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  1. 4 hours ago, JAY4114 said:

    I see the term “aggressive” a lot when discussing the p90tm but never fully understand it. Does it mean how opened it is? Or how fast it opens up? Or something completely different?

    I wouldn’t describe it as aggressive.  To me it takes the extreme parts of the P28 and tones them down.

  2. 3 hours ago, ThisisBen said:

    For as long as I've been playing, I've always used whatever was the stock profile of the blades I had. Never thought anything of it.

    Now, being a part of this forum, I see a lot of talk about "Quad profiling"/"prosharp"/ "ellipse" etc... on the various topics which has got me curious to try these new profiling systems and seeing what impact it will have on my skating and technique.

    Where do I begin?  Where/how do I research about these profiles and what they offer vs the old school profiles?  Is there a gateway profile to try out or is the profile I choose all based on my skating/playing style?


    Read and read more.  It’s an idea that has very little data behind it so there is more opinion than fact.

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  3. 7 hours ago, pgeorgan said:

    It's probably more useful now than in the past, given the stiffness of skates. 

    Maybe, but I was first made aware of it almost 40 years ago (that was hard to type...) and I remember it being presented as, "the Russians have been skating with no laces for years" so it wasn't tied closely to the skate stiffness (see what I did there...) and isn't new.

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  4. Yes, you can build a "vocabulary of athleticism" (I just made that up) and some or a lot of that can be transferrable.  A buddy of mine who played D1 and skates around here with invite-only type stuff said that there are a few ex-Steelers that picked up hockey late that they play with and he said even as adults they picked it up really fast.  Said their skill isn't the same as the other guys but they are good enough to keep up.  In addition he said they just have innate awareness of where to be, can keep the puck moving, etc.  All the things that aren't flat showy skill that allows them to play with better people.

  5. 6 hours ago, flip12 said:

    Having some wrap around the tendon guard can reestablish connection to the back half of the skate blade which can get lost when lacing loose to allow range of motion. I haven’t skated in modern socks, so I don’t know how big of an effect this could have. My guess is it has no effect either way. Like Kovalchuk did, NHLers will skate the same tucked or untucked.

    IMO if you are losing connection to the back half of your skate blade it is a technique problem and not going to be fixed by anything like we are talking about.  

  6. 3 hours ago, krisdrum said:

    Resurrecting this for a related question... my biggest reason for using non-tape is to save glove palms, with the main offender being the top edge of the stick/buttcap digging into the palm and wearing a hole.  My son usually gets 6 months if he is lucky out of his palms before he has worn a hole through 2 layers of nash on his top hand, even with the "won't wear your palm" materials like Lizardskinz.  Anyone find a solution for this?  Is there one?  I've tried taping the edge and then covering it with a non-abrasive grip material.  Eventually it wears through and exposes rougher materials or sharp edges.    

    Ease the edges with some sandpaper before taping?  

  7. Yeah, despite the fact that the organization should be overseeing this, you are in the situation you are in.  You can definitely create a good experience regardless of wins and losses.  My daughter's 5th grade volleyball team not only lost all of their matches, they only won two sets the whole season.  Her coach did a fantastic job defining success as a completed pass, multiple passes, returning the ball, etc.  I didn't hear one of those girls complain all year and they had a great time.  This is when you can also grow as a coach, because it can be tough.  Best of luck!

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  8. Who runs the league?!?!?

    Kids should be in the correct tier, teams should be even, lines even should be managed for in-house.  My son plays in the most organized in-house program I have ever seen.  

    1- There are two main people in charge, great hockey background, great with kids, super organized practices

    2- The kids are put in the appropriate tier, teams are balanced with 15 kids, 3 "lines" which indicate their skill, kids practice with kids of similar skill, not their team

    3- Line 1 goes against Line 1 of the other team

    4- If you are missing kids subs are assigned by the people in charge, not the coaches

    5- If you are still short kids for the game, you can have any player double shift up (Line 3 player can play on Line 2), players can double shift down but sometimes you are told only certain ones from Line 1 can sub for Line 2 and when subbing down they are supposed to play D and get the puck to the "native" line members, you can never sub a Line 1 on LIne 3

    6- Shifts are a minute, change on the horn


    EVERYTHING should be about maximizing EVERY kids' development and enjoyment of the sport, period.


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  9. 4 hours ago, PBH said:

    Skated with a younger player the other day and he didn't use any tape on his stick. Not on the blade or the handle.

    Maybe we dont need to use tape anymore? Deep thoughts. 

    Count me in, I would have a built-in excuse every time I fumbled a puck! 😄

  10. 4 hours ago, PBH said:

    I agree that the PVD coating helps edge retention and does provide additional protection but I don't think it changes the glide, bite, feel, or sharpening.

    I am fairly certain blind testing would show 90% of players would not be able to tell the difference in a controlled environment.

    Probably closer to 99%

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  11. Another question.  Once profiled on a PS machine, the toes and heels need blended.  I think PBH and JR have discussed this here.  Last time I got my son's skates profiled (at KO) the guy did the profiling and another employee did the sharpening and they got their signals crossed and they didn't blend them.  You could visibly see it.  They apologized and acknowledged it and fixed it no issues. 

    But how do you do this going from a PS to a Sparx?  I thought this blending was a hand operation.

  12. Yeah, I guess it might be a Pure “policy” at this point?  I go to Rich on Neville Island.  Was in the other day and was paying attention to how there is a steady purr when he runs the blade down the wheel, the sparks are consistent.  Then I was at RMU and the pro shop kids were sharpening and and it was night and day.  Sounded more like a guy doing body work with a grinder, loud when they first made contact, less loud as they did the length of the blade, much louder overall than Rich.  That may just be me but seems there are two different skillsets at work.  Oh, and he is still $5/sharpen.

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