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  1. I believe there’s actually 2 versions of Tydan for the edge holder. TY280 is shaped similar to regular (non-XL) Step steel I believe, whereas LS280 is shaped more like LS3. If you zoom in on some of Tydan’s Instagram pictures, you can see a difference. Maybe someone else can clarify better.
  2. I’m 230 pounds and using 90/50 or 80/75, 10’ profile. If I were you, I’d try 90/75 and adjust from there.
  3. Thanks for all the feedback. I was thinking that the first sharpening on the blacksteel may have need more parohsses as well. I’ve been skating on FBV for the last year, but probably bouncing around too much between sharpenings. I’ve been between 90/75 and 80/75 more recently, but how it feels really seems to depend on how hard the ice is. I’m 6’1” 235 so a flatter cut shouldn’t be unusual for me, just trying to find the sweet spot and keep it there. Or simplify things and go back to roh.
  4. So far I haven’t found it to have better bite. Theoretically LS4 and step blacksteel both have a 10’ radius, but Step definitely has more material in the heel. The toe is fairly similar between both sets of steel.
  5. I just recently bought Step Blacksteel XL for my Vapors. The feel is obviously quite a bit different than the LS4 I’m accustomed to. As long and flat as these blades are, I feel like I want to have some of the heel shaved off, but I’m not sure if this is the right approach. I had these skates sharpened at 80/75 like I’ve been doing on my LS4 and honestly it feels like I’m slipping a bit more. My questions are: Does everybody use the same sharpening on Step blacksteel as LS4? Is it just me, or does FBV feel more variable based on hard or soft ice than ROH? Any suggestions on profiling/heel shaving to make the STEP more comfortable to skate in like LS4, or do I just need to get used to Step? Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  6. This probably sounds dumb, but try skipping the top eyelet. I'm in a similar situation and find that I like skipping the top eyelet better than using it.
  7. I'd say it plays true to other Bauer sticks. I've been playing with a pro stock 1N 82 flex for a while, and the 2N pro I now have in 87 is slightly stiffer. I also tried the 2N Pro in 77, and it was noticeably more whippy in 77 to the point I didn't care for stickhandling with it.
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