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  1. I have two pair of the Bauer Nexus. I love the similarity to the Cooper BDP from a long time ago. Other than that they are comfortable and the 15" fit my hands well.
  2. Which come with which? Some are listed with the Balance profile, 13', which is what my son's 3X came with, size 2.5. At least with that you have a good base for further profiling. The other ones you are going to remove a lot of steel if you want to flatten it out.
  3. Would love to hear about how this goes, almost forgot about this. I torched a few sticks when I was a kid just because I saw pros doing it. Mostly I delaminated the fiberglass or whatever that woven wrap was...
  4. But he states the goal is visibility. He never once mentions reducing the opening size. He's an engineer, and understandably, focuses on the solution, assuming he knows the problem. Modern product development has shifted dramatically toward deeply exploring the problem space and the solution follows.
  5. I feel for you. I never had lacebite in my life, but two weeks ago, for whatever reason I tied them a little tighter in the area you described. I could feel it but ignored it for half an hour but the bruising of my tendons I guess already happened. Now I am just skating with them even looser than before, but I can see how this can become chronic.
  6. 1- I thought it was a joke 2- If it isn't, is it rooted in an actual problem? Does he have ANY data preceding the engineering process that says current cateyes obstruct vision and reduce saves?
  7. Anything more specific than that?
  8. I have two Eastons I bought when I started playing again 5 years ago that won't die. But my Jetspeed Pro I got for my bday got scissored between two guys and snapped like a twig. If that doesn't happen, at least a year. I don't really care or notice all these subtleties people talk about, I have no hands.
  9. There are adult league Facebook and even LinkedIn groups for specific rinks and general geographic areas, you may try searching there.
  10. Unless there is some person running their own thing, you arent going to find adult league with checking. And none of the invite only skates around here with ex-pros and high-level amateurs have checking somI would imagine it is going to be the same elsewhere. People have moved on and need to go to work in the morning.
  11. Hopefully Tampa just needs to shake the rust off, Rangers aren’t a likable team. Last night was crazy, Colorado just didn't miss on those Oilers breakdowns in the 2nd.
  12. I wouldn’t describe it as aggressive. To me it takes the extreme parts of the P28 and tones them down.
  13. Read and read more. It’s an idea that has very little data behind it so there is more opinion than fact.
  14. Maybe, but I was first made aware of it almost 40 years ago (that was hard to type...) and I remember it being presented as, "the Russians have been skating with no laces for years" so it wasn't tied closely to the skate stiffness (see what I did there...) and isn't new.
  15. Yes, you can build a "vocabulary of athleticism" (I just made that up) and some or a lot of that can be transferrable. A buddy of mine who played D1 and skates around here with invite-only type stuff said that there are a few ex-Steelers that picked up hockey late that they play with and he said even as adults they picked it up really fast. Said their skill isn't the same as the other guys but they are good enough to keep up. In addition he said they just have innate awareness of where to be, can keep the puck moving, etc. All the things that aren't flat showy skill that allows them to play with better people.
  16. IMO if you are losing connection to the back half of your skate blade it is a technique problem and not going to be fixed by anything like we are talking about.
  17. I wore mine, not a ton because it was the beginning of COVID but there was no inquiry, I just walked in and said I want 1/2 size bigger and they gave them to me.
  18. Yeah, i never did it with mesh, it was one of those things I just thought looked cool.
  19. I did it when i was a kid, 35 years ago, not new.
  20. I had 704s once, can’t imagine a regular width fitting wide feet. My feet are normal to a tiny bit narrow and those things almost crippled me.
  21. Ease the edges with some sandpaper before taping?
  22. Yeah, despite the fact that the organization should be overseeing this, you are in the situation you are in. You can definitely create a good experience regardless of wins and losses. My daughter's 5th grade volleyball team not only lost all of their matches, they only won two sets the whole season. Her coach did a fantastic job defining success as a completed pass, multiple passes, returning the ball, etc. I didn't hear one of those girls complain all year and they had a great time. This is when you can also grow as a coach, because it can be tough. Best of luck!
  23. Are there other places to play in-house?
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