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  1. Any tips on how to shrink the stretched and baggy leather palms of my Easton Synergy 650 Gloves?
  2. I tried to compare two different runners. It´s almost impossible to see a big difference. But you can feel a big difference while skating. Compared to the Ellipse, the toe area of the Quad is more like a short traditional single radius profile.
  3. That's the same problem I had with the Ellipse and Zuperior profile. I tried a lot of profiles for my 254mm runners(Ellipse Zero, Ellipse XS, Quad Zero, Zuperior XS and Quad XS) with my two sets of runners. I don´t like the toe area of the Ellipse and Zuperior profile. Finally it seems that I'm going to stay with the Quad XS for the next time. And with the Quad XS(recommended for 254mm) I could go to the recommended ROH 19mm(3/4"). Before the change I was using a 92/75 FBV(9/16" ROH) with my 11' single profile. Prosharp recommends a 25mm(1") ROH for the Quad I and the Quad I for 288mm runners. I´m happy with the agility and acceleration of the Quad XS.
  4. I fixed a little slip of the heel by compressing the hot boot with both hands before sliding my foot into it during the baking process.
  5. My toes touched the cap in my TF7 6.5R even in hockey stance, but didn´t curl. I had the feeling that they would be too small for several hours. After one bake in the shop, changing the tongue for the pro version, a second bake with saran wrap at home and a third bake with saran wrap at home after 20 hours on the ice they have a perfect fit.
  6. If your son should decide to try the Quad XS, just do it with default settings without pitch correction. I tested a Quad Zero on my 254mm skates with a 10mm pitch correction. It was a different profile compared to the original, less agile, less acceleration and less stable for crossovers.
  7. If the pitch is corrected by moving the pivot point towards the toe, the middle section was moved forward by maybe 20mm. Again only prosharp knows what happens to the profile, because we don't know the exact details of the profile. It could be that the oversize of the profile and the pitch-correction generated a "franken-profile triple radius 10-12-14". In another source Prosharp mentioned that you could go up or down one size if the recommended size shouldn't satisfy. If you want a better acceleration than you have to go to a smaller profile radius in the toe area. With the Quad XS the middle section of the blade has almost the same radius and the heel is even a little bit longer than the 10/11', only the toe area is significantly shorter.
  8. @tvguy What are the situations he is missing the grip? Making turns, skating tight crossover circles, pushing off, stopping or while standing?
  9. Quad 0.5 profile has a recommendation from Prosharp, and was developped, for skate size 8-9(runner 280/288mm). If you apply this profile on a 254mm runner, its properties change in a way only prosharp knows. In theory, the middle section 10-12' becomes functionally more dominant and the original forward pitch becomes even more. In the worst case your son is skating on an extremly forward pitched 10/12' profile. If your son wants to try a new profile he could start with the Quad XS, Ellipse XS or Zuperior XS, all of them recommended from prosharp for the 254mm runner. I would suggest to try the Quad XS first, because it is more close to a single/dual profile and Bauer is selling it with their higher end skates out of the box. Compared to the 10/11' profile the Quad XS should give him more acceleration, agility and stability while maintaining the speed. But it's all try and error.
  10. Doesn´t sound logic, but the skater is always right. What is the size of the runner and his weight? And was it still a 10/11' profile (how many manual sharpens before profiling?)?
  11. I think the easiest solution is to use a taller runner and get it profiled like your old one(8mm longer profile area).
  12. You could try to apply a very small amount of baby powder.
  13. If you want to try something similar to the Quad XS, go down one size for the Ellipse. If you want to try something different, try the Ellipse XS, the Quad Zero or the Quad XXS. Or stay with the Quad XS if you like it.
  14. The quad profiles are towards agility, the zuperior profiles are more towards speed and stability and the ellipse profiles are somewhere in between. Going up one size should give you more speed/stability and going down one size should give you more agilty/acceleration. Following the recommendations from Prosharp, you can try 9 multiradiusprofiles for your runner size
  15. Could be a musculus tibialis anterior syndrome or shin pain. Both is induced through a overload of muscles or their insertions. Get used to the new skates a little more slowly and don't tie your upper laces too tight.
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