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  1. How stiff is the TF7 boot? Is it the same "hard to get in and out of" stiffness that the TF9 has?
  2. All my sizing notes were post-bake. So I went from Bauer Vapor 7 to True 7.5 However, I was intentionally looking for a fit with a little more room in the toebox, so I also went from "brushing the toebox" to "tiny gap in the toebox".
  3. For people looking for sizing info, I have narrow feet and usually wear Bauer Vapor x2.9 R size 7, or Mission D size 8. All my skates are roller, not ice, though I don't think that matters for fit. I tried both True TF9 size 7 and 7.5. The size 7 fit as a very snug performance fit with toes touching the front, but I play recreationally for multiple hours and prefer a little room in my toebox for comfort. The 7.5 fits perfectly for me. The in-box instructions say to bake at 180 for 6 minutes; I ended up doing 10 minutes on each skate (after checking the boot softness every minute). I used the saran-wrap method at home to get a good wrap. There is some weird cushioning in the toebox of the 7.5 which I stopped noticing after my first skate. Notably the heel area is fantastic. Heel is locked in & I'm not getting the usual raw discomfort/blistering around the Bauer Bump area that my Vapors used to give me. I am particularly impressed by the heel lock and comfort, given my narrow heel. The skates are very difficult to get into and out of, but once they're on, they feel great. I'm hoping my feet just get used to this. The included "Custom arch system" feels crummy. I have high arches and tried using the included inserts but found them uncomfortable and tossed em after my first skate. The stock insoles are fine. As I break in the skates, I am hoping they do not open up since the fit is just right; time will tell.
  4. Just did a measurement. Hard to tell of course but seems like the 7.5 is longer than the 7. Also, after today's 2 hour skate, the excess foam/padding ridge in the 7.5 is totally unnoticeable.
  5. We shouldn't jump the gun on this assumption. How can we test?
  6. Whoops I used the wrong img link; fixed. Yeah it seems like the boot is a size 8 and they pad it to bring it down to a 7.5 or something.
  7. Just a follow-up here; I emailed True about this and here is their response. This difference is expected. "What you are describing is not a defect, just a little difference in production on the half/full sizes. Best way to explain it is with the photo below. This is what our base shell looks like. This is the one piece shell that is under the toe cap/side panel package. In the toe box, the shell of the boot is shaped as shown in the photo below. The plastic toe cap then slides overtop of this piece. On the full sizes, the comfort foam that is used to cover that “lip” is a little thicker than the half sizes. You are just feeling that lip of the shell. I hope that explains what you are feeling and makes sense." Kudos to them for responding so quickly with such detail.
  8. I'm trying on my new True TF9s and have noticed an oddity in the toebox. I have both size 7.0 and size 7.5 boots here for comparison. In the toebox area, the Size 7 boots are fine. The cushion along the bottom of the booth smoothly tapers upwards into the hard plastic of the toebox. In the size 7.5, the cushion doesn't taper into the plastic, but instead curls upwards and stops abruptly before turning directly into the plastic, resulting in an odd "lip" sticking out halfway down the toebox. Also note that both the left and right Size 7 skates are fine, and BOTH the left and right size 7.5 skates have this issue. Is this normal? Here's a picture to illustrate:
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