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  1. Interesting comments on Perron. When he was traded here the Edmonton press that came on the local shows said pretty much the opposite, that despite his lack of production this year which they attributed to getting up to speed from his injury, he was one of the few guys that have 100% every night at both ends of the ice and the fans loved him for it.
  2. There are a lot of good guns on the market now, you need to get them in your hand and shoot them. The Glock is going to feel and point completely differently than the Sig, than a 1911, than an XD, etc. With the 226, there are a variety of different triggers offered now, you would need to decide on that as well. It's also a pretty big gun to carry, plus it weighs a lot. I don't carry mine a lot and I have a great holster for it (Milt Sparks). Find friends whose guns you can try or go to a range and rent some.
  3. To some extent, he doesn't talk a lot about the nitty gritty. He did tell me once that he grabbed a Thompson (SF were allowed to grab confiscated weapons if they wanted) for a long patrol and hated it because it was so heavy and talks about training, just not about combat. He still keeps in touch with his buddy he spent his first night on watch in a foxhole with. Stuff like that. His photo album is really cool, lots of shots of guys around camp. One has them standing around Gen. Westmorland when he visited.
  4. DavidT- very cool. My FIL was in the 173rd on his first tour and 5th SF for his second and carried that same version.
  5. I agree, not much love on SigForum.
  6. Shooting and hockey, two hobbies for people who don't like to have any money in their pockets! :D
  7. The CZ75 is the 1911 of the rest of the world. Very naturally pointing and time-proven. I would like to pick one up sometime. Tangfolio also makes a high quality version.
  8. Don't forget that CLP doesn't need to be wet to be working. You may think it "burned off" but it's still lubricating. In on AR armorers video I saw the parts were sprayed with CLP, left to sit for a minute, then wiped off and the gun reassembled. I don't run my AR very wet at all.
  9. Nice call Habs21, I'm going to check the rest of their stuff out. Lately I've been listening to Epica and Nightwish (with Tarja).
  10. Yeah, it's pretty bad. I listen to stuff on headphones a majority of the time since I can at work and by the end of the day your ears get fatigued. I like the old Live stuff, totally dynamic in intensity and loudness to great effect.
  11. That's just misuse of a click track. As with anything, it's a tool, and can be abused or used as an asset.
  12. You can still play to a click and swing, groove, whatever you want to call it. The groove of a band is how you are pushing or dragging the beat. The tempo is still consistent, but the subtle push/pull gives it the feel.
  13. There's nothing wrong with click tracks, some guys are good at playing with them some aren't. The groove is how you play around the mathematical beat, that's true with or without a click. If there are any sequenced parts in a recording a click is pretty much a necessity. The one band I've really got into lately is Fang Island, I don't even know how to describe them. Artsy noisy prog or something.
  14. You give Daley too much credit. He's already talking about new laws that will make it near impossible to own a firearm in Chicago. Finally we can stop the collective right nonsense. Great decision.
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