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  1. Yeah I've seen the codes on other Zaitsev alpha builds and they say T8 QX. I'm not sure why this is different which had peaked my curiosity.
  2. So I found the code but can't read it. The X would just mean it's a stiffened blade but the start of it doesn't match to anything I've seen for warrior prostock codes. https://imgur.com/a/z4y1Wf9
  3. Picked up a Warrior Alpha QX Zaitzev pro stock. No identifying numbers on it. Is anyone familiar with the specs Zaitsev uses?
  4. Helmet: CCM FL60 with Bauer 7500 cage Elbows: Warrior Projekt (blue) Shoulders: Warrior Projekt (blue) Shins: Bauer APX2 Gloves: Bauer Vapor x850 Lite Skates: Bauer Total One NXG Pants: Easton Pro 10 Sticks: Warrior Alpha QX pro stock, Warrior AK27 SL, Bauer Nexus 1000 pro stock
  5. Looking for low profile and mobility. HPR 1.1s? Looking to stay under $90
  6. In the market to upgrade my elbow pads. Mx3s? S190? CCM quicklites? Or CCM ft390s?
  7. Sticking with the LS2 holders shaves $110 off the cost. I'd just profile with that cost savings.
  8. It's not all about the cost but more about getting the most out of my purchase. I don't want to pony up $130 for step black though as my talent level would be a waste on it. Which would be a more logical choice, Step ST, V steel or Blackedge on the LS 2 holders?
  9. So I got the step steel ST edge runners in today and boy are those heels huge. Not sure I really want to pay the extra $ for profiling + the edge holders just to get step steel in there. Now the question becomes, what LS2 holder steel to get that won't have to be profiled? I'm used to skating on LS Fusion. Thoughts on Blackedge? They look to have the same profile as the fusion runners. Any other choices?
  10. Regardless of the holder debate, here is my situation and what I'm trying to achieve. I'm 40 years old and played 1 spring and summer session when I was 15 years old. I didn't continue playing because 1. I sucked and 2. My parents couldn't afford to keep me playing. I'm now 40 and never lost the love for the game. I coach my 8 year old sons mite team and this is his first year playing. Being out there coaching and playing really gave me the drive to get back out there so I signed up for the local Hockey North America league which starts on the 22nd of this month. So on to my equipment. I've been gathering all new equipment for over a year, to make the cost easier to absorb. One such purchase was my NXGs that I found for a screaming deal from a player here locally that were barely used. I did notice that I couldn't get on my outside edge on my right side and noticed the steel was slightly bowed. So here I am, trying to remedy the situation so when I do get out there to start, I'm giving myself the best equipment situation to start out with to tackle my skating weaknesses which are weak side turns, stops, crossovers and backwards crossovers. My strongside is a non-issue.
  11. I have a pair of edge on hold at the LHS and some Step STs on the way. Not sure if I'll commit to it just yet though. I do have some time to do so but swapping out that LS 2 holder and replacing the steel could be the better choice.
  12. Unfortunately my time table won't allow it. I need to get the steel swapped before league starts in 2 1/2 weeks. Haven't even heard CCM was releasing a new holder. I'll have to check it out.
  13. Stick with the LS 2 holder on my NXGs or upgrade to the Edge? Long story short, my right LS Fusion runner is bowed. I had the shop straighten it out as good as they could but it's not perfect. I need to get new steel but am concerned that the right holder may be part of the issue with the bending. Upgrade to the edge with new runners or just new runners on the LS 2?
  14. I seem to always have the smallest kid pop into my blindside and bounce off my hip like I'm kicking a tennis ball. Whoops!
  15. Test drove the new twig this morning. Awesome stick, great feel, great power, stiff blade. I'm more than happy with it! Only flaw I did see is that it does get beat up pretty quickly.
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