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    Bauer Supreme 190
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    Bauer 2NPro / CCM Jetspeed FT2
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    Bauer Nexus Custom
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    Bauer 4500 with CCM FM 580 cage
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    Bauer Nexus 1N
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    CCM RBZ 150
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    CCM QuickLite
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    Reebok Pro 40"

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  1. I wear supreme skates and my laces pretty much up the entire skate I just take the slack out of them and then at the last two eyelets I pull them tighter I don't crank on them loop them once flex my foot forward so I can get some forward flex and then finish tying them off. On a scale of loose to cranked my skate lacing would be snug. With a proper fitting skate you shouldn't have to crank down on the laces at all.
  2. When baking skates you want them to be snug but you don't want them to be overly tight. Don't crank down on the laces or pull them so tight because you can do damage to the eyelets and the surrounding areas.
  3. $200 price point should be fine but no insole custom or not will fix a skate that is too big. It is important to get the sizing down before investing in insoles. Like I said if you have a shop that has a Bauer or CCM scanner get scanned and take that as a starting point or go with the ice warehouse tracing method. You want your toes to feather to the toe cap but not be scrunched.
  4. If you're on a budget and this also sort of depends on your size I wouldn't go lower than the $200 price point IE Bauer VaporX2.7, Bauer Supreme S27, Bauer Nexus N2700, CCM RibCor 74K, CCM Jetspeeed FT460, CCM Tacks 9060. All of these are around the same price now it is a matter of finding which ones are the most comfortable. Try finding a shop in your area that stocks these and try them on walk around in each pair and go with the ones that fit the best out of the box. Make sure you take into account how a skate is suppose to fit. If your local shop has a Bauer or CCM foot scanner that is a good starting point if not this link is also a pretty good starting point https://www.icewarehouse.com/lc/skates/how-to-find-your-skate-size-at-home.html . If you're a bigger person you may need to increase you budget to get a skate with some better materials and to offer more support but in my opinion if you're average sized the $200 level is a good budget price point for hockey playing.
  5. It is kind of a bummer that the different choices in curves are going the way of the dodo. The nice thing is with proper technique you really can learn to use any curve. Like I said I only use the P88 but have tried the other 2 and with a few minutes to adjust to a P92 or P28 I could easily use them as well if I had to. I am just so comfortable with the P88 and it is still available so why switch it has worked for the past 20ish years for me so I don't see a point. Good luck in your search.
  6. I recommend sticking within the 3 curves that are available P92, P88, P28. If you're buying any sticks with "dead curves" if you fall in love with them you're just going to have a hell of a time trying to find replacements down the road. For a beginner I'd recommend the P92 or P88 both offer pros and cons. Personally I have used the P88 since I was a little kid and have tried the P92 and the P28 but always go back to the P88 it just works for me.
  7. I just was at Dicks and can confirm they have V08's on the shelf. HECC was certified till 2026 but the CSA was 2019.
  8. Rumor has it that it is the Nexus ADV. I also heard it was suppose to make its debut All Star weekend.
  9. My Bauers also wrap around the tongue of my skates. I agree it is not the same amount of wrap as True skates but I think too much wrap can also me an issue.
  10. Bauer still has the 2N Pro and rest of the Nexus stick line as well as gloves in the 2020 catalog. Skates and protective are gone. I am not sure when and if the Nexus stick line is getting an update but I don't see them scrapping the sticks as I believe it is one of their best sellers.
  11. Do the people who wear their Apple Watches to play protect it with anything? Do you guys notice it while playing? I just got one the other day and I have never been a watch guy so I am afraid of it being bothersome while wearing. I am also a lefty so I am thinking about switching it to my right wrist when playing.
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