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  1. Talk to the figure skater/coach and make sure they can address your needs and how you want to improve on the ice from a hockey perspective.
  2. In case anyone is interested. I found this online: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vREX75p9esvtykb9bE0UnPQwTFjLxLM9/view
  3. It goes without saying...I am very interested and very late! Please show leniency!
  4. Dude, work on your skating any chance you can. As others mentioned, you may be a stud on the football field but you will be owned by smaller guys if you decide to be the tough guy. I've been on the receiving end and delivering end and it is a reality check (got knocked on my ass by a 5'8" dude and I leveled a 6'6" 300lb guy that thought he was going to take a run at me). Given your size, work on your balance and screen the goalie, until you feel comfortable skating and making plays. I wish you the best.
  5. JAG, if you are in Chicago let me know. I would love to do these sessions. I played at City Ice and Chelsea Piers a long time ago, and would often attend the early morning "Ronnie's Ice" sessions. City Ice had some early morning sessions as well. Ice time is a bit of a challenge in the city (can't do suburbs during the week).
  6. The Unis look good Sven; in my opinion if the sponsors are paying expenses I could care less if we had advertisements for femine hygiene products stamped across our backs (although we would have to charge accordingly). You mentioned that this is a minor league team that you play for-let me know if you'll be playing any teams in the Frankfurt/Stuttgart region in the next few weeks. I wouldn't mind watching some hockey while I'm there. D
  7. I had the same situation as you. I ended up ordering a custom pair of XXX's and they are perfect (although I may have gotten the ankle pads a bit too thick because they are killing my right outside ankle bone). I went with the double AA heel, and have not had any problems with heel slippage. I should point out that they are still in the process of being broken in. Additionally, since my heel did slip on my old XXX's I got in the habit of underlacing the the 4th eyelets down from the top, which helped a little. Good luck.
  8. Great advice and information. I tried it out yesterday in practice, and what a difference. Even my left foot (which is a 1/4 size smaller than my right) felt secure. Thanks a lot everybody!
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