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    Easton Mako II (ice), Mako M7 with Sprungs for roller
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    Sherwood Rekker M90 with P28 curve, Inno Mania with Smyth curve
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    STX Surgeon 500
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    Easton E700 with CCM Fitlite Titanium cage, Easton E700 with Bauer Pro Clip Visor (ref)
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    Warrior Projekt Girdle, Valken V-Pro with V-Elite Girdle for roller
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    Verbero Shield
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    2012 Warrior Projekt
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    Warrior or RBK Pro

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  1. The junior sizes have the same features. You will likely end up with a smaller holder size and steel, but the junior size is cheaper; so if you can't get used to the smaller holder size you could always pay to have longer holders installed with the savings. I second the recommendation to go down at least a half size in the True retail skates vs. most other brands. I wear 8EE Mako II skates and 8W TF9s were clearly too long when I tried them on. 7.5W felt better, but I would want to try on 7W, 7R and 7.5R before making a final decision if I buy them in the future. I am sure a skate in the same size I have now is too big though. The TF7 may feel slightly tighter than the TF9 to start due to the thicker tongue, but the tongue will compress over time and can also be swapped out. The physical length of the TF9 and TF7 is the same and they are built on the same last. I would not size up just to accommodate the thicker tongue.
  2. Not all runners are the same height when new. For example, most STEP steel (with the exception of the steel for the True Shift holder) is pretty tall. Bauer LS4 is another runner that's pretty tall. I believe you have CCM +4.0 holders and steel. With the +4.0 holders, CCM made the holders taller than their previous holders, but kept the steel height the same. So the CCM steel is more of a traditional height and if the sharpener compared them to say STEP or LS4 they'd definitely look shorter, but it doesn't mean they're too short to use. If you start bottoming out on tight turns (the holders hit the ice) then you'll know it's time to replace the steel, but I understand wanting to do so a little before that time. With all that said, I still think your blades look fine unless they're really low at the toe and heel (I can only see the middle in the picture). I've seen some players and refs skate on tiny slivers of steel and often ask them how they skate on those blades or flat out say I think it may be time for some new steel, but their steel is WAY lower than yours. I've never let my steel get lower than half a cm and I've never had a problem transitioning to new steel as long as I use the same size and brand of steel. If I went to taller steel like Step it might take a little more time, but for the last several years I have been using CXN holders and steel and before that I was consistently using Mission Pitch holders and steel for several years (and before that I had CCM Prolite 3 holdes and steel for a good decade).
  3. The steel height in that picture looks good and looks closer to new than replacement level. They should be fine for a while. I would think about replacing them when they're closer to half a cm.
  4. They have a lot of veterans now with Spezza, Simmonds, Muzzin, Bogosian, Tavares, Brodie ect. on the roster, but perhaps they're hoping Thornton will be the vocal veteran that will convince the younger guys to play responsible team D.
  5. I hope everything is OK, but you definitely did the smart thing by consulting with your cardiologist.
  6. Just reminds me of the days when they would bring in guys like Lindros, Housley, Francis, Nolan, Allison (or bringing back Gilmour or Clark for their second tours) ect. Great players in their prime, but definitely not game changers on the Leafs. Not a huge risk signing at 700k, but I don't know how impactful he will be whenever the next season starts.
  7. What you're saying makes sense to me - as an 8EE Mako II user I thought I'd be an 8W in the TF9's, but when I tried those one they were clearly too long. When I tried on the 7.5W they felt like they had more room in the forefoot than my 8EE Makos without even being baked (but the heel felt tighter). The 7.5W's felt like I could go skate with them without baking; so I'd be a little concerned that they'd feel too big after baking and break in. I was thinking that if I do buy a TF9 or TF7 in the future I should try on a 7W, 7R, 7.5R and 7.5W (if they shop will let me bake one or two of them after I narrowed down the sizes that'd be ideal, but I know not all shops will do that). Usually after trying on a skate I'm pretty confident what size I'd need, but right now the only thing I'm sure of is that the 8W is definitely too big. I don't need skates right now anyway since I have backup Mako II's and all the hockey around here has been suspended until at least mid-Nov, but these seem to be the most likely skates to replace my Mako II's when it's time.
  8. If Colorado gets a stud goalie this offseason and don't have major injuries in the playoffs; they'd have to be a favourite to win the cup next season. Tampa should still be good, but won't be able to keep everyone with their cap issues.
  9. If you're fine with locked thumbs and love the 11K cuff then I'd just stick with 11K/HG12/HG14's. They're very nice gloves.
  10. I agree that the 11k/HG12 gloves are great. The only thing I personally don't love is that a lot of them don't come with a flex thumb (which is why you see a lot of cut thumb loops). If you really don't need the flex cuff, but want to try something new that has a tight fit in the fingers and backhand, but opens up in the cuff and has a flex thumb; I highly recommend Pro STX Surgeon 500 gloves; there are a few available at reasonable prices on SLS. Otherwise, I'd just stick to 11k's, but would personally look for a pair with a flex thumb (there are some pro stock 11k/HG12 that do have the flex thumb).
  11. I enjoyed watching the bubble hockey as well. Some of the results were expected and others were surprises. A friend asked me who I thought would be in the finals and who would win before the tournament started. I said Colorado and Tampa with Tampa winning, but that also assumed that Tampa had Stamkos (and Colorado wasn't down to their third string goalie). I kind of wish I would've put money on that, but the odds probably weren't that astronomical anyway - everyone knows Tampa is superbly talented. Dallas and Tampa are helped by their state tax situation; they can offer players lower salaries than teams in tax heavy states and provinces. Of course, the same is true of the Florida Panthers and they didn't make it out of the play in rounds. I still think some kind of "after tax" cap would be more fair, but it'd also be very complicated.
  12. The heel felt tighter than my 8EE Mako's on both the 7.5W and 8W TF9's I tried on. It was the toe box and forefoot that felt a bit wider/bigger.
  13. If you go through the Mako thread, the majority of people went with the same size Makos as Bauer's. Some people went up a half size and some down a half size and then there were outliers with more variation than that. I haven't owned a Bauer or CCM skate in over a decade. I know I had some 8D Flexlite's coverted for roller that maybe had a hair more length than ideal and I know that when I demoed Supreme's at a Modsquad event (I think it was the TotalOne), 7.5EE seemed to be the right length, but was tight in the toe box and I had a bit of heel lift. So if the Bauer sizing is the same as back then, perhaps I would be the same size Bauer's as True's. All I can confirm for sure is that True retail skates fit a half size larger than Mako's for my feet.
  14. I don't need new skates right now, but I was near a store that carried them and it was early in the morning when it was dead; so I asked to try on a couple sizes. I tried on the TF9 in 7.5W and 8W. I currently wear 8EE Mako II's with my toes feathering the cap and right to the end of the insoles. Well, @Hills, @SkateWorksPNW and everyone else who said they fit a half size larger than most brands are correct IMHO. In the 8W, I couldn't feel the end of the cap at all with my left foot and could barely touch with my big toe on my right foot if I really tried. When I stood on the 8W footbed, there was about 5mm of space after my toes. Despite them being a bit long they still locked my heel in well when walking around and felt pretty comfortable even unbaked, but I knew they were too long. With the 7.5W my toes brushed the cap on both feet and when I took out the footbeds and put my feet on them there was no space at the end of the footbed. Overall, the 7.5W felt like it was a bit wider in the forefoot and toe box than my 8EE Mako II's even unbaked - not sloppy, but not as tight as the Mako II's and the toe box is also a bit taller than the Makos. My first impression was they're similar to Mako's, but I wish they used the Mako toe box and the 7.5W used a 272mm holder instead of 263mm. When it's time for my next roller conversion it's highly likely I'll get a 7.5W True retail if I can't find a new old stock or barely used Mako II, M8 or M7 in 8EE (which at this point is highly unlikely). Unbaked the True's felt better on my feet than any of the Bauer or CCM boots I have tried on.
  15. I use the E700 for ice and roller and actually think the ventilation is pretty good. The pads do soak up quite a bit of sweat; so you definitely have to air it out/put it on a dryer. I feel it breathes better than my old Bauer IMS 7.0; the Bauer didn't retain the sweat in the padding though. Having said that, the new CCM Super Tacks X does look super breathable. The structure of the foam on the Super Tacks X seems like it would be lighter than the average high end helmet and way more breathable, but I doubt it'll approach the weight of the E700. I hope I'm wrong though. I think the companies are more focused on protection than weight. I'm not saying the E700 isn't protective; I think the protection in the E700 is solid if it fits you well as I've been hit in the head hard with a slap shot while wearing an E700 and it cracked the helmet, but I didn't get a concussion or even any bruising. I retired that helmet and replaced it with another E700. I just think the primary focus on new helmet designs is protection and not weight and they're willing to add weight if they believe it will be more protective. It'd be great if another company produced a protective helmet that's as light or lighter than the E700.
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