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  1. Let us know how he likes it. I was a Bauer stick user for years but wasn't getting the performance I thought I should be. I figured I would change it up a bit and bought the Trigger 3D when it came out and that was that. The following year I got the Trigger 4, and now the Trigger 5.
  2. P92 and equivalent curves I find very easy to elevate the puck. Even more so on a P28. If you can find a P88 curve to mess around with I bet you'll get what you want out of the low and hard placement. I too am very fond of the P92 curve and found it hard to elevate with the P88, but the P88 excelled at pass accuracy and low corners - for me anyways - everyone is different.
  3. CCM AS1 skates. I blew my tax return on a pair a little over a year ago. Before then I never had a pair of skates worth more than $300. I love their comfort and the energy transfer of a one piece boot is amazing.
  4. I'm a low kick fan and right now my go to stick is the Trigger 4 but I recently purchased a retail FT2 on sideline swap to just play around with it and compare. I liked what I felt from it. CCM did a good job on the hybrid kick point as I feel the stick performed pretty well in all categories. The quick release wasn't as good as the Trigger but it was definitely manageable. Heavy wrist shots and slap shots come off really nice. Light weight, great blade feel, good balance, I was impressed and are keeping it as a backup twig.
  5. If you are liking the P19 as it is a good all-around curve, try out the P29 from CCM or the P92 from Bauer. Those curves would also be a TC2 or TC2-5. Really accurate shot, accurate passing and great sauce. But there is a lot more to it than just the curve. I think as caveman mentioned above, a little more information would be helpful like your flex. What is your height and weight and what type of shot do you most typically take?
  6. That is a trigger based on the concave lower shaft, all trigger shaft constructions will have that. The only way to tell WHICH trigger it is would be by the sticker label that would have been at the very top of the stick before it was cut and or under that knob tape. M is the factory it was made, 75 flex, T is the shaft type (traditional shaft) and the E# is the player ID and V01 is for version 1. I have seen some Triggers dressed as other sticks but it is more common for a Tacks stick to be manufactured with a low kick point, which would have an LK on it.
  7. Sounds like my transition into the AS1. My feet were very sore, no pressure points or blisters, just the bottoms of my feet would ache. I experimented with different arch inserts on the Orthomove footbed, laced them lighter, tighter, nothing helped. The stiffness of the boot took a really long time to break in, around 20 skates in them before I had that moment when I was like yep, these feel great now. My suggestion is maybe try a different footbed, one that has a good fit for your arch, the new CCM Orthomove's have a changeable arch insert. And give them some time, the break-in will take longer in that stiffer boot.
  8. How many times have you skated in them so far?
  9. Check out this new video about the 80K's if you haven't already. Seems like a good option for an all-around fit boot instead of targeting one foot type. https://youtu.be/QfZGOoY7tPs
  10. The Bauer scanner put me in the correct boot, said my feet were best for the 2S (AS1) which I already knew as I've always fit in Tacks really well. However the CCM 3D scanner said I was an 8.5 which I've always been in the 7-7.5 range. The Jetspeed and Vapor will be very similar in fit so if you didn't like one, no surprise you didn't like the other. I would say the skates should feel pretty darn close to being comfortable without being baked so if you are getting pressure points or areas of your foot that are getting squished, that would be a no go. If you are liking the way the 2S/AS1 boots feel I would forget about what the scanner said and go with what feels best. But it does sound like you are a perfect candidate for a full custom skate if you can't really pin down one that you like off the shelf. I would also try using a skate sock instead of bare feet.
  11. I do believe the P90 is the CCM pro stock code for a retail P29.
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