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  1. I evaluated the Ellipse XS last night and I was impressed. My skates use a smaller runner 246/254 so keep that in mind. I used to skate on the Quad 1 though recently converted to the Ellipse 0/1. I have 2 sets of blades and have been alternating. Overall my feet felt lighter, more agile, and I was able to turn them over faster. I didn't not notice the pitch difference between the Ellipse XS and the Ellipse 0/1. Ellipse XS has slightly less pitch the the 0, 1, and 2. I did feel a slight loss in stability though the positive gains were enough that I'll probably stick with the XS over the others.
  2. Thanks for the comment! The only thing I'd add is that you ended up with the 10 mm pivot point offset for moderate pitch. I think it equates to ~0.6 degrees forward pitch. This is half of the default offset embedded in the template. 10 degrees would be quite a lot
  3. I think you'll like it. DM me if you want steel for the older True holders (Bladetech or STEP). I still skate on the older nut and bolt model though I recently purchased new ones with the Shift.
  4. I skate on True with 254 holders. My blades have the Ellipse 1 profile and the Quad 1 before that. The Ellipse Zero is good also though I prefer the extra stability of the Quad 1/Ellipse 1.
  5. When discussing profiles the variances are very subtle and in the range you're describing. Prosharp addressed this in one of their recent videos. I tried to link to the specific section below where they give an example. That said, your description is probably too far off from the truth. I have noticed some variances in the sections of the Ellipse templates from the Quads though they are small. If you're on a Quad I'd probably go with the Ellipse going forward. If you're already on a Quad and happy it may not be justifiable to re-profile unless you're just curious to feel the differences yourself.
  6. Based on skating on the Ellipse my observation was that transitions were a bit improved. I've skated on the Quad 1 for years. Without specifications it would be hard to pinpoint why. The Ellipse I seemed very similar to the Quad 1. Given the similarities, if I had to guess it's meant more as a replacement for the Quads rather than an addition to the list of profiles. This of course is just my opinion.
  7. I believe an ellipse shape could also be rotated in such a way that when it is applied to the blade the front could be more like a circle. The Ellipse templates look very similar in shape to the previous Quad templates so they are not symmetrical. From my experience the Ellipse 1 feels very similar to the Quad 1. I was able to make the switch with little to no adjustment.
  8. The shape that is transferred to the blade does not seem symmetrical. It's a similar shape to the Quad's. Whether it is multiple ellipse shapes blended together or a single ellipse shape that is on an angle is difficult to say.
  9. The differences are very subtle, not sure how much would be visible. If you were to stack them with the Ellipse 1 on the bottom and the Quad 1 on top you'd see the Ellipse slightly more at the toe and the heel. The center looks about the same.
  10. I skated on the Ellipse 1 a few times this week. I was on the the Quad 1 before this. I was able to make the switch quickly with little to no adjustment. I'd say it did feel a bit smoother in transitions. I didn't feel an overwhelming difference coming from the Quad 1 though I'll be using the Ellipse 1 going forward. Hoping to try the other profiles over the next few weeks.
  11. Today at 1 PM A discussion with Joey and John from the ProSharp Canada offices about the Zuperior, Quad and brand new Ellipse profiles. https://fb.watch/1xEGxM2sCZ/
  12. I'd think if you're not a fan of the Quads you would not be excited about this release. As a skater that loves the quads and knows many others who do also I am at least intrigued by what they have to offer. It's been quite a while since they've been refreshed.
  13. They’ve essentially stated the Ellipse Zero is equivalent to the Quad 0, Ellipse 1 is Quad 1, etc. and should be used as a starting point. Agreed, the reasoning is a bit vague though it seems like most of the information they’ve released suggests that the ellipse shapes create a more seamless blending between the sections. Myself and some other will be testing them out this week.
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