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  1. his blades are fine. just tell him to go play.
  2. OP, you are not imagining things. i had the exact issue with Vapors. I am a Fit 3, wide foot. The vapor fit 3 was great in the ankle, the instep, but then it clamps down right before the toebox. That did not work for me. The Supreme Fit 3 kept that depth nicely through the forefoot area. So that might be your ticket. But the toebox on the supremes is narrower than the vapor. too narrow for me. so those didnt work either. I tried on the CCM FT4 Pro in their "Wide" fit and they were great. They maintained that depth through the ankle, instep, and forefoot and had a large enough toebox. had em for months, they are great. If the supreme and vapor dont work for you, try on the jetspeeds and ribcors. dont be scared.
  3. you know whats funny i was just watching a preseason game and they were showing them mic'cing guys up and its this mic and has this battery/transmitter pack that looks like it weighs as much as a cell phone or something, and these dudes are wearing them all the time to play in actual NHL games. made me think of this thread and the "performance" enhancements
  4. again this produces a zero effect on the player. its making the same argument as claiming that pulling threads from your jersey or cutting the tag out makes you faster or less fatigued. it doesnt. all the tens of thousands of pounds of force that a player, especially a pro, produces during a game are entirely unaffected by a 2 ounce lighter skate blade. a blade on the ice creating ice melt has all the weight of the player on it, plus the compression force of the players leg accelerating that mass forward. so its 185+ lbs plus whatever compression force from the leg muscle. the weight of the skate blade is entirely negligible in that equation. the arguments being made here are purely semantics and not at all practical. its like talking about being faster by not wearing socks. its ludicrous.
  5. you have to spell it out for them, buddy. so if we are trying to keep the metal edge on the ice cool, what will pull heat away from it faster? metal or carbon fiber?
  6. ya huge strides from people who know science. psulion22 does not know science.
  7. Not only does he not nail it he's completely wrong on the physics. He's making all that up. About the ice and the heat! That's ludicrous and fake science. More metal in the blade will disperse that heat better. Metal disperses heat very quickly. Carbon fiber does not. Carbon fiber would keep the blade warmer and insulate the top of the blade, trapping the heat. A standard metal top half will pull that heat away from the blade and quickly dissipate that heat to the environment. Not to mention that's total nonsense for performance but it's just horrible science too.
  8. so you do agree then that taking off your socks increases your performance and allows you to outcompete opponents. you think you could measurably show a player with improved stamina and agility because they didnt wear socks?
  9. you didnt add to the discussion. does taking off your socks make you faster and increase your stamina or not? answer the question. dont post memes for gods sakes.
  10. I'm illustrating the ludicrousness of my opponents argument. We are literally talking about playing in socks or not like it makes you faster and better Want to actually answer that argument or not? Does it?
  11. I actually practice in socks for power training then for games I take them off and honestly i am flying out there. its like my feet prisons made parole. you know how sprinters train with those little parachutes? this is like cutting off a full size parachute. my coach has actually yelled at me after a 2g 2a game because he said he thinks i am dogging it in practice its like coach bro im wearing socks in practice bro
  12. Guys, GROUNDBREAKING LABORATORY DISCOVERY - Hockey socks weigh 2 oz. Yes its true, its damn true. By simply removing your hockey socks you too can skate faster, skate longer, and skate harder. DOMINATE your competition. POUND their goal. LISTEN to their cries for mercy. Just like a boxer in lighter gloves, remove your hockey socks and you will BLOW BY opponents who used to skate circles around you. Their wives will swoon in the stands. YOU be the next "S"ocket Richard!
  13. thats an irrelevant example. boxing gloves are hanging off the ends of your arms. the glove has leverage. you are talking about a 60% weight increase. the punching motion is literally trying to throw that glove forward. when you are skating, you have 200lbs extended out over 6 feet away from your skate that your one leg is trying to push. often times that 200 lbs has inertia so theres even more pounds of force at work against your leg. at least one skate blade is on the ground at all times. so you are talking about 200 pounds your moving, plus whatever is added by inertia forces and the leverage over 6 feet, and youre talking about an ounce or two hanging 6" off the ice and you think that makes any difference at all to your skating or stamina. it absolutely does not. if we are talking about a stick, of course the lightness makes a difference! its 5 feet long and often you are manipulating it with just your wrist or forearm. theres so much leverage involved there that the lightness makes a difference. but a skate blade is hanging under your foot. it has no leverage. its a fraction of a percent of weight decrease. if you put that on a blind test, i guarantee the results would come back as no discernible difference in skating or stamina. and you are wearing runners that cost you a bunch of money and snap on you and send you into the boards. its not good.
  14. you have zero interest because it makes no sense. all your effort is expended PUSHING with your legs. the part where your blade SITS on the ice. you guys are talking about an ounce or two on the foot thats not doing anything! its madness! the couple grams is below your hammies, they dont affect your skating. when you are pushing you are pushing around all the weight thats balanced on that edge and all the leverage your torso has. not the blade thats dangling 6" off the ice.
  15. email ccm, they will respond quickly. they dont want returns! even if you cant return from where you are at, they wont know. tell them what you currently have and ask about the ft2's, just to double check.
  16. well jetspeeds now come in a tapered, regular and wide. high arches just mean your feet are curvy on the bottom, not that they have a high volume from top to bottom on the diagonal from your heel back to your ankle flex point. your instep is that area. if you like jetspeeds then i would email them for a quick double check, then you are good to order the regular. does your local store carry a fit 1 in your size in the Supremes? they fit almost exactly like a jetspeed except a tighter toebox. jetspeeds toebox is just a bit roomier.
  17. the jetspeed comes in a "tapered" now. how narrow are your feet? and what about your instep and toes? do your feet widen out like a duck? or stay narrow? is your instep high? the vapor, jetspeed, and supreme all fit different in that way.
  18. did they ever make swords out of aluminum? not like fencing foils. actual swords meant to take a load and have an edge.
  19. every bit does not count. your personal bodyweight fluctuates far more week to week than those runners. its absolutely a gimmick. i am all for gear whoring and love gear. but a couple grams here or there does not matter, at all. when your legs are pushing you through a turn they are dealing with your entire bodyweight plus the g forces of your turn. the skate blade is LITERALLY ON THE GROUND having no impact on your leg at all. the only time that couple ounces has any affect is when you lift your leg UP, and thats the part of the stride that doesnt matter for anything! the only time the weight of your blade would matter is when your foot is OFF the ice. no skater gets tired from picking their skate blade up. its the PUSHING and everything you do when your blade is sitting on the ice. thats what matters. its a ridiculous concept from the get. just meant to get a lower number on a chart so gear whores buy it.
  20. the number of grams reduced is exactly the point. you could put a 4 ounce weight on someone better than you, it wont matter even the little slightest amount. this is not marathon backpacking bro. its ice hockey. it doesnt matter. even a little bit. show me any test, at all, showing this improved any performance for anyone, anywhere. you dont have it. because it doesnt exist.
  21. noones talking about sticks. yes carbon fiber sticks are superior to wood. we know that. we are talking about the runners. try and stay on topic. as far as runners go, no they dont "work". new skates are outrageously light. weakening your runner for a couple ounces is a horrible idea and will not do anything at all to improve your performance. you will still be worse than anyone better than you. its a gimmick.
  22. youre not reducing the weight youre legs are carrying around by 35% by swapping out half a runner with carbon fiber, what are you talking about? they carry your entire body. all 180+ pounds plus all the G forces going on, multiplying that force on your legs through normal skating. 4 ounces doesnt matter. and where are these aluminum runners? they dont exist. because aluminum would be a horrible material for a runner. this is simple stuff bud. you’re digging yourself into a hole by saying some pretty stupid/easily disproved things. Stop while you’re ahead
  23. oh god im not saying you have to have an entire leg day in order to beat the performance increase from losing 4 ounces from your equipment. jeez a whole leg day per week would be like losing 30 pounds from your equipment. hell no. its not comparable. im saying 2 minutes. actually 30 seconds of a workout per week will beat the performance increase of the 4 ounces. if there was one, which there is not.
  24. no because they would be weak as hell, fold over, and noone would get any benefit from them whatsoever.
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