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  1. I’m starting to find small breaks in the rubber in 1 of my 3 pucks. I’m wondering If it’s just aging plastic? Not sure though. I did have an old one last over a year. I’ll have to do a long term update eventually. These pucks haven’t been made for years.
  2. Best part about it is I only paid 350$ for all of the sportcourt. Totally worth the price in my opinion.
  3. The aero puck did feel a bit light I almost bet you could find away to shoot a curve puck. Through about a month of use the hoplite has held up fine so far. I don't think durability will be too much of a concern, I've hammered a couple slapshots on the post without a problem. I'll have to post a long term update.
  4. Hey y'all, Thanks to your comments I decides to test the Verbero puck and the new hoplite puck. I was impressed with how well the Verbero puck slid but the bouncing after ringing off the post or boards was killing me at times. I really was overall impressed with the hoplite puck! Hoping good things for the future of it!
  5. Hey y'all, Since the pandemic started rink time has been pretty limited. I got lucky and was able to make my own home rink. Here's a short video of what I have done.
  6. Kings are Cincinnati based. I was at the same tourney during covid, very lucky to get that in before the shutdown.
  7. Such an “old” puck. It’s just not used in any leagues/tournaments anymore. Pretty sure the puck is older than me as well 😂
  8. Yup, I usually play Sundays and the Tuesday pick up. I’ve played for both lakeside storm and kings in MIHA. You play in cincy as well or just miha?
  9. I just ordered a hoplite as well. Doing a comparison soon. I love how the IDS and rocketpuck fly off my stick. It makes me feel as if I actually lift weights 😂😂
  10. Just bought that one on Amazon, I’m also planning on getting a hoplite puck to review. Thanks!
  11. Wow. That’s pretty disappointing. I wonder how the NCRHA teams feel about having to use the puck 😂.
  12. I totally agree with those first 2 statements. As far as the verbero puck I’m really wanting to give it a try and review now despite being discontinued. I don’t remember enough about the puck to have a solid opinion. From what I heard verbero is also under new ownership. Maybe we could see a comeback of the verbero puck?
  13. Very true, I’ll have to check it out. Wasn’t on my mind at all. Thanks!
  14. I didn’t think any hockey stores did that but it seems like pure hockey has a program for it! Do you know of any other websites? Thanks!
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