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  1. Otherwise we would all skate on flipflops with holders/runners installed.
  2. My target is to get a better ankle-/heellock without the need of tying the laces close to my painlimit. I have very little room between tying my laces too loose or too tight. Maybe I should give the skates more time to break in and do another bake.
  3. The TF7's are my best fitting skates ever. I baked them with the shrink wrap method. My feet have a high instep, flat arch, normal width, normal forefoot and need a good wrap around the ankles. I'm getting a strong pain in my footsole if I ty my laces too tight, but I need a good lock to prevent my toes touching the cap too much. So I'm thinking about an optimization of the wrap.
  4. My LHS guy told me I could cut the edge of the felt tongue to improve the wrap of my TF7 skates. Have any of you heard of it or done it yourself?
  5. I ordered a pair of step runners profiled with ellipse zero for my True TF7 from ASE -Hockey. They had been sent by mail four working days later and arrived yesterday. The grinding and profiling was done with good craftsmanship. The runners are looking like unused originals, as far as i could compare them with pictures from the web. And the price is good for europe.
  6. Today I received my new 254mm stainless step steel runners profiled with ellipse zero and sharpened with a 3/4'' hollow for my brandnew 6.5R TF7 skates. The last few days I was skating five times with my new skates on different lakes in my area on more or less bad ice. I was using the stock runners (9'/10' dual radius profile, 95/75FBV). The height of the new runners looked much too low compared to the stock ones. Measured with a caliper the step steel had a height oft 13,8mm in the middle compared to the stock runner with 17,0mm. I found out that the step steel has only a height of 15mm out of the box compared to 18mm of the stock runner. I couldn't wait for the next weekend, so I was out with a headlamp on a small lake in the city this evening on very very bad ice. Compared to the stock runners yesterday, the step steel has more forward pitch, more glide and more steel on the ice and under the heel. The maneuverability and the acceleration were rather difficult to assess under these circumstances and the bite was sufficient. The ellipse zero is flat enough for me, so I wouldn´t try the ellipse one profile at the moment. I would like to compare the different runners directly with one another on standard ice, but if the corona situation continues like now this will take until the next season.
  7. Measure his feet or the length of the insole of a well-fitting shoe. Or use a cheap kids foot gauge in mm. And then trial and error. Variable size skates are fine for getting started. If you want hockey skates you should buy more flexible entry level skates. You can buy the skates a little longer, but there shouldn't be more space behind his heel than a normal adult finger when his toes touch the front.
  8. Another option: https://www.ase-hockey.de/permormance-profiling.html
  9. I just can tell you my perception mentioned above.
  10. The True TF7 rollerhockey skate is on the market. In regular size and wide. The regular TF7 iceskate has a little more volume, is some mm´s longer and has a little bit wider forefoot than the Supreme 180.
  11. Ok that´s what i guessed. When I shift my center of gravity backwards, I feel a click that initially feels like I'm falling backwards. The front half of my runner feels good, but the back half doesn't have enough forward pitch and there is some steel missing under my heel. I ordered a pair of runners profiled with the ellipse zero profile, let's see when they arrive and when I can skate on them.
  12. Doesn't anyone know the original profile radius of a TF7 ice skate in size 6.5 / 254mm? Is it 9`,10` or a 9`/10`double radius?
  13. Thanks for your advice, but the blades of my Supremes have a +2 forward pitch(Blackstone).
  14. Yesterday i had the chance to skate for the first time in my new TF7. All rinks are closed due to lockdown since mid of november. A small lake 40km away has build ice to skate on since last week. The ice condition was terrible and i didn`t skate since two months. My former skates have been Supremes 180, 6.5D with a 11´ radius and a +2 forward pitch(Blackstone). They don´t have enough volume and they are a few mm to short. Lacing too loose my toes get squeezed and lacing too tight my insteps and arches get squeezed. That´s why i´m trying the Trues. They are 6.5R and have been sharpened out of the box without profiling. I was baking them with the saran wrap method and they fit like a glove. I was trying to break them in at home on the carpet several times. They have a little more volume, are some mm´s longer and have a better wrap than the Supremes. The skating experience was fine with good support from the skates and a little pain in my footsole. The length is ok, toes touching the cap while standing and not touching while skating or sitting. I´m assuming that they will give some more lenght and volume after breaking in. Two things that i noticed: They are way more agile and a little less stable than my supremes, maybe due to a shorter profile. And they have less forward pitch than my supremes. Has anyone a definite information about the profile radius (e.g. icewarehouse says 9' & 10') and the pitch of the TF7? At first i would give them more hours on the ice. I like the new agility, but would go up to a 10´ profile if the profile is 9´and add a +1 forward pitch if i can´t adapt. Or should i try a Quad Zero profile?
  15. True TF7 and TF9 inline skates are available in germany: https://hockey.hps-sport-shop.de/true-tf7-inliner-senior/a-22193 https://hockey.hps-sport-shop.de/true-tf9-inliner-senior/a-22195
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