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  1. Hi all, I have Bauer vapor LTX Pro + skates and after playing in them for about 8 games, the last 2.5 months or so, the liner on the right boot is separated off of the ankle and back of the boot when the skate is wet from sweat (only seems to happen with the right skate). Anyone else have this issue in vapor skates? Bauer warranty service says they won't warranty it.
  2. That would be pretty awesome, especially if it is free. My son and I did a shot analysis session with Base hockey, that cost me $100 that included stop motion camera videos. In my case they didn't recommend a different stick, just changing my stance. In my son's case they recommended a different curve and flex. So overall it was very useful, but if Bauer can do most of what base did for free, it would be quite boon.
  3. I put in my request to join. Thanks!
  4. After skating in the LTX pro+, the skates felt good overall. So far the bauer 3d fit machine seems to be correct. Now to get the runners profiled, I sharpened them on my sparx so I could skate last night, but have yet to have them profiled so they feel weird. I'm not really sure what I should ask for with profiling. I don't think I can ask to just match the steel on my old skates as the they are a different size. I know I want a 9ft profile, with slight toe down/heel up, but not sure exactly what to ask for as previously my skate guy just set the pitch and rocker on them without me knowing exactly what they were. Is there a way I can measure what was done to my old steel?
  5. The idea with the shake is to look for the boot to not wobble on my foot for a good fit?
  6. I do crank the laces pretty tight, but I think it has been partially due to the volume in the Supreme, I have been wearing for the last 8 years or so. I did the pencil test on my Supremes (Size 8 ) just for comparison and I have about a pencil thickness (close to 1/4 inch) between my foot and the pencil going across the front of the lace holes. Would a supreme in a 7.5 D be closer on the pencil test than my current 8's?
  7. I recently was measured using the Bauer 3d fit device. It recommended Vapor's in a 7.5D, after ordering some Vapor LTX skates, and trying them, the length seems fine but I am not sure about the volume. I did the pencil test and the pencil touches my foot at the 3rd to 4th eyelet, but doesn't rock. Around the 7yh or 8th, the pencil pushes against my foot a bit. My previous skates were 8.0D Supremes. I've posted a link to pics of the skates on my feet and the pencil test. Advice on the fit/volume would be appreciated as once they are sharpened, they aren't returnable. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iUtQg8R2Q2QIKy4eNFPG8bS3yvq-p8-D?usp=sharing Thanks,
  8. Frames aren't a concern, I'm going to put sprungs on them anyway. I currently have the RPD Max (top of their line from about 4 to 5 years ago). So is the RPD Max+ similar in width to those, and the Zenith is wider? Thanks,
  9. Anyone have experience with the RPD MAx+ and RPE Zenith+. I am having problems determining which is a more top end/better skate. They are both available for a similar price. Any info would be helpful. Thanks,
  10. Did you end up buying the Verbero's? What do you think of them?
  11. I just looked again, you are correct. They list the Fire ring as being like the BFD Blademaster. I tried the 5/8" Fire ring on my skates yesterday and I can honestly say that I had more glide compared to my normal 5/8" non flat sharpening and what felt like the same grip. So far I am very happy with my investment in Sparx.
  12. They say it's FBV, so just going off of their literature and labeling of their Fire rings. I'm not sure what BFD is, but I would be interested in hearing what the difference is and why Sparx isn't Flat Bottom V.
  13. I have the Sparx. I was part of the Kickstarter, so I was able to purchase for $300 less than the current price. I can honestly say the machine is amazing and is worth the price so far. They have grinding wheels for pretty much every hollow and in both traditional and flat bottom V (they called it Fire). My skates look as good and skate as well as the best sharpenings I have ever had, and are better than most sharpenings I have had on my skates. The only negative is that it is a machine for sharpening only, there is no way that I can see that you would be able to use the Sparx to re-profile/re-rocker your blades. You are pretty much set with whatever profile is there from the factory. So if you are concerned about changing the rocker, etc. you are better off with spending the money on a Wissota or having your skates profiled professionally and then just using the Sparx for sharpening.
  14. I agree with you on Stastny. He played in every situation, and played well. He also brought a lot of leadership to bear. I always thought Stastny should have been given the C, not Landeskog. I like Landeskog, I just think Stastny was more of a leader for that team.
  15. What models are people experiencing the toecap issue with? I am looking at possibly buying the CA7 or CA9 now that my Mission Boss skates have the outsole splitting from the toecap after only two years of use.
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