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  1. The Guzzi's are beautiful bikes! I've always been a fan of the retro ones, they're sweet as. The main swinger for the 6 over the 9 for me was that the 6 has 2600 genuine miles whereas the 9 has 26000. Literally one tenth, and on an italian that's a lot.
  2. I've just put a deposit down on this bad boy: It's not the 900 i wanted but when i weighed up the options it makes sense financially. Although when put into a sentence involving ducatis that doesnt make too much sense!
  3. Nice Krev! Im looking at getting another bike soon. I had a Honda CBR 400 NC29 (Stolen) and a Honda Hornet 600 previously. I sold the Hornet before i went out to Oz as i needed the money. Im looking at getting a Ducati Monster 900 next though :biggrin:
  4. Minus the dangles, TV cameras, commentators, spectators and a well lit rink it was exactly like that!
  5. Boards flexing, they're pretty beat up though. I jumped into the plexi whilst mucking about in practice the other week and the 'glass' (its plastic) fell out and i ended up out of the rink to give you an idea of how grim the rink is.
  6. A few from this season #24 in black In white And again About to go Going Rare goal All photos taken by Flyfifer [LINK]
  7. Playing for the Canberra Knights in Australia Im on the left, the other guy is former AHLer Derek Campbell Recieving a bad pass (my excuse for looking like an idiot anyways)
  8. I always rock that style, and those same elbow pads! They're most comfy ive ever had for sure. (only ever owned 2 pairs though...)
  9. Im classed as a british player. ENL falls below the EPIHL. These shots are from the EPIHL, although im a two way contract with an ENL side. The leagues are; Elite Ice Hockey League (yeah right) English Premier Ice Hockey League English National League Division 1 English National League Division 2
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