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  1. Ive seen the new Jetspeed sticks but they are all marked HK (high kick). The new Ribcores are labelled LK, but have a weird shaft shape that I really dont like.
  2. Can these be purchased anywhere anymore? I used to be able to find them all the time on Sideline Swap but the line on them seems to have dried up. Specifically looking for LK RH 75 flex P90. I really don't care about the graphic but am on my last one and can't seem to find more! 😞
  3. I tried searching for this, but are there any modern girdle shells that will fit these? I desperately need a black shell. I'd go try ones on, but I live in the Yukon and we have one shop here and girdle isn't even in their vocabulary 😂 Thanks folks.
  4. 200 each, including shipping cant be that bad. The top of the line sticks in my town (ft2, flylite) are 320 and 350 each. Hoping these sticks last a little longer than the ft2 I had which broke in like 2 months of shitty mens league and one high level tournament. I wont have a chance to use these until monday. Its my understanding that the jetspeed team is this years team stick. Last year was super tacks 2.0 and next year will be ribcor trigger 5. My main concern is the blade, I dont like super stiff blades so this will be an adjustment. Might try and get my hands on one of those deadening pads that stick on the blade
  5. After getting some use in, how do you feel about the stick? I just picked up 2 of these for $400 CDN. If they ARE the same as the ST2.0s I have a link to get 2 more for $340 CDN and might bite on it. I'm mainly wondering about the blade. The blade on my retail FT2 was amazing. Best puck feel I've ever found.
  6. So, I picked up 2 of these for $400 Canadian. I know they aren't "real" FT2 sticks, but can someone tell.me what they are, and how they're different from my retail FT2 p29. The curve seems to be very, very slightly different. They are marked 85 flex but feel closer to 75 (a good thing) and I've got no idea what LK means. Also the blade weave looks different. https://m.imgur.com/a/pGAjRMj
  7. Smothered is a good word. Game 2 getting out of hand was the best thing that could have happened for the Leafs. Both teams knew they weren't going to get away with much so Boston got sucked into playing a skill game again, and couldn't keep up with the Buds. Great game for the Leafs, and if they can continue to suck teams into play a skill game against them, I think they will be successful.
  8. Helmet: black 4500 with Bauer straight pro or CCM 590 cage (white). I wear the cage in C div or lower, the visor comes out in A or B division where guys know to keep their sticks and shots DOWN! elbows: OLD Jofas (not even sure of the model). they're pretty heavily modified. shoulders: farrels (love these) jock: some cheap velcro pants (need something better here) pants: CCM HP35 shins: reebok 8k (17" but I cut them off shorter - I REALLY need new ones) gloves: easton 4 roll prostock skates: x900 and graf 707 sticks: warrior AQ prostock 75 flex p28, warrior qrl 85 flex p28 (x2) thinking of switching to some 75 flex p92 curve sticks. really need new shin pads BADLY. looking for some rbk 8k or 9k 16".
  9. Does anyone know where to order +2 shells for these? Will the PP10 shell fit? Can I just slide the leg pads from my current shells into them?
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