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  • Skates
    CCM Super Tacks (2016)
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    Warrior Dynasty HD1
  • Gloves
    CCM Takcs 4R Pro
  • Helmet
    CCM FitLite 3DS
  • Pants
    Easton Synergy 450
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    Warrior Dynasty HD Pro
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    CCM QLT PureLite
  • Shin Pads
    CCM Tacks 6052
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    Pacific Rink Player Bag

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  1. Does anyone know how the CCM Tacks 310 helmet fits? I have a rather round to wide head, and I struggle with finding a helmet that fits me well. The Warrior Krown PX3 and CCM FitLite 3DS both came close, but they still pinch a bit at the temples. I've read that the Tacks helmets are good for a wide head, but can anyone confirm this?
  2. Moved back in with my parents for a couple years during which time I upgraded my gear. Many thanks to them for providing me an opportunity to update my kit because there's no way I can afford to upgrade anything now. Helmets: CCM FitLite with a CCM Revision curved visor (for beer league and open hockey because of its more secure fit, but it tends to pinch after more than two hours), Warrior Krown PX3 (for coaching because it's more comfortable and doesn't pinch, but it tends to loosen up on me after a while). Shoulders: Warrior Dynasty HD1 Elbows: CCM Tacks 6052 Gloves: CCM QuickLite, Warrior Covert QRL, CCM Tacks 4R Pro (clearly I love gloves) Pants: Warrior Covert QRE Pro Girdle & Shell Shins: CCM Tacks 6052 Skates: CCM Super Tacks 2016 Sticks: Warrior Dynasty HD1 with a 75 flex and a Mikael Granlund curve, Warrior AK27 pro stock with an 80 flex and a Jamie Langenbrunner curve, Warrior Covert QRL pro stock with a 75 flex and a Brendan Gallagher curve
  3. My incredibly comfortable Super Tacks. I absolutely love these skates, and I can't imagine wearing anything else for a very long time. My two favorite pairs of gloves. These are my go-to mitts for pretty much every occasion, and I love both of them. The QLTs are a bit more tight-fitting, which I prefer, but if I'm playing at a rink where I know guys have a tendency to be more careless, I'll go with the Warriors as they have better slash protection.
  4. The Super Tacks are by far my favorite skates. I totally agree about the out-of-the-box feel. Barely needed one open hockey session to break them in.
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