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  1. Just got some new steel for trues JRZ dlc, with skatescribe gold profile. Anxious to try them out tomorrow. anyone skating on a skatescribe profile, if so which and what are your thoughts or comparisons to previous profile. thanks
  2. I have 246 on my 100k size 5.5W So I’d think 255 would be on 6.5W
  3. Anyone skating on any Elite profile? Thoughts? Comparisons ? Thinking of trying scs-1 or scs-2 any info helps thanks.
  4. Could be the holders , the left side I could see being a bit off possibly but the right holder appears to be absolutely centred. I’m no pro skate shop guy though 🤷‍♂️ if they insist on sending me the same blades to try a third time, I’m likely just going to bring the skates back. Not worth the frustration with brand new skates
  5. The store replaced once already for original bent steel gave me new steel from what is supposed to be new batch of steel and the only set they had ... The new steel didn’t just bend it snapped.. im actually not impressed with True as they want to send me yet another set of the same steel. Two times is enough. I specifically said sent me different steel dlc anything,not a third set of the same.. considering I’ll likely have to eat the cost of another sharpening and profiling or drive another hour to the original point of sake and hope they do it free.. I don’t think I’m asking to much.. as of now still waiting on true warranty for info. for reference I bought my skates in Ottawa area if anyone knows the True rep in that area I’d love to hear from him.. also do note the store is not to blame they were great with the FIRST replacement
  6. Anyone have experience with true warranty? My steel on the cat 9 was replaced by the store because of the bent steel issue left side. First game back the new set on right blade snapped in half. The store has no others in my size. True warranty says they are sending me new steel but I’ve yet to get tracking info after 2 days and I am wondering how long others have waited for true warranty issues.
  7. So I seem to have the bend issue in my left skate, cat 9’s. It’s not much but it’s definitely bent. I have email out to true and am waiting on reply. Based on the reviewer on the iw review, sounds like they will replace the steel. That is fine if the issue is the steel but hockey reviews seems to point the issue being the holder mount. Won’t the new steel bend as well if the holder is the issue? Eyeballing my holder it is hard to tell it could be a bit off the centre line. Slightly left?
  8. Anyone skating in the cat9’s yet. Thoughts/ review? How are the shift max holders and steel? skating in hyperlites right now but seriously thinking of changing.
  9. https://ibb.co/dM7XFR5 https://ibb.co/dgcsbDh https://ibb.co/wcgpWSL
  10. I need to figure out how to use these photo upload sites ill get photos up ASAP sorry
  11. Yes Kovalev pro. Online it only had the 5.5 lie listed which is what I ordered and received on my first order. Second order was for two 5.5 lies but received a 5 and a 6. So there are at the least 3 lies available in the kovalev pro. i will share a photo of the 3 later tonight if you like
  12. Curious on how long others who have ordered have waited for their orders from base to arrive. I love the products but wait times seems to be growing longer and longer. I’m currently at day 48 of waiting. Customer service has not been much help either in explaining the delay. This is my fourth order from them. first two times were great, third time not so. 5+ weeks and order of two kovalev blades came in But one a lie 5 the other 6.. Again I love the products (quality, performance,graphics, options) but I’m starting to think customer service needs some work.
  13. Very interesting. I’m on a quad zero put on when I ordered from Tydan and it’s on 254 steel. I’ve had no issues mind you.
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