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  1. All good - though for S/M sizes maybe an extra millimeter might be good in the future, so long as it will not have any negative effects on the wheelbase overall. And, just to be clear, I am not meaning any of this in a negative way; the product is great and I am very happy with the performance.
  2. Good to know they are in spec. Just to be clear; the wheels are not touching, but they were very close. I am not used to seeing them that close together, which is why I asked. Thank you for sharing the specifications!
  3. Hi @Marsblade See pics. Rear and front. On both chassis, these are consistent.
  4. Perfect! Let me check against mine.
  5. Did you mean to put text in your reply? I do not see anything.
  6. Hello @Marsblade & @PetterErlandsson I've just measured using digital calipers. First, all 4 of my Labeda Millennium wheels measure from 75.5 to 75.8 millimeters. As for the gap, the left chassis is .18 millimeters and the other is .16 millimeters. Hope this helps determine tolerance.
  7. These are millenniums and I've got addictions in the rear. Oddly, I've got a 'normal' amount of gamp between the back wheels Yep, these are mediums. My two buddies have large frames, and I checked mine against theirs tonight at a skate. The larges are definitely not as tight; I agree. @Marsblade Have you seen this issue at all with any other customers? Are mine within normal tolerance?
  8. Hey - can anyone else confirm that the front two wheels on their R1 chassis are SUPER close together and set tight? I've tried two different manufacturers (konixx and labeda) and both of these, the front two wheels are SUPER close together - like I can barely get a sheet of paper in there. I was skating late night and ate shit twice out of nowhere because I think some debris got in there and jammed me up. https://ibb.co/DMjygR5 https://ibb.co/34bfcp7
  9. Ha, actually you're right. I think that this is just image distortion. I looked closer and saw that these still had a hi lo chassis whereas the rumor was new lineup would have revision.
  10. Is it just me or do I spy the new mission skates?
  11. i measured as well - half an inch. ironically, my stick broke last week so my new one was cut half an inch higher to compensate.
  12. How much are league fees in Toronto for inline? We pay ~$1200 USD for a 10 game season per team. ($1583 CAD)
  13. I almost exclusively play inline these days, mostly for the things noted above; cost and because it's generally a more relaxed atmosphere. I wouldn't mind picking up ice again, but I'm not about that 'games at 11:45PM on a Tuesday' life. Between that and 5:45A games on Saturdays, I felt like beer league got shit time slots, which is just how she goes. At least with inline I can get Sunday afternoon games and 6:30-9 start times on week days.
  14. So i just played my first two games with the chassis, and definitely spoke too soon about feel. When I was just putzing around at the outdoor rink or going for a rip in the neighborhood, I was obviously skating pretty lazily. With in game situations where you're making quick pivots and cutting hard, I felt like these really shine. Not going to lie, I definitely fell a couple of times trying to test the limits of what I could do. So far, my observations are that you definitely are maximizing contact of the wheels on the floor. I think in one of the promo videos John Schiavo said he could feel the floor pushing away from the wheels, which is true - which leads to the next point - stopping is maximized and much more instantaneous. This could also be my mechanics being adjusted as more wheel is compressed against the surface. Otherwise, I felt like transitions were smoother as well. I play D, so I am constantly doing forward to backward transitions trying to close the gap, and I felt like I could shift my weight a little more naturally. Overall, my first impression after 2 games of hard skating are extremely positive. I'm glad I got them and waited so long for the pre-sale period - they are worth it.
  15. Looking good. My buddy has LITERALLY the same exact boot with his marsblades and loves it.
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