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    Bauer Supreme S29 / Mission NLS3
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    Warrior Covert QRE Pro Team
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    Warrior Covert QRE
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    Bauer Re-Akt 75 with Re-Akt Cage
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    CCM RBZ / CCM Super Tacks Girdle
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    CCM U+ Pro / Mission Elite Relaxed Padded Shirt
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    CCM 20K Pro
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    CCM Super Tacks Pro
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    Easton Synergy Elite

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  1. I think it comes back on next week.
  2. I have a pair of Bauer Nexus size 5.5EE that I want to convert and am wondering what the right size Hi-Lo chassis would be. The TUUK holder on there now is the same size that Bauer puts on a pair of 6D skates, so should I apply the same logic to the chassis and go with a Senior small or a junior size? Also where can I find a junior size chassis? All I can find are senior sizes. Thanks.
  3. By far my favorite jock. I use the jock only one for roller hockey and the jock/garter belt combo for ice hockey. One I bought from eBay and one from a European shop that shipped to the states.
  4. Sorry to hijack the thread, does anyone know when Mission is releasing updated protective gear? I’m in the market for a new girdle and have had good luck with Mission ones in the past. Thanks.
  5. Welcome to the site. I’m 5’7” 160 lbs and have worn Bauer & CCM size small pants, so you seem right on the sizing. I haven’t used Warrior pants though.
  6. I’ve always used senior end plugs, composite & wood, in intermediate sticks.
  7. Warrior definitely uses a smaller shaft dimension on their intermediates. The Bauer and True sticks I’ve used seem super close to senior size, if not the same.
  8. I’ve been using the CCM Tacks elbow pads and love them, light weight with tons of protection. Previously I had been in the Reebok KFS line, so it was an easy transition.
  9. I’ve been using Mission pants for a few years now. I’m currently in the NLS3 pants and am pretty happy with them. They have great ventilation but do have a few holes in them. Other than that they’ve held up pretty well.
  10. I use Superfeet Orange in my work boots and love them. They definitely provide some degree of cushion. Never tried them in my skates though.
  11. Anyone know which line would play closest to the original A 4.5?
  12. It should fit on a 4500, I had both the hybrid and switched to the concept. The hybrid one was much heavier.
  13. Hey @JR Boucicaut, sorry to resurrect such an old thread. I just bought a pair of CCM 20K Pro elbow pads, the identifier is 14C-SUP-EP20KHP. Just wanted to verify that these weren’t part of the recall. Thanks.
  14. CCM is probably your best bet. I’m a shorter player (5’7”) and they’re the shortest fitting pants I’ve been able to find.
  15. My newest gloves courtesy of PSH. Absolutely love them, except I thought the name would have been embroidered on.
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