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    Bauer X900 and One.9, Step Steel
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    Pro stocks Warrior Vanek QR1 and Bauer X900 P106
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    Bauer NXG, RBK 10K Pro
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    CCM V08 Pro, Bauer IMS cage
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    CCM CL U+, Pro Bauer/RBK 2 piece pant
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    Jofa/RBK 9K Pro
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    Jofa 6090 Pro
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    JYA ModSquad

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  1. Hey gang, Its been a number of years since I retired the first time. I have now decided to jump back in the mix and noticed what you all have been discussing here. The lack of curves, Heel curves in particular. I have searched high and low for the W12 Pavalski retail curve. This was what I made the switch to from the P89 / Darby when those became near impossible and I actually fell in love with the W12 curve. Never the less, like you all I'm hell bent on getting these and have reached out to Pro stock hockey sticks to make me a mold for them seeing as how Warrior will no longer take custom orders even for a dozen sticks. Or at least that's what the person on the chat told me. If any of you have a work around with Warrior I would love to hear it before I drop over a grand on a mold of a pattern that already exists with a company that is still around.
  2. I recently bought a pair of PROSTOCK TRUE SKATES as I’m going to try and get back on the ice after a few years of not playing. The fit is great other than the outside of the ankle. I was wanting to know if there is a fix to this. I have not molded them yet and not sure if I should return them.
  3. A2rhino

    Retirement Sale

    Hey there gang, Just wanted to make you all aware that everything left is negotiable. Just want it to go to guys that'll use it. I have also decided to sell some of my personal stash that I hold near and dear. Message me with any questions.
  4. A2rhino

    Retirement Sale

    Yes its just a wooden plug. The heel lifts are to adjust the pitch on your skates putting you more on your toes.
  5. A2rhino

    Retirement Sale

    Retirement sale Listed are some items I'm getting rid of due to no longer (per my dr.) being able to play the game. Whatever is not sold here will soon be put on Ebay. Please contact me with any questions. Note that ALL ITEMS ARE CLEAN WITH NO STINK. Buyer pays shipping. Will only ship in the US. If you live in MI. I will allow you to meet me and pick anything up and even check out the sticks I have as well. Gear CCM Supra lower back protection $10 Pro Stock CCM 10K size 15 Habs gloves. Used 6 or so times $50 Jofa Pro stock 9144 elbow pads size 6. Used a few seasons. replaced the middle strap. SOLD tacki mack long grip (new in box) SOLD New Jofa 8k cup. Has been assembled but NEVER worn. $50 Bauer IMS 9.0 HELMET/CAGE combo. Size Med. Used for 1 season. No accidents $80 CCM RBZ Elbow pads, used for one season. Size Large $30 SOLD CCM Crazy Lite pants, used for one season size large $60 New with Tags, University of Michigan 2016/2017 Lowers with thigh pads in. $80 Jofa 6090 16" shin guards. $40 SOLD Blades New in box Powerfoot inserts. $10 SOLD New/never used, Size 280 heel lifts. was going to use these in my old S15 Skates with Tuuk holders. $10 Top blade is a used Innovative Mogilney (Taper blade) curve $10 Sold Next two down are Weight/Vanek (taper) curves. AKA DARBY curves $20ea Sold Next is a prostock Delmore slight to curve (Taper). $30 The last 4 are Vanek curves. AKA Darby curves (Standard). The two DD in the middle are brand new. $35 ea for the two new ones. $25ea for the others Sold Please feel free to PM any questions you may have
  6. My stick reads QRN only. There is no marking of T anywhere.
  7. And that was my assumption; More protection than anything. Thanks guys
  8. And that was my assumption; More protection than anything. Thanks guys
  9. Pro Sticks are different in the way they are designed. It wouldn't necessarily have to be an Alpha stick dressed up to have the same taper. There has been talk of the pro stock QR1 and QRL sticks having a few different tapers. I know that mine do not have the retail taper. However looking at them the taper does look more like the Saber Taper.
  10. Zac911, Thanks for taking the time to fill us in. Totally understand where you're coming from as a rep. I will say that I do like and respect the acknowledgment of Scott on the tendon guard and on the liner. Classy move on True's end.
  11. Curious, is the Saber Taper similar or the same taper that we have been seeing on the PROSTOCK HOCKEY QR1 and QRL sticks?
  12. Zac911, can you fill us in the reason for the plastic heel cup? I too am not a fan of it but can only assume the reason for it. Thanks
  13. This does raise a thought; Do you think the broken in whipped out shaft is why Brett Hull used a two piece setup up until he retired? He could get the shaft to where he liked it and then throw in a fresh blade. I do think new sticks always seem to feel the best after a skate or two.
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