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  1. Symptoms sound, like others have said, too skinny of a skate in forefoot or midfoot, probably combined with tying too tight
  2. We've got a giant roster and luckily almost never have this problem. We did have a game this year that our goalie cancelled, and we couldn't find a spare; we almost forfeit the game before it started, but noticed the other team only had 6 skaters + goalie. With a full bench playing hard (and luckily having a few of our top players), we actually won the game. This is low low level beer league, but it was a hell of a fun night and great story. The 6 skaters got gassed and could never keep any pressure.
  3. This is coming from a bottom-level beer leaguer who started a couple years ago brand new to hockey. I started with a short stick, liked it, then went shorter, and liked it more; but only in feel, puck control, puck battles, etc. Overall, I noticed my game suffered more often than not because I was always coming up short with poke checks, tips, pass interceptions, and such. Eventually, I decided I needed to try longer (and lower flex). The added light flex with length was too much, though I liked the "feel" of the lighter flex; as someone else mentioned, when actually playing the game, it seemed I was getting screwed by the flex when taking passes and fighting on the boards. I went a season like this, and decided to stick with the length since I was breaking up more plays, but to up my flex to the light end of "real adult flexes". When I got my new stick, I said screw it, and left it uncut (I'm 5' 11", fwiw). I ended up paying attention to where my top hand ended up on the shaft, both by looking at where it naturally ended up after the whistle and before faceoffs, and there was a noticeable wear mark on the white grip. I don't have the height, or the lie wasn't correct to use it at full length, though I did force myself to try. I cut it at the top of the wear mark, and haven't looked back. Puckhandling, and catching passes at my feet was unnatural for probably 15-20 games if I'm honest (straight up whiffing catching passes), but overall I think my game is better with the appropriately longer stick. Also, finding the RIGHT stick with low flex was key for me. I've got one of the PMT models, not top of the line, and it remains whippy without the downfalls of my older Sherwood low flex stick. Cliff's notes: I looked like an idiot when I jumped way up in length, but after adjusting I'm really happy with the switch. Even got positive compliments on my "twisted wrister"...
  4. I'm quite sad to see Gudas go. He showed up for every game, and was dependable.
  5. I had an experience that seems similar to yours. Also brand new to hockey when this began. Lower-end skates that were pretty flexible (supreme). After 20min on the ice, terrible foot pain. If I sat on the bench the pain would go away; back on my feet skating and the pain would come back super fast. After more weeks of skating, 20min was reduced to 10min, and sitting on the bench required unlacing to reduce the pain. When untied the pain would flat out go away, instantly. Then I found this site, and assumed my skates fit poorly. I'll skip the details of trying many insoles, lacing patterns, and stretching/punching the skates. My solution came from getting new skates. I do not believe I'm in perfectly fitting skates now... but compared to before I can't complain. My solution was: much stiffer skate that wouldn't get skinny when I tighten the laces. I'm convinced my old skates were too narrow for my MID-Foot, and because they're flimsy they would get even more narrow when laced, then when my 200lbs was pushing down my foot couldn't expand; so the skeletal structure of my foot was just jacked up. Because I was/am a weak skater, I still rely on a "tight" skate to give me support to make up for my inability, but the STIFF boot of the Supertacks does not squeeze my mid foot from the sides when they're laced. If I really crank them down, I can still get some minor pain, I believe from downward pressure on top of the mid-foot. I just don't tie them so tight. tldr; same pain as you, tied skates too tight, got new better fitting and stiffer skates and my problem was solved. I could not spend an hour on my feet before.
  6. interesting read. Sounds like they're marketing it as a product, but it sounds like it's much more of a service being provided. I think it'd be more clear if they market it as a service using their proprietary system.
  7. That's on a scale I can't even imagine. This season, we didn't even have an A level. D is the largest, with about 10 teams I think. With A disappearing, I think some skill rolled down hill, if you know what I mean... But the guy running things is pretty awesome at booting guys playing down, especially into D. I mean, there's a 2 goal limit per person, and a few guys are clearly struggling just to stay on their feet. How much fun can that be?
  8. I'm not a fan, first impression reminds me of my old $200 first skates. Pictures can be deceiving though.
  9. I'm not a fan, first impression reminds me of my old $200 first skates. Pictures can be deceiving though.
  10. Do you all have drafts? I've never paid much attention, because we get our schedules way earlier than anything you all mentioned. But, we don't do any drafting. People were bitching early December that our schedule for January wasn't out. It dropped and included all the way through March. We've got it good.
  11. When they advertise their sticks for sale, they say things like "1n dressed as supreme". So I figured if anyone's stats matched what the sticks really are, and not the wrap, it'd be that website.
  12. I was just messing around on prostockhockey. I set my basic requirements, except hand. The results were 122 Lefty, 5 righty.
  13. This might be the closest thing to an answer I've seen. https://www.prostockhockey.com/sticks/who-are-the-top-hockey-stick-manufacturers Breakdown of how many guys are using the top 10 most popular sticks. 2016-2017 data.
  14. Last year, weren't they touting the money that the winning team was going to get, and it was an obscenely low number relative to what an NHL Star makes? I certainly remember some kind of pointless incentive for them to play hard...
  15. At 210lbs, if you're new to skating and have bad form you might be pushing the skate beyond it's limits. Based on price point, your Supremes look about equivalent to my original skates (supreme one.6). They lacked stiffness and EASILY allowed me to overtighten, crushing my foot.
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