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  1. Funny how people are saying they're going back to Tricksters instead of the new identity wheels, as that is what I came from...I am def going back to the tricksters as well, as those seemed to last for ages - was really happy with the durability/grip on those. For those with the green identities, how long did it take to 'break off' that screen printing? I posted my concerns back in April after using for one game, and I was so upset, I switched out for a pair of Revisions I had. After using the Revisions for a few months and wearing those out, I had to switch back to the identities - and of course, slipped a ton in back to back games. That's 3 games in on these now, so hoping I don't have too much longer.
  2. Bumping this up - I got a set of the new rink rat identity wheels, and am having an issue (and wondering if others are, too.) The graphic on the outside of the wheels is screen printed (or whatever method it is) on to the wheel, and goes pretty close to the edge of the wheel. I found myself sliding and falling during cross overs and cross under in my last game using them, as the angle of the contact patch when doing this puts more contact on the flatter part of the wheel. Anyone else having this issue? I contacted RR and they said the screen print would eventually come off, but I'm not happy that I'm going to have to be conscious of my skating technique now.
  3. Hmm, I need to find some buds with CCM sticks and try them then. I have only used a CCM ribcor in store for just firing off some shots on dryland. It seemed nice, but I didn't notice it blowing away the Hyperlite. Then again, how comfortable can you get with a stick blasting off 10 or 20 shots though.
  4. Dang, this forum has a pretty big preference for CCM sticks vs Bauer. Any reason why that is?
  5. Not sure if this is an all the time thing, but I ordered some bauer inline pucks from hockeywolf last week. Got a text and email saying 'we'll keep you updated every step of the way'. I heard nothing for 6 days and they just showed up at my doorstep. No shipping notice, no heads up. I am glad it got here, but I was starting to worry. Otherwise, it's all good.
  6. Switched it up from hyperlites to Ultrasonics. Feels good man.
  7. My ultrasonics just got delivered. size 6 fit 2 ultrasonic fit nearly identical to size 6 fit 2 mach, with the exception of the widened toe cap Bauer mentioned. All is well.
  8. Very confusing, especially when you assume (as Bauer's own marketing has told us) that fit 1 will be the most negative space and conforming. I agree that it has to be the extra padding on the Supreme line, which makes me wonder how much the fit will change once baked and skated in. Since I couldn't find my size at Pure, I decided to troll eBay last night and found a pair of size 6 ultrasonic demo skates in fit 2 for $400, which are delivering today. Hopefully they fit well enough for me to keep. Otherwise, them Machs are looking tasty. 🙈
  9. Bumping this since Ultrasonics are 30% clearance right now. I got a pair of hyperlites in size 6, fit 1. Decided that I don't necessarily like them as much as I'd hoped. Went to Pure to try on a pair of size 6 fit 1 Ultrasonics. I was pretty shocked to find that they fit narrower with more negative space than my hyper lites; especially in that narrow toe box and forefoot. They didnt have any ultrasonics in my size, fit 2 left, but they did have the machs in my size, fit 2. Tried those on and the fit was awesome. Great toe box, great forefoot and ankle wrap. Would it be safe to assume the fit 2 ultrasonics will fit fairly similar to the mach? I've seen that they increased the mach toe cap a teeny, bit, but aside from that, pretty close?
  10. Take a peek at the 2023 Bauer catalog; they carried over the WM series for mission another year. To me this means they might just ride this line out - wasn't there news of them closing down the Mission hockey office in California? Seems like that writing is on the wall especially since they make their roller vapors with a fit 2 - basically same as the Missions which were a supreme fit.
  11. The Mission 'DNA lacing" was definitely a case of "looks cool, doesn't work." And, these came shortly after the wicked lite skate, which was arguably the greatest inline skate the world had seen up until 2005 or so. Look at this abomination.
  12. Yeah, the fit definitely changed from the 1x/2x. I am skating hyper lite fit 1 now and there is significantly more room in the toe box and forefoot now. The 1x/2x were tops for minimizing negative space, for sure.
  13. Is it possible the junior skates are built on a different last? I wear 6.5 in Vapor, previously had gotten size 6 for the TF. After baking, could not even feather the toecap, and forefoot was absolutely swimming in the boot. Sent them back. Saw that they are having a good clearance/sale deal now and decided to move to the junior 5.5 size. Got them today - big toe is over the ridge, but feathering the toe cap. pinky toes and forefoot have no space - actually very tight. this is after baking and not playing any games yet. Seems wild that moving down half a size to the juniors makes a night and day difference.
  14. i swapped out my medium r1 for a size small on my bauer 6.5s Completely changes the feel. Also, different dynamics with the 68/72mm wheels instead of the 76mm/80mm. I am having the same issue with my size small that I did with the mediums - brand new labeda wheels rub together in the front. I had to go for a rip on asphalt to wear them down enough that they spin freely.
  15. When are they going to put the previous vapor line on sale? Seems like the current line and old line can't exist at full price, together, for too long.
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