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  1. Think about FZ but... reversed and white, not silver. Take away the dots, add some geometric lines... vents a bit more fang-ey. And anyone can correct me if I'm wrong but it seems like a mostly stylistic update.
  2. It's sad but there's just no market for a bigger roller hockey spend. Inline skates of all sorts have had a banner year so I'm sure they'll see a Covid bump, but will it last? Part of what drew me to roller in the first place was Mission's "California" vibe, a different and fun attitude to the super serious ice hockey I had been playing. But instead of cultivating it's own identity, it seems like the sport became more of an off-ice training hobby so... here we are.
  3. Just an update if anyone is curious: I got a chance to look at the new Mission boots earlier today and I wasn't super impressed with the new design. It's fine? I was told the fit will be the same but given that, I think I'd stay with the current model and get a discount. Going to look at CCM boots tomorrow, maybe try on a pair of TF9s as well.
  4. Hi all, I just received my new marsblade r1s and the plan was to set them up a new pair of boots. However! Someone in the Mission disappearing thread mentioned the 2021 samples and I'm looking around and noticing some of the top end boots discounted so I'm wondering: Is there anything new coming out soon that I should wait for? Or is now a great time to buy? For reference, I'm currently skating on Mission NLS1s with sprungs. They're not in terrible shape, I can certainly wait a couple of months if I need to.
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