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  1. Talk to the figure skater/coach and make sure they can address your needs and how you want to improve on the ice from a hockey perspective.
  2. In case anyone is interested. I found this online: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vREX75p9esvtykb9bE0UnPQwTFjLxLM9/view
  3. It goes without saying...I am very interested and very late! Please show leniency!
  4. The Unis look good Sven; in my opinion if the sponsors are paying expenses I could care less if we had advertisements for femine hygiene products stamped across our backs (although we would have to charge accordingly). You mentioned that this is a minor league team that you play for-let me know if you'll be playing any teams in the Frankfurt/Stuttgart region in the next few weeks. I wouldn't mind watching some hockey while I'm there. D
  5. I had the same situation as you. I ended up ordering a custom pair of XXX's and they are perfect (although I may have gotten the ankle pads a bit too thick because they are killing my right outside ankle bone). I went with the double AA heel, and have not had any problems with heel slippage. I should point out that they are still in the process of being broken in. Additionally, since my heel did slip on my old XXX's I got in the habit of underlacing the the 4th eyelets down from the top, which helped a little. Good luck.
  6. Great advice and information. I tried it out yesterday in practice, and what a difference. Even my left foot (which is a 1/4 size smaller than my right) felt secure. Thanks a lot everybody!
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