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    Easton Mako II (ice), Mako M7 with Sprungs for roller
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    Sherwood Rekker M90 with P28 curve, Inno Mania with Smyth curve
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    STX Surgeon 500
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    Easton E700 with CCM Fitlite Titanium cage, Easton E700 with Bauer Pro Clip Visor (ref)
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    Warrior Projekt Girdle, Valken V-Pro with V-Elite Girdle for roller
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    Verbero Shield
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    2012 Warrior Projekt
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    Warrior or RBK Pro

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  1. Was he in the original Mako or the Mako II? Both are softer than the Trues I have felt, but having owned the original Mako, Mako II and the M7, I'd say the originals are definitely the softest and break down the fastest. I definitely noticed an increase in energy transfer when I switched from the original Makos to the Mako II's for ice and converted original Makos to M7's in roller (even the $400 M7s were stiffer than the original Makos and have held up better).
  2. I agree that this site is the best resource. Chassis: Hi Lo, Flat, Marsblade O1 (more for ice training) and R1 (designed for playing inline) and the Sprung chassis are the main playing options. I have tried Hi Lo, Flat, the old Tuuk Rocker and Sprungs and definitely prefer Sprungs, but you do have to maintain them (and if you want them to last, it's better to use them indoors then outdoors). I haven't tried the Marsblade R1, but would if my Sprungs were shot and I couldn't buy another set of those. The Sprung creator is working on a more durable version called the Fizix, but there's no definitive information on if or when those will be released (just prototypes on FB that have been posted for 2-3 years now). There are more detailed threads here with detailed discussions on the Marsblade O1, R1 and Sprungs. Wheels: This depends on your weight and the surface you're playing on. For outdoors on Asphalt, the Labeda and Revison Asphalts are two that are regularly recommended. For smooth cement, Labeda Gripper yellows are wheels many players I know use for that surface. The best wheel I've used for Sport Court is the Konixx Pure (I use them in +2); the newer version of that is the Konixx Pure X (haven't tried that yet, but they're discussed in a wheel discussion thread). Personally, I spend the money on the good wheels for Sport Court, but just get the cheapest, hardest wheels I can find for outdoor use and if I'm ever on cement indoors I either use cheap wheels or very well used wheels that I've retired for Sport Court use. Bearings: Personally, I don't notice a huge difference in bearings as long as they're clean and spin. I've tried Swiss, Ceramic, Helo Quark, Abec 7, Abec 5 ect. In my opinion, either buy good bearings that have removable dust shields so you can clean and lube them on a regular basis or just buy the cheapest bearings you can find and replace them when they stop spinning smoothly. I notice a huge difference with high end vs. cheap wheels on Sport Court, but really don't notice a big difference with bearings. Some people swear by high end bearings though.
  3. Oh, I didn't realize you already knew the name of the gloves. I thought you were suggesting they call them Halo and they hadn't released a name yet. Mobile is great, but I don't like loose; so personally, I hope they tighten things up before they release them. Thanks for the information.
  4. Are they as tight in the fingers and backhand as the old Surgeon 500 gloves or is the fit more like the current RX3 that is tapered, but not quite as snug as the previous model? Or is it completely different than either?
  5. Since the slash was from behind it probably should have been a penalty shot, but I am guessing just a slash was called. The last thing a ref in beer league wants is to spend time setting up a penalty shot (unless it's a running clock). If it was an obvious clear cut breakaway they would be forced to call it, but the player just got ahead for a split second before the stick was hacked.
  6. Vet, the stock holder size list you posted is correct. SkateWorksPNW does have 272mm holders installed on 6.5 TF9s, but he added those after. It's not a stock setup, but the 272mm holders fit on without issue. That's part of the reason he knows that the boots themselves are sized larger than the size indicated on the tag vs. other brands and models. I wear 8EE Makos with 272mm holders and tried on both 8W and 7.5W TF9 skates. The 8W TF9 was obviously too long. The 7.5W felt closer to the right size, but there's a chance I could even go down to a 7. I didn't get a chance to try on a 7 and don't need need skates right now; I was just curious and was thinking about grabbing these when I do need new skates. Anyway, I would have to go down a holder size (since the stock holder on 7 and 7.5, both wide and regular, is 263mm) and at least a half skate size (maybe a full size) vs. Makos. Hills also has a video (Hockeyreviews.ca) discussing the sizing and details how they're oversized: Both Hills and SkateWorksPNW have baked and used the skates; so they have a better idea of the sizing than I do since I have only tried on a couple pairs without baking them, but we all agree that they fit larger than other brands. The fact that they're so responsive to heat makes it even more challenging to figure out the size as the right size could feel too small before baking them.
  7. Short term, switching to CXN holders may be cheaper and make the adjustment to the new skate easier, but long term getting used to a holder that's in production (as you suggested) makes more sense. Hopefully profiling the True holders does the trick and no holder swap is needed.
  8. Yeah, you have a point. If the profiling isn't enough, going to something like the CCM XS holder probably makes more sense since it will have Step available and is still in production. I was just thinking that the CXN was cheaper, he's used to it already and he could stock up on a couple spare holders (at $5 each, why not) and a second set of clearance steel. With the extra parts it should outlast the skate. You're right about him having to get used to a newer holder eventually though.
  9. There's a limited supply of CXN Step and it isn't being produced anymore, but it's still out there right now. Here's some that I could find (unless the inventory hasn't been updated on the websites): https://www.thehockeyshop.com/products/steel-nash-easton-mako-sr-2pk-step https://www.hockeyvancouver.ca/products/step-steel-easton-mako-skate-runners?variant=21204487302 https://www.bayareahockeyrepair.com/product/step-steel-st-mako-standard-steel-runners-fits-easton-cxn-holder/ https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Step-Steel-Easton-Mako-Skate-Runners-Steel-Blades-Fit-CXN-Holders-All-Sizes-/272347031165 https://hockeysupremacy.com/products/step-steel-runners-for-easton-cxn-holder-pair?variant=31951918465106 Not that you have to swap to the CXN holders, but right now it seems like there's still a reasonable supply of the Step CXN steel. The actual Easton ES4 steel on the hand; that's much harder to find. Anyway, I hope you can tweak the Trues so your son is as happy on the ice as he was off the ice. Happy New Year!
  10. You've found a boot that fits really well without having to go the custom route. I would stick with those and start with profiling, if that doesn't work you can always swap the holders. It's still cheaper than going custom. If you do end up swapping holders, you can consider using CXN holders. That way they'd be shorter, plus you can still find step steel for the CXN holders that's less aggressively pitched (although they're likely discontinued now that CCM owns Step. So if you go the CXN route you might want to grab at least 2 sets while you can). You can get a right size 6/6.5 CXN holder for $5 from Perani's: https://www.hockeyworld.com/EASTON-CXN-Blade-Holder-Sr You can get a left size 6/6.5 CXN holder for $5 from Hockeymonkey: https://www.hockeymonkey.com/easton-hockey-holder-cxn.html You can get Step CXN steel for size 6 holders for $49.95 CAD from The Hockey Shop: https://www.thehockeyshop.com/products/steel-nash-easton-mako-sr-2pk-step?variant=31746752577602 Even after you add shipping, get a backup set of steel and pay around $40 for the holder swap, you'd still come out ahead vs. going custom or buying a top end CCM or Bauer skate. According to Pure Hockey the size 8D TF9 is 904 grams. The OG Mako was about 819 grams and the Mako II was 839 grams in that size. So the True's are heavier, but it's not a massive difference (65-85 grams).
  11. I would just try to find one of the higher end inhalers that actually come in D. Perhaps a discontinued older model on clearance or a barely used pair on SLS, eBay ect. The high end inhaler skates (FZ-0, FZ-1, NLS1, NLS2 and NLS3) are available in both D and EE. It's the FZ-3, FZ-5, NLS4 and NLS5 that are only available in E. Probably more than you want to spend, but here are some 8D FZ-1 Inhalers: https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/inline-roller/inline-skates/2567382-mission-senior-inhaler-fz-1-regular-width-size-8-inline-skates Coast to Coast has some 8D FZ-0's. They aren't cheap, but they're a couple hundred less than hockeymonkey.ca and hockeysupremacy: https://coasthockeyshop.com/collections/senior-inline-roller-hockey-skates/products/mission-inhaler-fz-0-skates?variant=16169750921318
  12. You'd sacrifice a bit of top end speed and stopping power, but gain some agility and they'd be lower to the ground. They'd also be slightly lighter with the smaller wheels. According to the size chart on the Marsblade site the medium is the recommended size for 6 and above, but 6.5 is close enough to the cut off that those who prefer a smaller wheel base for more agility can likely get away with a small.
  13. I would think you'd want the pivot point right in the middle of your foot with the Marsblades. Coast to Coast Hockey shop has mounted a few R1's and have pictures on their instagram feed. They mounted a medium and then a small for Pavel Barber on his custom Trues that they say are approximately a size 5.5/6. The medium takes up the whole boot and the small is centered and seems to fit well in that case. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIZpSK3gQsQ https://www.instagram.com/p/CGpuGKQgaGt Edit: There's also a picture of the Revel 1/R1 setup mounted by Marsblade and they look to be centered as well: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGYmUo2g5kZ
  14. Yes, both the 6.5 and 7 Bauer Fit 3 skates use 263mm holders. The holders on Fit 3 for half sizes 5.5 and up are one size up vs. Fit 1 and 2 (just like they used to do with EE vs. D). https://imgur.com/EatZHVq
  15. FIVE BEST: Kings, Devils, Avs, Oilers, CapitalsFIVE WORST: Jets, Coyotes, Red Wings, Flames, SabresFIVE HON. MENTION: Carolina, Panthers, Columbus, Flyers, Blues The Kings forum blue with the sport gold and that logo looks fantastic. The Devils with the green as a primary colour looks sharp. I like the pop the orange shoulder yokes give to the Oilers white jersey. The Capitals jersey in red with the eagle and all the stars really stand out. The Avs call back to the Nordiques is nice. I was close to putting Carolina in the top 5 as I do like the look of the Whale jersey, but would prefer white to grey as the main colour. I agree with IPV that the Panthers jersey should be their primary. The Blues, Philly and Columbus jerseys have bright colours that pop. The Jets jersey is such a disappointment since they have so many great colour options - the grey is just so drab and boring. The purple does pop on the Coyotes jersey, but that logo and the graphics on the bottom are just too ugly for my tastes. The Wings jersey is too plain and does look like a practice jersey.
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