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  1. I really like everything, including the skates. I only wish there was a tiny bit more red. The runners look interesting. I’m jealous the content creators got so many goodies. I’d love to test the skates out. Bauer show me love!
  2. For those of us who only got the profiling from you this year and didn't really get to test them out due to COVID, can we still provide reviews later? I feel indebted to write something given how responsive and supportive you were. Right after you profiled my runners, the local rinks closed, and by the time I moved to the new city, I was only able to skate around 4 times before the rink re-closed (they won't reopen until 2021). It sucks that this project came to an end. With COVID though, I imagine it was bound to limit any real testing this year.
  3. Follow-question: when rebaking my FT490, does this "reset" the memory foam inside? I'm worried that, since my complaint is that the skates feel too loose after the original baking, that a second bake would only make them feel looser. I would like to make sure how rebaking affects the skate construction before moving forward since this may ruin the fit entirely for me. I should have not tightened them so much in the original bake...
  4. This is interesting. Can you elaborate a bit more on how heat moulding would impact the fit for the current Jetspeed skates (the one piece 490 and FT2)? I actually own the 490 and they fit super tight before baking. However, after heat moulding and skating in them for a bit, they loosened up more than I would have liked. Did I lace them too tight when baking? Is there a recommended CCM instruction for how to tie skates when baking the new one piece skates? FYI I cranked on my laces as tight as I could because LHS have always said that this the best way for the boot to mould to your feet, but now I think the internal cushioning may have flattened out in the process...
  5. Wake me up when there’s Supreme 3S sighting.
  6. Different price points often fit differently. For example, the S29 is noticeably more tighter around the arches compared to the 2S and 2S Pro. I was wondering how the 2X fit might differ from the Pro and 1X (mostly in terms of arches, heel lock, and volume).
  7. Is the Vapor 2X (NOT the pro version) also asymmetrical in terms of its volume? From looking at the pictures, it looks like one side of the skate is longer than the other. If so, how does it compare in terms of fit to the 2X Pro and the previous gen 1X?
  8. I watched the pure hockey review video of these skates, and the guy explicitly stated around 3:50-ish that the dyna flex is just a name assigned to this “system”, which includes the toe cap, injected lacing, carbon curv composite, new foam/liner, tongue, etc. It seems like wishy washy marketing nonsense to me. Probably could have just tacked on the new toe caps on the 1x and called that dyna flex.
  9. Can anyone explain to me what the yellow Dynaflex lettering means on the 2X Pro? What exactly is this new feature? Gimmick or legit?
  10. Thanks professor. "REGARDLESS". I'm not writing a graded essay here - I'm happy to use and accept nonstandard words. -.-
  11. I have to say, irregardless of actual performance benefits, Bauer just feels like they're falling behind CCM from an average consumer's standpoint. With CCM removing unnecessary materials and improving their one-piece tech generation after generation, the new Vapors look so outdated. So much extra stitching, layered materials, etc. Even if the one-piece benefit is overstated at the moment, there's no denying that CCM is putting R&D money to improve their technology every year. Compared to Bauer pushing out the same CURV composite every year, I'm really happy with what CCM is doing. Bauer didn't even want to put any soft comfort edge padding on their 2S model last year. If you can fit equally well into Vapor and Jetspeed, why would you opt for Vapors at this point? Would you ever pick the 2X over the FT490?
  12. That’s what I was talking about. My experience was the same. Again, I don’t buy their marketing claim. I think it’s just a more cavernous boot intended for foots that can’t fit in jetspeed and tacks. Did you get the old model or the new 80k?
  13. I tried the last generation in stores. Weird fitting skate. Comfy but very roomy for me. I just don’t buy their “fit all foot shape” claim. To me, you either fit in a snug skate or you don’t. If a skate “flexes” to fit, I feel that just means the boot will get loose over time if you have skinny feet. A foot that can fit jetspeeds should be in jetspeeds. Maybe others with more experience with the flexible material claim can chime in.
  14. 100% a trigger 2. I just got an authentic one off clearance from hockey monkey 3 days ago. Everything in your image, from the distinct blade texture/pattern to the deep concave of the stick near the CCM logo, match mine.
  15. China practically has the ability to make everything, both crap and the absolute best. All the brands you know make stuff there. What you get will depend on your luck finding a good manufacturer. You may get something identical to top-end stick or a lemon. I think if you're in North America and have to pay for shipping, it's not worth it. Just get a discount top-end stick from HockeyMonkey from 2 seasons ago. I think they are intended for players in China who might have a hard time finding authorized retailers of Bauer/CCM/Warrior. I'm sure the great majority will be good enough for recreational play. They're probably dirt cheap and are great value if you play over there.
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