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  • Skates
    Vapor x60
  • Stick
    Sher-Wood BPM 150
  • Gloves
    Bauer nexus
  • Helmet
    Bauer ims 9.0
  • Pants
    Easton c7.0
  • Shoulder Pads
    Nexus 8000
  • Elbow Pads
    Easton c5.0
  • Shin Pads
    Vapor x:40
  • Hockey Bag
    Old Easton

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  1. With the technology and manufacturing processes used nowadays, any big brand stick will be great, no matter the price. Just go to your LHS and browse the clearance rack for bauer, ccm, easton, and warrior sticks. Also look online. Sometimes you can find composite sticks for less than wood.
  2. I also find oversized shin pads a problem. I went to my LHS to try some pads on the other day. I found that I barely wore size 14, and I’m 5’8’’. Are you sure you were fitted correctly? I know Supremes do have the largest “look” to them. Maybe try 13” in a different brand, or 14” in a different brand/line. I’ve noticed the only way to actually stop the problem is to get taller. Which, if you’re like me, probably isn’t gonna happen anytime soon.
  3. I used to repair my composite blades with a fiberglass and Epoxy mixture. It worked but you had to cake it on pretty thick. I imagine if you really wanted to you could do it, but if it’s an expensive stick it’s probably not worth it.
  4. Alpha QX has an in between kick point (not sure if that’s what you mean). Tacks As1 has a super stiff blade and mid kick. Sherwood bpm 150 has a lively blade and is mid kick. They’re cheap but they play like any top of the line stick.
  5. I believe Ccm has a 90 day no questions asked warranty. It should be no problem replacing them. Go to the shop you bought them at or go to their warranty page, you can call or email them from there.
  6. Warranty I would assume. Where do you get pro stocks for less than that? I’d like to pick some of those up.
  7. I was looking at the hockey monkey new arrivals and saw these new sticks that monkey sports is manufacturing. The fact that they are coming factory direct makes the high end SL priced at only $149 USD, marketed as 415 grams with a mid kick this product could be a steal. They also sell a ST version for $89 weighing 495 grams and a XT version for $59 at 590 grams. I imagine they stand for Super Light(SL), Super Tough(ST), and Extra Tough(XT). It will be interesting to see the balance and pop on these new sticks and if people will be picking any up.
  8. If he’s a skinny/slim build go for the 1x/1x lite. If he’s on the muscular side (doesn’t even have to be bulky just broad shouldered) go for a nexus. However the nexus I recommend are the nexus 8000 pads. Hands down the most comfortable, protective and mobile pads I’ve used. Not that the 2n pads are bad but I don’t think they make nexus pads with 37.5 liner. 1n pads have massive shoulder caps that could block mobility. The nexus line has the 2 piece bicep guard which is great. Sideline swap has some. You should be able to pick up a new pair for less that $100 no problem.
  9. Those are sick, glad the orange isn’t that ugly 1s le traffic cone color.
  10. I second the light gear, skates and sticks especially. I really feel the weight of a stick when stickhandling. I actually train with an old stick filled with sand. It makes it absurdly heavy and if mantle helps with wristers and snapshots, but if I pick up my bpm 150 after using it to stickhandle I IMMEDIATLY feel like a pro (of course I’m not though).
  11. I think it’s just an added glow effect. The graphics are the same patterns and font. LE sticks sport there own set of graphics.
  12. I don’t think shows like shark tank would help. The products on those shows are geared toward everyone, not just a niche of hockey players that are looking for something new and exciting in sticks. They wouldn’t understand what makes the product more useful/better (and who knows if it even is). I think selling it to a brand is a good idea but I don’t think Bauer/CCM/Warrior would just flat out well a stick like this. It would end up like the OD1N project and have features trickle down through the years.
  13. That’s what I was thinking, the funny thing is, if you go on hockeymonkey the Ft1 still cost more than the new JetSpeed. 😂👌
  14. Thanks for the input, I think I’ll end up saving a little more and wait till the next Ribcor stick comes out. If it’s $249 like the JetSpeed is I’ll pick it up, otherwise I’ll just buy a trigger2 on sale.
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