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  1. From what I can tell, if it is your first profile from fresh blades, centre is correct. If you are reprofiling a quad, you need to adjust for the fact that the template kicks the balance point 20mm, which is why they manually adjust. I am guessing here that is what you are asking because of the video you attached, which is only for a reprofile.
  2. All of it comes down to how far you want to go. It’s a much bigger lift to go premium steel on once per week skating. I firmly believe that a peewee, at least at a higher rep level, can tell the difference - though articulating it is a challenge. They’ve been skating long enough (7-9 years), and let’s face it, the kids today can execute skills that we (the older generation) weren’t even aware of when we were their age. You definitely don’t need it to play well, but will the better edges allow you to execute skating skills with better confidence, probably. pros of premium steel added height - last longer, better angle on sharp turns without bottoming out edge retention - less dings, dents, lost edges from board battles and other stuff less sharpening required Cons cost, especially with growing feet Again, your mileage may vary. Maybe my experience was excessively coloured by the steel used in youth skates, but I didn’t need a micrometer to notice an improvement.
  3. Even a non-coated Step, Bladetech or Tydan would be a much better play than the original CCM steel, if you're looking apples to apples.
  4. OMG yes, or at least in my view. Same situation - I have a Minor Peewee player (U12 as we now call them ...I think) and he's in Tack 9380's now. Smaller feet, size 1 and just moving into the 1.5. He skated once in the black XS steel, and then switched over to Step and a set of Bladetech and refuses to use the CCM steel now. CCM steel is notoriously bad, and the Stainless XS is the worst of the bunch. World of difference with edge retention, ability to dig in when needed and in fact, with the DLC blades, I could go about 1/8 shallower with the hollow without him complaining, so better glide and speed on the straights. All steel was profiled to Quad 3XS, so that wasn't a mitigating factor. If you're conscious of cost, you could try to keep the CCM steel in play for practices and switch for game time, but the height difference may throw him/her off, but in an emergency, better than nothing.
  5. No, there isn’t any width adjustment on it. Just front to back.
  6. My son played for 2 years in one of those. Great lid, once the intial break in was done, he was never happier. Just went for the Re-Akt 200 last month because I found it on deep discount.
  7. I did the debate for mine but couldn’t bring myself to drill more holes in my boots, so I stuck it out and love them. 288 holder, Quad 1. What Ellipse profile on what size did you end up with? Ellipse 1 made me feel like I was waterskiing.
  8. This is more of an “I wonder how” than anything else, but in order to profile a Shift to be more similar to a Tuuk or CCM holder, what should a good shop do to compensate for the more forward tilted foot of a Shift? There’s got to be some sort of balance point manipulation to do this, right? Not just an arc change?
  9. Hi, with the prospect of hockey in Ontario getting slimmer and slimmer through the summer, I went and got my son some Mission FZ-5 rollers to boot around on. He's got small feet - he's almost in a 1.5 CCM 9380 on ice, so I got him the size 2 Missions. They look a touch big but not horrifically so - ie his foot is 21.4 cm, the 2's are for feet at 21.8cm (5/32" away from the recommended size so not crazy). I've got the Marsblade O-1 one on mine so we can mess around on the road or a local parking lot, he is in a Hi-Lo. I took a look at Marsblades for him, but as a size 2, the side says the holder will be bigger than the boot but he'll still get benefit. I'm leaning towards just leaving him in the HiLo until size 3, mainly because they're a touch big already, adding something else over the toe is going to lead him to say "screw it". Has anyone had any experience with the O-1 small on a 2 boot? I did a search but was swimming in answers, so apologies if I missed.
  10. I’m probably paraphrasing a bit of an earlier post and adding my own experiences here... for me it’s all about size and location. One nick near the back and meh, stone it before you sharpen and let it ride if the rest of the blade is sharp. An inch long lost edge right in the middle or in the back of the front third of the blade (right about the third of the blade mark from the front), and I make sure it’s gone. A small one in that range is a bit more judgment but I’d be inclined to stone it and then let it go too. Probably got through at least half a game with it there.
  11. All right, I've now had two more skates, 1 more fully on ellipse, where I was paying attention to things like acceleration and agility (we're talking relative terms here...while not a member of the Loyal Order of Water Buffalo, my lightweight days are behind me), and one where I started with ellipse and did a blade change back to Quad 1. And the winner is the Quad 1. More jump, more pop, more explosive starts, sharper turns, better pivots, better feeling of front of skate. It's funny, I didn't really notice anything bad on the ellipse, but the minute I put the Quad back on, the guys I was with were all wondering what happened... So, I'm going to agree with @pgeorgan, there's something less aggressive at the front that is slowing the ellipse down. PS - I know I'm dating myself with the LOWB reference...ah, childhood memories of that and classic animated flashing sky Spiderman.
  12. I could see shallowing up the hollow coming from a single 11 ’, but from quad to ellipse shouldn’t be that big a deal... I stayed at my 11/16” roh, didn’t notice a difference...maybe a bit more bite, but at this point could be my imagination or the difference between the manual sharpen that came on the blades and my usual Sparx run.
  13. I got a nice present in the mail today...my new blades profiled with Ellipse 1. I’m a 288 steel in a Shift holder, and thanks @KKSkate for doing great work on the profile. Coming from a Quad 1. Initial feedback (one skate, assorted edge work drills and then breakouts and zone entries) is that I feel a bit less on my tiptoes with this profile vs the quad, despite the same 20mm back Center, but I still feel like I can access the acceleration “zone” at the front of the blade. Stability was good, agility was maybe a touch less, but overcomeable with a bit more effort. Forwards and Backwards transitions and crossovers felt as good, but less feeling like I am as uncomfortably on my toes. no skating until Wednesday next week so won’t be able to really dial in my opinion until then. Nothing screams “give me my quad back” yet...
  14. My 10 yr old has been back on the ice for a week now that we moved out of lock down. That would be about 5 hours of ice, skating pretty hard. He has tried the ccm game on mask, a normal surgical mask, a level 3 mask for more water resistance, and the Bauer rtp mask with filter. He loves the Bauer one- doesn’t complain at all. Got some Filti n95 material and have cut some better fitting filters now. I start back Wednesday and I have one too...can’t wait to try it.
  15. From a guy who had a 2 year old start skating and then migrate, don’t rush into the hockey gear. Let them deal with finding their balance and stride as unencumbered as they can be. Knee pads and elbow pads (scooter stuff) under a snowsuit worked wonders for mobility and cushioning. Then, when they’re all bulked up, everything will be a lot easier.
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