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  1. Ellipse Zero is Prosharp's recommendation for 271/2. Ellipse Zero - Elliptic value closest to zero (a circle) – also meaning it’s the shortest profile of them all. Currently making it the most agile in the series, while packing the dynamic punch that all Ellipse profiles do. We've taken inspiration from the Quad Zero on this one, making it best suited for skate sizes 7-8 (only a recommendation). (Skate sizes 263-272, 20 mm pitch)
  2. I believe you can ~approximate the pitch using calipers though it's difficult to guarantee an exact result. That's just my opinion of course. The only thing possibly worth mentioning above is that this process is required due to the fact that the Quad, Ellipse, and Zuperior profiling templates include a pivot point offset in them.
  3. Personally, I don't find it to be an issue. There are pros and cons related to the different ways blades clamp into the machines. Do you have a Prosharp machine that you've worked with?
  4. It can be done though the process will vary. It's just easier if you know what's on the blades. The situation we're really talking about is if you have a Quad on the blades and are looking to transition to another Quad, Zuperior, Ellipse, etc. If you're just trying to change the shape and leave the current pitch on the blades the process is simple.
  5. The blades clamp into the machine different than a traditional holder. You drop the blades into the Prosharp machine onto a set of rollers so they are put in relative to the bottom of the blades. The shape doesn't really matter though the pitch can make a difference.
  6. For 272 you have a ton of options. You can easily go with the Quad 0, Quad 1, or the Ellipse Zero. Quad 1 is likely a good match for 272.
  7. I don’t really do the Z-channels but I recall Prosharp mentioning the channel doesn’t have to be perfectly centered. Likely as long as it isn’t too close to either edge it’s fine.
  8. The difference between the profile templates is so minimal in terms something you can see I don’t think it would help. If you want a bit more agility the Quad or other Ellipse might help. Contact me directly and I can call you.
  9. This makes sense Ellipse 1 is recommend for size 9-10. Ellipse Zero is recommended for size 7-8.
  10. Correct. Perfect blade contact for different situations is not necessarily the most ice contact. The shorter radius in the front of many of the profiles gives less ice contact though enables you to move much quicker. "Perfect" is obviously very subjective and will vary based on the skaters skill, style, and size.
  11. Facts are facts so I can't disagree with other findings though I've had a lot of players stick with the Ellipse. Most players who are already happy on the Quad end up sticking with the Quad over the Ellipse. As @PBH mentioned the higher level players love the Quad. It seems to offer maximum quickness and agility. On the flip side many skaters who were trying profiles for the first time preferred the Ellipse over the Quad. It's possible the Ellipse is a slightly more balanced profile than the Quad and works better for certain players.
  12. Should be the Quad XS. Size 7 and above should be the Quad Zero.
  13. I personally found the Ellipse XS to "short" for my taste on a 254 mm blade. I felt like I gained a lot of quickness though lost some power and stability. For me I'd likely go with the Ellipse Zero, the Quad Zero, or the Quad 1. There is my preference not necessarily advice for others to follow. I see skaters who like the Ellipse XS on longer blades. The other thing to consider is when you drop to the XS you loose the senior pitch offset. It goes from 20 mm to 17 mm. Not a huge difference though just be aware.
  14. The Quad 0 and the Quad 1 are very similar so I don't think it will make too much of a difference either way. It's possible the Quad 1 might take off more steel to get the 15' radius in the rear. I like the Ellipse though for my blade size I felt a bit in between the Ellipse XS and the Ellipse 0. Correct on the 20 mm. It's the pivot point of the blade. It can be customized to your preference.
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