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  1. Seeing that these are based on the bauer supreme last, you'd hope to see some features or stuff from the ultrasonic line trickle into these.
  2. I am curious to know what the improvements are.
  3. What do you mean you only gain the difference in the front and back wheel? I was thinking about getting some 76/72 mm instead of 80/76 on my medium to try out
  4. I've got a medium on my 6.5R Vapors; I've always wondered what a small would have been like.
  5. They were confirmed to be a prototype. Bummer. I imagine that design would save on weight. Mine are still working great. I have nothing to report, even skating on them 4 times a week
  6. @Marsblade You guys getting ready to launch new products? I am guessing these bottom parts reduce weight? https://www.instagram.com/p/CIyHeK4gBkB/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  7. All good - though for S/M sizes maybe an extra millimeter might be good in the future, so long as it will not have any negative effects on the wheelbase overall. And, just to be clear, I am not meaning any of this in a negative way; the product is great and I am very happy with the performance.
  8. Good to know they are in spec. Just to be clear; the wheels are not touching, but they were very close. I am not used to seeing them that close together, which is why I asked. Thank you for sharing the specifications!
  9. Hi @Marsblade See pics. Rear and front. On both chassis, these are consistent.
  10. Did you mean to put text in your reply? I do not see anything.
  11. Hello @Marsblade & @PetterErlandsson I've just measured using digital calipers. First, all 4 of my Labeda Millennium wheels measure from 75.5 to 75.8 millimeters. As for the gap, the left chassis is .18 millimeters and the other is .16 millimeters. Hope this helps determine tolerance.
  12. These are millenniums and I've got addictions in the rear. Oddly, I've got a 'normal' amount of gamp between the back wheels Yep, these are mediums. My two buddies have large frames, and I checked mine against theirs tonight at a skate. The larges are definitely not as tight; I agree. @Marsblade Have you seen this issue at all with any other customers? Are mine within normal tolerance?
  13. Hey - can anyone else confirm that the front two wheels on their R1 chassis are SUPER close together and set tight? I've tried two different manufacturers (konixx and labeda) and both of these, the front two wheels are SUPER close together - like I can barely get a sheet of paper in there. I was skating late night and ate shit twice out of nowhere because I think some debris got in there and jammed me up. https://ibb.co/DMjygR5 https://ibb.co/34bfcp7
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