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    Bauer Supreme One100 w/ black LS2 holder
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    CCM Super Tacks 75 flex P28
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    CCM Tacks 6052/Bauer Vapor X100
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    CCM Resistance w/ Bauer HDO Pro Visor
  • Pants
    Bauer Supreme One.8
  • Shoulder Pads
    CCM Tacks 6052
  • Elbow Pads
    CCM U+ CL
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer Supreme One60
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    CCM Pro

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    Edmonton, AB
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    All Sports -- Hockey is the big one though!
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  1. The fact that they're a Sports Excellence dealer should have no effect (and doesn't even necessarily mean that they know what they're doing), I was simply suggesting another SMU skate for you to try that was good value for its price and might fit better based on what you were saying about your feet.
  2. Sports Excellence is a buying group, like Source for Sports. Not sure if you have those where you are, but they're groups of independent sports store owners who (basically) pool their money to have better buying power, and thus better discounts from the suppliers so they can compete better with the Hockey Monkeys of the world. They also have SMU (Special Make Ups) models made with different names, such as the Jetspeed Xtra that Jeff T. bought.
  3. The JetSpeed Xtra skates are from a Sports Excellence dealer (am one as well). If there's a chance of working out a deal to get you into a Nexus skate, look at the Nexus Freeze. It's based off the N7000, but with an upgraded blade, outsole, and a HydraMax liner, which at the $200 price point is great value.
  4. The current Ribcors are in their second year, so it'll likely be early/mid 2017. They haven't even been announced yet (at least my shop hasn't been shown them; that'll likely happen at our hockey show), but some shots have leaked out in various places.
  5. Glad I wasn't supposed to receive my product in-store until the summer. Sucks for those that received their product earlier. =(
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