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    Bauer Supreme 2S Pro
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    Bauer Vapor X100
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    Warrior AX2
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    Bauer 4500
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  1. I changed to Nash Sniper tongues in my Vapor 2Xs, very comfortable replacement.
  2. I've been using this helmet since it's iteration as a 3000, then went on to have a couple of them as a 4000, and have had three or four 4500s since. When National Sports went out of business in Canada a couple years back, I picked up two more just in case this happened. I still wear one with a bird cage for men's league and another one for coaching. It's also almost time for my son to get a new lid and I keep telling him how great the 4500 is, not sure he agrees, but we'll see what he likes best.
  3. Sorry, never used the twigs and those weights do seem to be somewhat heavier, but perhaps from being reinforced? I do know friends who have used their shoes. They said for grip and protection, they can't be beat. I know https://hockeysupremacy.com/ sells their stuff. They seem to have some reviews on their site, it might be worth a look or two.
  4. Chabot looks like his are custom colorway, with more silver than anything and very little, if any yellow at all. Also has the CCM Speedblade XS holders on his. https://www.gettyimages.ca/detail/news-photo/tim-bozon-of-team-france-in-action-with-thomas-chabot-of-news-photo/1399090135?adppopup=true
  5. I know they're not top of the line but I noticed that Sportchek now has the True Catalyst 5 skates on their website: https://www.sportchek.ca/categories/shop-by-sport/hockey/hockey-skates/senior-hockey-skates/product/true-catalyst-5-senior-hockey-skates-333817451.html# I haven't seen them on any of the other company's websites yet.
  6. I don't know if this will help, but I remembered this video from a few years ago from the NJ equipment staff. It offers more of a DIY approach:
  7. Helmet: Bauer 4500 Cage: CCM FM 580 Shoulder Pads: Sherwood Vintage PMP 5030 Elbow Pads: CCM RBZ Shin Pads: Bauer Nexus 6000 Pants: Bauer Supreme 2000 Gloves: Warrior AX2, Fischer SX9 Skates: CCM Jetspeed FT380 Sticks: Bauer Supreme Team 2S 87 Flex P88, Easton Stealth RS 100 Flex E7, Warrior Alpha QX3 85 Flex W88 and Covert QRE3 85 Flex W88
  8. It looks like they have the injected eyelets, also the newer toe cap. They look similar to the 1x LE that Ovie and Kane used to wear...
  9. Mitch was back to Tuuks at practice this afternoon, saw it on Leafs twitter
  10. https://www.bauer.com/en-CA/hockey-pads-protection/body-shoulder-pads/cooper-pro-vintage-shoulder-pad-senior-600573.html?cgid=Protective-Shoulder#start=13&sz=12
  11. I realized after posting that the original model was a 3000, then the subsequent transition towards the 4500... Have to admit though, it looks cool to see Cooper on there again.
  12. Before Easton was absorbed, I would have liked to have seen a one-piece stick branded/wrapped like the old Wayne Gretzky shiny aluminum twig...
  13. then i saw they have a limited release twig too!
  14. No Gloves yet, but they have the shoulder pads making a return on the website.
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