouldn't be so tight on the legs? Pp90 pp10? I know it's preference but I don't have stores that carry shells near me so I would be ordering them online. Anyone have any pics of them wearing a large girdle wirh a shell?
  8. Thanks for the reply, what's your height and weight?
  9. Hi looking for people who have owned these and how they fit. I'm going to order a pair online but reading different things on sizing and they run on the larger size from what the sizing guide says in regards to waist size.
  10. I've been doing my own PT. Going to gym and exercises at home.
  11. Makes sense, thanks for sharing your experience. How's the knee now? I played lastnight in my new donjoy Defiance 3 it felt fine, although mentally I know it's not so I was being very careful about quick stop and starts etc. Although I was fine cutting hard etc. It's insane how fast you get out of hockey shape when you haven't skated in a couple of months. My legs were so full of lactic acid that was more of an issue then my acl tear lol. I'm going to continue light skating with my brace, and putting another one on my good knee just in case. Until I get a 2nd opinion about surgery. I don't have any Instability but my knee definitely feels a little sore today, more so when I squat down near the bottom. Not sure what that means but gonna rest it until next week and try ahain wirh the brace. This injury blows!
  12. If anyone needs a knee brace in Ontario let me know I have a guy who is excellent.
  13. I'm pretty sure anyone can buy these. I just got custom fit for one lastnight, it seems like I won't have to modify anything of my shin pads to get it on. The Defiance 3 is quite streamline.
  14. Saw surgeon yesterday he didn't mention anything about surgery. He said if I want to play hockey just get a brace. He gave me a quotation for $1700 for a donjoy. Found them online for half the price. Question, has anyone played with a donjoy armour? How does it compare to say a shock doctor or mcdavid hinged brace?
  15. Hey had an mri waiting for surgeon appointment on thr 9th of December Turns out I have tears in acl, lcl and meniscus as well as bone bruising. Thr nurse from my doctors office didn't give much info and said wait for my appointment
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