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    Bauer Vapor 1X
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    Bauer Vapor 1X Griptac
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    Bauer X100 (Black)
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    CCM Resistance with Bauer ReAkt Titanium cage
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    Warrior Dynasty Girdle with Bauer One.8 Shell
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    CCM CLs
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    Bauer Team Premium Large

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    South setauket
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    hockey mostly i also play drums and work as an electrician.
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  1. I get mine sharpened less I recently switched to 3/4” FBV but I used to use 1” ROH and I used to go month sometimes two playing 3 games a week before sharpening them
  2. Why not just stick with the P28 it or the p92 it can do everything the other curves can I’ve been using it for years it’s good for passing shooting stickhandling saucers, When you stick with one curve you become good at doing everything with that curve you don’t need to switch patterns to take shots from point or tip pucks or stick handle, I think you’re actually hurting yourself switching from so many curves it’s crazy.
  3. I use a P28 so when I shoot the puck is closer to the toe it’s a little bit past center of the blade but I don’t notice any accuracy issues. Taking slap shots were pretty accurate and usually I don’t have that great of accuracy with slap shots. I think if you on a budget it’s not worth spending the money if you’re a guy who always buys top end sticks it’s $60 more than the vapor flylite so if you have the money to spend its worth it especially if you come from the nexus sticks, I’m coming from the vapor line so it took a game to get used to the release shooting but the puck feel was great right off the bat
  4. Played my second game with the stick last night and was able to take a bunch of shots in warmups and I’m absolutely falling in love with this stick. Shots come off really nice especially shooting in stride the shots came off amazing. I think it’s gonna be my new number 1 stick and my Flylite will be number 2 until this thing breaks. The blade also got stepped on again, happened in first game too and luckily hasn’t broke. I think the green insert in the hole makes it durable, hopefully stays that way.
  5. I did same thing as previous post used the 77flex cut to 84, switched to 70 cut to 75ish and at first i though it may have been too low a flex but after I got used to handling the puck I prefer the 70 flex. I still have a 77 and a 70 flex flylite but haven’t used the 77 in a while I prefer the 70, and I just bought the black flylite in 70 a couple weeks ago.
  6. Saw a pic of 3N Pro stick does sticks should be still good
  7. The hockey shot tiles are garbage I have them absolutely no glide at all, most don’t have great glide but these have none.
  8. I ordered them back in June. Pure hockey did them for me they told me 10-14 business days and that’s what it was
  9. Yea I have custom 2X pro, coming for retail 1X, the process is easy and fast. The scan said I was a perfect match for vapor. I got the skates in about 13 business days. They are the most comfortable best fitting skates I’ve ever had. No complaints from me.
  10. Stick with P28 just practice saucing passes more, I’ve been using the P28 since the Mako2 stick you can definitely get great sauce from that curve.
  11. The last is also destroyed in the video that’s why the old process they’d have a mold and have to make a new last for every skate they made
  12. You shot pucks or just held it bc idk how you can tell the kick is higher just by holding it.
  13. important step left out is there’s a foam spacer that’s inserted between fit plate and back of helmet, after you bake fit plate and insert it back into helmet you put the space in and then wear it, the spacer is what makes the fit plate mold to back of head better, when I bought my 200 at pure hockey they didn’t use spacer in store and plate didn’t do much then when I got home and read instructions I rebaked it’s the proper way and a much better fit. After you’re done molding you take spacer out and now the fit plate stays tight to back of head.
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