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  1. Hello everyone, I’ve been noticing recently that towards the middle of my games I’m starting to get extreme lower back pumps that are killing my performance. I never really had this problem until recently. I’m only 20 (21 in 6 days!) so I don’t think is muscle fatigue or even a pulled muscle because I’m usually fine at the start of games. It kinda reminds me of the lower back pumps I got while taking creatine in highschool.
  2. Hey! Super late response but I haven’t been on this forum for a while. Our first season was a huge learning experience for everyone on our team but we managed to win a few games. We are now mid way through our second season and have only lost once! And since most of us are so young in our early 20s a lot of friends come to our games and girlfriends/wives have made a little fan club and always show up to our games so it ales it so much fun. As for me, I think I’ve really found a love for this. And am constantly trying to improve. The other two guys on my forward line and I usually go to pickup togyher once a week and try to get more ice time. Going back a rereading all my posts was super embarrassing, I really had no idea what I was talking about. And was really just trying to find a way to compensate for the fact that I was really just not good at the sport yet. And to be completely honest if it wasn’t for you guys on this forum I would have probably ruined my only chance to to be an active player in the sport I’ve always loved. go ducks!
  3. https://imgur.com/a/95urj here is me pre game beefier our second game!
  4. I really wish I could post a picture of my in uniform but can't seem to figure out how to do that
  5. I know I havnt been the most popular guy in these forums do to me meat head mentality and I deserved every bit of trolling received and I am thank ful for it! My team just finished ournsecomd game and I have really been contributing and staying out of the penalty box. I just wanna thank everyone who has helped me on this journey!
  6. You have zero understanding of any of the questions I am asking. Is this not a forum? And the goal of a forum is for people to ask questions and receive advice. I've been a hockey fan for 15 years and have had season tickets for 9. I know how the game works and my main preseason focuses are skating, stickhandling, passing stick handling and shooting. I have a deep respect for the sport but coming from a division 1 college football program it's vitnif a learning curve as far as the non-checking rules go. Igor someone who doesn't know me you seem to have a pretty interesting idea of my character stored in your mind. I am a good person I'm just quickly trying to get the rules of contact, chirping and learn what is not acceptable. As a mature adult and member of this great forum you should be leading newer guys like me with comstructive criticism... not talking shit on my abilities. You need to learn there is a HUGE difference between asking a question about angry about a grey area topic and just going ahead and doing it. So maybe next time a newbie comes through with a questions you calmly explain why that's not acceptable. I'm glad I learned these lessons online as opposed to causing problems I'm a game. amd as for your 100% chance of my getting thrown out during my first game I'll take a picture of the team after we win to prove your immature ass wrong. Grow up
  7. Hello again everyone I have another question that (hopefully) I won't get roasted for asking this time hahaha. Thank you to everyone who has given me helpful feedback and grown my knowledge on how not to be known as a douche bag by being an over agredsive "meat head" I was wondering what everyone things of chirping at the low lever "beer league" level. I know it's a pretty big thing in the NHL but like I've been told A LOT that I shouldn't be basing my game on what I see on TV. So I a little chirping acceptable? As long as it doesn't go to far? And second in your experiences do most people in these low levels attempt to lay out and block shots with their body? I'm just very competitive and although it is just beer league I don't have a problem laying out if it helps my team. Or would this behavior get me marked as someone who tries to hard? And yes I had one of the coaches at the rink teach me the proper technique on how to lay out.
  8. That's actually a perfect analogy and it really helps me understand. Thank you!
  9. Hello everyone I just want to clarify a few things because I am really just trying to LEARN. So when games do start I have al the knowledge I will need. To all the people saying I don't understand the rules of hockey: I do! I have watched and been an active season pass holder for 9 years. I played when I was little and I have a huge love and respect for the game. Yes, I understand that the "dropping the gloves" comment was a bit much and believe me I know how bad it would look. (During off seasons of football I coached flag football teams who tried to be aggressive and it always looked bad) I just really would like to know what the community would do in this situation. Because Iikensomeone above has said playing is a "prvilage" and picking up the sport again has made me very greatful. I just know since I was JUSTIFIABLY roasted in my first post about being an enforcer and how unacceptable that is; if someone where to do that with malicious intent on one of my teammates it brings out the protectiveness in me. Thank you for all of you who kept your critissison constructive. And to those who took a more hostile approach I understand why you feel that way. I'm only trying to learn.
  10. I live in Southern California climate wise not the most popular for ice hockey but A LOT of the sons of players on the ducks play in private high schools in the surranding area. As far as "begginer leagues don't have snipers" I was just trying to convey that this particular person was one of our better shooters and I just wanted to protect him because he did end up laying in the ice for a while
  11. Hello again everyone! First off I'd like to thank everyone for the very helpful advice I received on my first post. But now I have another question along the same lines. My league (because of coarse it's beer league) is. Non-check and thanks to you guys I quickly learned that over physical play from an ex college football player is not acceptable. While my season hasn't started yet my teammates and I did a little pick up scrimmage against another team in our division. And one hot head on there team thought It would be cool to smash one of our smallest players against the boards. The refs didn't see it. But as far as real hockey goes it's was a clean yet over aggressive check. Me as the biggest and probably most aggressive person on our team was very up set because of coarse this is a non check league and the person who was hit was one of our best skaters and snipers. He is also our team captain. In the unwritten rules of hockey I felt like I should have dropped my gloves and beat the hell out of him or at the very least give him a taste of the boards like he did to my teammate. I didn't do any of this however because I know how bad it would make me look based on the responses of my last post. What do you guys think of this? What would you have done? And do you think I did the right thing? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  12. Ask I'm not sure if this matters but ALL tbeoressire was in the. A of my foot And the second session I found it hard to skate as effeciany once again could all be in my head
  13. I was so gonna invest more money into buying a top brand skate but the season starts in 1 month so I figured I'd settle for these and as my skills improve I'll buy better skates
  14. Hello everyone the skate I have is the baur vapor 400
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