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  1. Isn't this sort of what Revision did with their flex wheel? I remember Mission doing this with he Proto VSI vibe chassis edition too.
  2. I'm surprised nobody is talking about the sneak peaks Joe Cook has been giving for the 2020 skates. Revel 1 - $599 ...Look to be nice and stiff like their skates of yore. I want to try these on. Revel 2 - $299 (probably supersedes the Visium2?)
  3. Has anyone been skating visium 2? I got some Mission NLS4 when they came out, and they're quickly softening up and getting squirrelly after week in and week out of 4-5 days on the rink. What very stiff boots exist that aren't super pricy?
  4. i thought the z-2 was a 2 piece z-1 It probably is, considering the L-2 was marketed as a 2 piece M-1, and is maybe close in terms of performance to the Hex-1. Therefore the Z-2 is probably just a lower end version of an L-2. I'm eyeing the L-2 now!
  5. So the Z-2 is just a cheaper version of the L-2, and the Pulse is to stealth as Hex 1 is to SL? Too much stuff! It seems that the Elias is a 5 lie, mid/heel...forsberg modano clone?
  6. Just got back from my LHS. It was only a 50 dollar blade, but they chatted me up and told me hockey stories, and their experiences with the blade and combo. That in itself is worth paying a few extra bucks.
  7. What is MiA anyways? It seems to be tossed around a lot on this site.
  8. I understand that, but every review says that the blade is soft and the performance isn't anything worth writing home about. I want to know what a OPS feels like, but don't want less quality than an Ultra-lite/Z-carbon blade combo. I've been told OPS really have a whole different feel to them, and wanted to see if the hype was true.
  9. One of the guys on my beer league team had two, now he has one. Hmm, that about sums it up. I guess I'll stick to my blade/shaft combo then. :lol:
  10. Did anyone actually ever use "The One" which is now the Synergy 300? I want to try an OPS but don't want to spend $170.
  11. How big are you mik? You appear small, and I just wanted to know the luck of other small inline players (I'm only 5'7-5'8 and 145 lbs). What state do you play in?
  12. Easton Z Carbon/ 95 flex/Yzerman/ 5'8" 145 lbs Blade: Probably one of the longest lasting stiffest wood blades I've used on a woody. I even used it a couple times on an outdoor rink, and it doesn't splinter at all. So solid, you think it was almost a full carbon. 9/10 Flex: Like some have said, this 95 flex is nowhere near the same 100 flex of a composite. I suppose I've gotten used to the noodly feel it sometimes has. I used an 80 flex one time in composite, and this feels much closer to that, maybe even less. I suppose if you like a really flexy shaft to whip around wrist shots, then this is your stick. I prefer a nice stiff shaft/stick for crisp snap shots, but that's just me. 8/10 Receiving passes/stickhandling: This is where the stick shines, in my opinion. This stick has such an organic feel to it, you forget you're using the original one piece stick (all wood, haha). I always know where the puck sits on my blade, and I never miss a beat stickhandling. I think all young players should start out playing with a wood stick, as essentials such as fluidity and puck feel are accentuated in a solid wood stick. 10/10 Weight: Everyone says it's surprisingly light for a wood stick. I think it feels heavier than most composites (duh!) so I cannot say whether or not it is light for it's type. Feels average to me, but then again, there are times I feel like I am skating with a big piece of lumber in my hands. 9/10 Durability: I can't believe it hasn't broken yet. After numerous slap shots, outdoor use on smooth concrete, and taking some mighty un-forgving hacks from the crazy old guys in the league, this thing still marches on after about 20-30 games so far. It's scuffed like you wouldn't believe, and only starting to noodle out on me. That says alot about a stick that's made out of natrual resources. 10/10 Conclusion: Overall, you can't go wrong. I have this stick, and the same exact thing also in 100 flex, and you can buy two for the price of 59 bucks. That's a deal if you ask me. I only meant for this thing to be a cheap piece to tide me over because I broke my Z-bubble, but it's been around WAY longer than that. Try one if you can, it'll be worth your time and money!
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