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  1. 51 minutes ago, Hills said:

    So is all of the major hockey influencer accounts but NHLPA doesn't go after them.

    Every single account that uses an NHLPHA member's likeness should be targeted in the same manner, but it isn't. Those accounts use the likeness of the members to grow themselves and sell merch or ad spots, this account probably got a member or a member's sponsor pissed off so they are going after them.

    OK, but different argument.  The statement was made that it was a fan page, it clearly is the marketing arm of a business.

  2. I think there too many variables in skating for ProSharps general platitudes to hold true for most people.  Everything from body type, skating mechanics (for all different skating scenarios), leg strength, etc.  Just like the “agility” and “power” labels they are assigning to skate families.  They have rolled these out the last few years with a poor go to market plan IMO.  

    Secondly, I would think if you are going to experiment, off-season is probably the best time to do it.

    As much as I think the majority of profiling is BS, I do have to admit thinking about it for my son but always resist the urge to change.  He’s in Bauer Supreme with a 9/10 profile and has been for years. There is so much he can work on to get better that I think keeping this variable constant is best.

  3. 3 hours ago, Vet88 said:

    McJesus doing his stuff again, those 2 lateral crossovers as he enters the zone are what do the damage, now he has more speed than any of the 4 players in front of him and he just blows past them. Yes, he has great hands and great balance and all those other attributes but the ability to go from slow to fast in just a couple of steps is what elevates him beyond any other player atm.


    So after all this discussion, I need a refresher on the definition of a lateral crossover.  What I see him doing is skating parallel to the blue line, making a 90 degree right turn with two crossovers (which to me is just a traditional crossover) and then once he is facing the goal never crosses his feet again.  My impression of a lateral crossover was it was generally applied without the primary purpose of changing direction (although it will create some lateral displacement).  What am I missing here?

  4. Depends first on the size of the organization.  We picked a large org because they had enough teams for red, white, and blue adm.  they have in-house up to 14 years old with multiple divisions by skill level.  If that isn’t possible then at least divide them into like skill groups for practice.  It’s also not linear, kids progress very differently, two months from now the pecking order could be very different.

    At the end of the day, for 5-6 year olds games aren’t really important, nor is structure.  They play to learn, not learn to play so to speak.

  5. Meta,

    There are a lot of people who have been on here a long time and get along to make this place worthwhile to visit.  Many bring experience from the hockey equipment world you aren't going to find anywhere else.  While every once in a while things get misinterpreted or people may cross the line a bit, it is an extremely rare occurrence.  This is not like the majority of places on the internet where people treat each other like garbage from behind their keyboards.  I would suggest if you want to take part in the discussions here and have people take you seriously, stop calling people names and acting like you have in this thread.

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  6. 9 hours ago, Meta said:

    You're a Boomer, aren't you?  That's some A+ thick-skulled Boomer unwarranted condescension right there.  Hats off to that level of just "not getting it" my man.  

    Calling someone a boomer is 1) THE laziest argument around and 2) one of the most pathetic forms of condescension there is.

    You posted an opinion, not a factual argument, and people disagreed with you after you asked for their thoughts.  You don’t like the opinion so you attack the person.  That’s some A+ immaturity right there.

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  7. caveman27 summed it up nicely so I won't repeat what he said.

    My input is I don't see the guys I play with act like this, most guys have older gear, replaced when it wears out or whatever.  Some guys are hanging onto stuff that should be taken out and shot.  Lastly, at this point in my life, if I want to blow money on a top end stick or skates I don't give a rat's ass what other people say.  I don't, but if I did it's up to me.  Same with music, I know there is diminishing returns on instruments over a certain price point, but if for some reason I wanted an expensive guitar or amp or whatever, it's nobody else's business.


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  8. Good read, would be interesting to see some measurement of the stretch shortening cycle for skating vs. running.

    Joe DeFranco tests athletes’ counter movement jump (utilizing stretch shortening) vs. their static jump to determine whether they are utilizing their stored energy or relying on more muscular strength and then adjusts training accordingly.

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  9. Its all opinion.  Thousands of top level skaters in history started on whatever random shape the blade came out of the box, continued with whatever shape it morphed into through repeated sharpenings, and then back to another random profile when they got new skates.  

    What may seem intuitive may in fact be correct or it may end up being wrong.  There are lots of examples where people have success doing the opposite of “conventional wisdom”.

    Until you have a body of actual data, it will continue to be opinion-based.

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  10. 3 hours ago, Beflar said:

    There have been some studies.  I'm sure some people here will be able to point you in the right direction.  

    Two things I took away from the one study was: 1) Just because you feel better doesn't mean you are skating better.  Thought that was kinda interesting.  It was why they had to measure change versus feeling it.

    2)  I think out of the profiles they tested (they only tested a few) they found the dual profile 9.5'-10.5' to have the best results which is a lot like the Quad 0.5 which is a 8-10-12-14 profile.

    I am aware of the studies and have followed everything everyone here who has experience has posted.  I just don't think they are using data to develop the profiles otherwise they would be able to prescribe them better or present evidence as to why one was better period or in a certain context or for a particular skater.  I haven't found a cohesive explanation.  Think about mom and little Joey who buy new skates and get upsold a profile, they are going to go with whatever is suggested without a clue of what they are buying.

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  11. 11 hours ago, shoot_the_goalie said:

    I find a good old game of tag always works.  It's simple, the kids understand it, they don't use sticks as crutches, and it's motivating (I mean who doesn't want to win at tag).  It's amazing how kids can just pick up skating techniques cause they want to get from point A to point B in tag.  They don't think about it...they just do it.

    Agreed, or chase the coach or anything where there are unexpected changes of direction, acceleration, etc.  I think my son may have gotten better at public skate with friends as much as anything formal.  Keep it fun and they won't even know they are learning!

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  12. It CAN help you.  It could also hurt you if you went with a profile that works against you.  The problem with the current state of profiling IMO is there are too many, not enough empirical data to make recommendations, and definitely few experts available to the end user to help make decisions.  Add that it is extremely expensive to test many profiles and that I think describes the current state.

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