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    Bauer 4500 with CCM FM 580 cage
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  1. I appreciate the feedback. I had a feeling that just because it was marked for skates of X size it could be applied to other sizes because I have experience with a CAG profiler and that was the case with that. I am less concerned with stability more concerned with agility. Anyone have any thoughts?
  2. A little while ago I had my steel profiled to a triple 6'8'12'. I like the profile but I will not be returning to that shop for profiling needs. I found another place local to me that offers prosharp profiling and if I am understanding the prosharp chart correctly for a size 8 (272) skate a triple would be 6'12'20 and a quad would be 6'8'11'13'. Is that correct? I am more inclined to go with the quad since that's more inline with what I have right now but I wanted to get some opinions here too.
  3. I have been feeling like my right skate was a bit wobbly. I would check my skate periodically when I got home and didn't notice anything. Last night I noticed it was pretty bad and in the locker room I noticed it looks like the sole is seperating from the skate. They are 190s from the MX3 error of skates so they are 7-8 years old and owe me nothing. They have been fantastic from day one till now aside from replacing the laces and steel I have zero complaints. I have to decide if I want to buy the current generation of supremes on closeout or the new ones when they drop until then I have my back up skates I will wear. https://imgur.com/iHDBfFf
  4. I have used a few different CAG profiles have done 25-45 and 30-50 on size 272 steel. I like it better than just a stock 10ft radius. It was recently recommended to me that I try out a a triple radius of 6/8/12' so I think I am going to give that a go as my current steel is just at the stock 10ft and I am not a fan
  5. Bumping this one more time to see if anyone knows of a place in the US that sells the 4" wheels or do I have to go through Blackstone themself and pay for shipping from Canada?
  6. Skated last night and I would say my problem is fixed. I just need to keep the spinner clean. Thanks again for the help.
  7. I did and it was. Cleaning it seemed to do the trick. I won't skate until Sunday but I resharpened my skates and I can tell just by running my thumb over the edges that they are better. I think the problem is lack of dust collection and me not backing the spinner off far enough after dressing the wheel. I noticed when I resharpened last night that the rectangular shape came back and its just built up blade dust. I plan to get the dust collection set up very soon. I just need to take some measurements.
  8. I finally was able to get around to cleaning the spinner with @Monty22's suggestion of mineral spirits. If you look at my pictures and you see that rectangular shape on the spinner it took some elbow grease and more than a tooth brush to get that off it actually popped off in one chunk. My guess is that was the culprit so I will re sharpen tonight and report back.
  9. Okay, thanks guys. I will give cleaning it a try. I switched the wheel to a used orange one I had and I will see if that changes anything.
  10. Do I need a new spinner to dress the wheel? https://imgur.com/a/1hPwUfy Lately I feel like I haven't been getting the quality of sharpenings I am used to. The wheel is relatively new ruby wheel so my next thought is the spinner. I have tried cleaning it with DW40 dry lube since it doesn't attract dust but that's about it.
  11. Bauer skates have the My Bauer tag on the tongue
  12. I've used goo gone to remove the residue in the past. Then I switched to putting some baby powder on my knob and never had to deal with the residue since.
  13. Interested in this PVC dust collection system. If you don't mind could you share a picture or two? I have a X02 and have been thinking of ways to add some sort of dust collection to it.
  14. Yeah, I am thinking that may be the best corse of action having the shop do the first sharpening or just using an old wheel until I establish some sort of an edge. Chances are I am either going to buy steel from the shop I worked for or from JR to support MSH so I trust them to do the first sharpening.
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