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    Easton Mako (ice), Mako with Sprungs for roller
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    Warrior Diablo Gionta Curve, Warrior QR Pro Yakupov curve, Inno Mania with Smyth curve
  • Gloves
    Easton HSX, Warrior Projekt
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    Cascade M11 with Itech Titanium Cage (ice), Easton E700 with Reakt cage (roller), Bauer IMS 7.0 with Bauer Pro Clip (ref)
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    Warrior Projekt Girdle with Nike Bauer Shell, Valken V-Pro with V-Elite Girdle for roller
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    Farrell H600
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    2012 Warrior Projekt
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    Warrior Projekt (ice) or CCM CL (roller)
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    Warrior Eraser, Warrior or RBK Pro for carrying, ShockDoctor Dryer at home

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  1. Yes, Fizix is what I have been waiting for - an improved aluminum version of Sprungs. It seemed to be in the prototype stage in 2018, but I don't think he had the money to produce them. Now I see there's a new prototype on the Fizix FB page, but again, funding for production could be an issue if he doesn't find a person or company to fund that. Sprungs are great, but it'd be nice to have an aluminum version where you don't have to clean them regularly to avoid friction wear.
  2. Personally, I think the Sprungs are better for playing (lighter, lower and tighter turns), but the Marsblades are a good off ice training tool for ice players. Marsblade may be developing a version that is better suited to league play and you can find a picture of the prototype in this thread: There is some discussion on Marsblades vs. Sprungs in various threads like this one:
  3. The Missions use the Supreme last. I believe the new Alkali line does have Supreme like volume, but the previous Alkali RPD line was a bit deeper. I think the other deeper option would be Tour skates. Inlinewarehouse lets you search by fit and here are the 'high volume' options: https://www.inlinewarehouse.com/High_Volume_Roller_Hockey_Skates/catpage-RHSK8VOL3.html Since I believe you're in Canada, it may make more sense to grab something from a Canadian site. For inline in Canada, Coast to Coast has a good selection and has some Alkali RPD skates on clearance: https://coasthockeyshop.com/collections/senior-inline-roller-hockey-skates?constraint=alkali. The Tours or Alkali's may work, but likely won't fit exactly like Tacks. Your other option is finding some Tacks ice skates in your size (gently used or on clearance) and converting them to inline skates. I use and like the Sprung chassis, but you could use whatever chassis you wanted. This route is generally more expensive and takes more time, but you would end up with skates you know will fit.
  4. I am very doubtful there will be any spring or summer hockey, but would love to be wrong. I am hopeful leagues can safely resume in the fall. Late April doesn't seem realistic at all.
  5. The broken steel is likely caused by a misaligned holder; especially if they're breaking in the same spot. Get a knowledgeable shop to check the holder mount (to see that it's straight and also check that there are no loose rivets) or mail them to JR Boucicaut if you don't trust the shops nearby (if you mention your location, members may be able to point you to some competent local help). If the holders are properly mounted and aren't warped, you definitely shouldn't have steel constantly breaking.
  6. My Dad had stents put in this past summer and I was really worried, but he's back to normal activity. My great uncle had them put in about 5 years ago and my father in-law had them put in a few years ago and they're both doing well. Do to my family history, I'll also have to get checked out regularly myself and may need stents in the future; I'd like to try to avoid that, but living with stents is much better than the alternative.
  7. Will there still be D and EE versions for all three fits? Like a fit 2 EE and a fit 2 D?
  8. From the review above for the Surgeon 500: My preference with gloves has usually been a fit where there is some snugness on the fingers that opens up at the cuff. This is pretty evident based on the gloves you see in my "Recently used" list. The Surgeon gloves do a great job of fitting very snug while not choking your hands and wrist. The liner feels very soft and airy while it is on your hand, which helps in not feeling like you are being constricted by the glove. The palm feels great on my hand, and fits my hand perfectly. The stretch gussets, in conjunction with the open seam of the main knuckle joint and the three-piece fingers (2 piece pinky) really give you a lot of mobility in the finger area. The thumb has a nice feel to it, with a good amount of flex in one way and a nice solid lock in the other direction. The wrist area opens up nicely to give a full range of motion that doesn't feel like you have to fight the design of the glove to move your hands the way you would like, which is a must have for me.
  9. The original Stallion gloves fit similar to the Alpha gloves. The HPR fits even wider in the backhand.
  10. The STX Surgeon gloves are very tight in the fingers and backhand, but open up nicely in the cuff (IMHO). The Stallion line is a slightly tighter traditional 4 roll; it's too loose in the backhand for my tastes, but I like my gloves really tight in the backhand.
  11. This is from the Hockey Canada rule book: SITUATION 2 Rule 9.1 (d) QUESTION: The puck is batted with the hand, hits the opposing goaltender, rebounds back out and is picked up by another player of the same team batting the puck. Does play continue or is play stopped? ANSWER: Play is stopped. Play can only continue if the non-offending team gains “possession and control” of the puck. Since the puck only hit the goaltender (possession, but not control), play would be stopped. The rule itself is similar to what you see in the US rule book. It's clarified in the situation. Here's the rule: (d) A player shall be permitted to stop or “bat” a puck in the air with her open hand, or to push it along the ice with her hand and play shall not be stopped, unless the player has directed the puck to a teammate in the neutral or attacking zone. When this occurs play shall be stopped and the puck faced-off at the spot where the offense oc- curred, unless the offending team gains a territorial advantage, then the face-off shall be where the stoppage of play occurred, unless otherwise covered in the rules. Play shall not be stopped for any hand pass by players in their own defending zone. So I would look at the situations or cases. Under the HC rules, the hand pass situation is similar to high sticking the puck. Those are only negated if the opposing team gains possession and control.
  12. I can't tell you what the USA hockey rules would be, but I can give you the Hockey Canada answers. 1) The faceoff would be in the attacking zone (for the team that shot it in) because the puck deflected off a defender in that zone. 2) That would be a hand pass because a defending player would need to gain possession and control to negate the hand pass. A deflection does not constitute possession and control.
  13. I just took the same survey and had the same thought. It seems likely that CCM is at least considering buying Sparx.
  14. According to the IW preorder page, the new Pure X is supposed to add more grip: https://www.inlinewarehouse.com/Konixx_Pure-X/descpage-KPXPW.html. The release date seems to be valentines day.
  15. The Pure's are the best wheels I've used in 20+ years of playing roller hockey. I've never used the Tachyon, but I know it only comes in one durometer, 0, and the Pure comes in three 0, +1 and +2. The Tachyon is also a dual pour wheel, but is positioned as a Tier 2 wheel behind the Tier 1 Pure. Even if they were exactly the same, I'd still go for the Pure because I'm over 200lbs and need the +2 durometer, but if you're under 170lbs then you could probably go with the Tachyon. If you're heavier than that, I'd either get the Pure on clearance now if you can find them in your size and durometer or get the new Pure-X when it's released.
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