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  1. YES. Really hoping bauer considers bringing an accurate iteration of the e700 back soon. secondary market growing thin ha.
  2. Unfortunately Im in Tokyo which is why I'm reaching out on the board and hoping for a remote/virtual based solution. Thanks!
  3. For the experts out there, I am hoping for advice and if the below is something you might be able to help me tackle I’d actually gladly pay for a video chat consultation to help me address my skate/skating issues. Would anyone have experience trying to alleviate severe pain in ball of foot (big toe side) issues? Its localized on my left foot exactly where the anchor rivet is in the holder below the ball of the foot. I’ve tried the usual ball of foot pain pads but they make the pain worse as it increases the pressure on the area. So far, I have managed to Frankenstein a solution by: a. Removing the rivet which obviously cant be great for structural integrity of the skate. Oddly, the pain was worse when the stock copper flat head rivet than replacing with a steel rivet, before I just removed them altogether which reduced the pain most. b. Then using the speed plate as a base, then laying a regular cushioned tennis shoe footbed on top of it, THEN adding the regular stock skate footbed on top of that. c. I did also add a lateral side shim in an attempt to redistribute my weight away from the medial side. This total combination of factors has helped largely eliminate the issue. However, the current Vapor 1x’s I’m in are breaking down and I’m needing to get new skates. Hoping for a more elegant solution than the one I came up with, and I am also not wanting to repeat this tedious process of troubleshooting the issue in a new skate last and all the complexities associated with it. The reason I am posting on the True thread is hoping that a custom VH fitting might be able to help address this - or will it actually compound the problem in case I need to go with adding additional padding in the footbed where the skate is so tight that I will be unable to do so after its fitted. Also… Where I am more interested in the VH fit skates is that I also have a talocalcaneal coalition in my right foot – it’s a congenital condition where two of the tarsal bones grow fused together and create a large bony protrusion where the talus and calcaneus meet, just below the medial malleolus. Essentially, it results in mild/severe pronation, and I cannot supinate the foot. The effect is that I have always had trouble really controlling the inside edge (presents as severe chattering at best or simply just catching the edge when stopping on my right side at high speeds). Sudden stops are out of the question and actually dangerous to do. I did have lateral shims installed but only mild improvement. So would a custom fitting help to address the bony protusion for which I’ve had to punch the crap out of my Vapors to accommodate, and also help experiment if needed with aligning the holder to address some of the pronation/inability to supinate? Any help would be great, thank you.
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