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  1. I will say this, In late July 2022 I took a survey with Bauer asking about mission roller skates along with a few new design variant sketches (asking which ones were best). The 2-year refresh is due this spring, if there is nothing by summer I believe Mission is toast. I would be extremely disappointed, I bought some 2xr roller hockey skates at a discount, and they're unbearably hot on my feet, I fail to understand why companies aren't putting ventilated toe caps on their roller hockey skates.
  2. Have you heard anything further on this? Wondering the same thing.
  3. I’m starting to find small breaks in the rubber in 1 of my 3 pucks. I’m wondering If it’s just aging plastic? Not sure though. I did have an old one last over a year. I’ll have to do a long term update eventually. These pucks haven’t been made for years.
  4. Best part about it is I only paid 350$ for all of the sportcourt. Totally worth the price in my opinion.
  5. The aero puck did feel a bit light I almost bet you could find away to shoot a curve puck. Through about a month of use the hoplite has held up fine so far. I don't think durability will be too much of a concern, I've hammered a couple slapshots on the post without a problem. I'll have to post a long term update.
  6. Hey y'all, Thanks to your comments I decides to test the Verbero puck and the new hoplite puck. I was impressed with how well the Verbero puck slid but the bouncing after ringing off the post or boards was killing me at times. I really was overall impressed with the hoplite puck! Hoping good things for the future of it!
  7. Hey y'all, Since the pandemic started rink time has been pretty limited. I got lucky and was able to make my own home rink. Here's a short video of what I have done.
  8. Kings are Cincinnati based. I was at the same tourney during covid, very lucky to get that in before the shutdown.
  9. Such an “old” puck. It’s just not used in any leagues/tournaments anymore. Pretty sure the puck is older than me as well 😂
  10. Yup, I usually play Sundays and the Tuesday pick up. I’ve played for both lakeside storm and kings in MIHA. You play in cincy as well or just miha?
  11. I just ordered a hoplite as well. Doing a comparison soon. I love how the IDS and rocketpuck fly off my stick. It makes me feel as if I actually lift weights 😂😂
  12. Just bought that one on Amazon, I’m also planning on getting a hoplite puck to review. Thanks!
  13. Wow. That’s pretty disappointing. I wonder how the NCRHA teams feel about having to use the puck 😂.
  14. I totally agree with those first 2 statements. As far as the verbero puck I’m really wanting to give it a try and review now despite being discontinued. I don’t remember enough about the puck to have a solid opinion. From what I heard verbero is also under new ownership. Maybe we could see a comeback of the verbero puck?
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