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  1. And you don`t have to be perfect. If you are off for one to max. two lines it`s Ok. And it´s more important to be square in the gliding area (the 60% in the middle of the blade) than in the toe and the heel area. And forget about grinding marks, if the blades are not square the grinding marks will be off center. Grinding ROH it is no problem if the pitch of the holder is off a little. Grinding FBV it is very important that the pitch of the holder is square.
  2. It is not usual. If you sharpen straight blades of the same thickness, remove the sand on the felt pad, let your machine warm up for some minutes, work in a room with constant temperature and have a failure free gauge and holder there shouldn't be any adjustments. And you can make a lot of other mistakes. Freehand sharpening needs some time and experience.
  3. If you have acces to get a multi radius profile the 0.5 sounds very interesting. Here around my location its like a miracle that i can get different FBV`s and single radius profiles. Until three years ago you could only get a house-cut and freehand profiles. @Tirkhe I think that the advantage of the FBV is that you can go as sharp as possible without sacrifying glide. To find your sweet spot you have to try different FBV`s until it`s too much edge for you, than go down one step. With ROH it`s more the opposite direction. And it depends on the hardness of the ice and your preference.
  4. Find a good store with an excellent fitting service and lot of options to try or go the custom way. I was 106kg and I have the skate size 6.5D. As a beginner I didn't know how a good fitting skate should feel like. My problems only appeared after some time on the ice. After four pairs of skates, hundreds of insoles and custom insoles I found an acceptable solution. At least the Bauer scanner was right for me. But forget everything below the 2S or 2N level because of the stiffnes and the heatmouldability. You will need good fitting and supportive skates to have fun on the ice. p. s. : Hockey will improve your fitness and health but will make you hungry. To loose weight you will have to reduce your calories input. With a zero sugar and low fat diet I could loose 20 pounds in three months and still had the power for hockey
  5. It has a sharper and deeper edge. Give it a try and than you know if it is better or not. Going to 95/50 is not a big jump, compared to the 1/2" standard ROH it is still very shallow. And you have to be a decent skater for a shallow hollow. Also don't forget you have a normal bodyweight.
  6. What do you want? More agility or more stability? I'm 95kg, and I'm on 92/75 on a 11"profile. I tried: 100/50: good glide and agility but not enough stability 95/75: good stability, medium glide and agility; best choice but I get knee pain. 92/75: best compromise without knee pain. Last season I tried a 92/50 on a 13"profile, it had very good glide and stability but almost no agility compared to the 11" profile. My suggestion for you is to try a 92/75 and see how it feels. The 11"profile is the best compromise between agility and glide/stability for me. If you still want more agility you have to go down on a 10"profile and get a sharper FBV/Roh.
  7. I´m 5`6.5" tall and i have to cut 4.5" off a 60" stick. Today my new True A6.0SBP intermediate 58flex 56" stick arrived. It has the same dimensions as my A5.2SBP senior 75flex 60" stick. I also have a Warrior QRE4 intermediate 70flex 57" stick. The shaft of the Warrior stick is giving me a noticeable thinner and less solid feeling compared to the True A5.2 although the circumference of the Warrior is only about 3mm shorter and the blade is about 3mm shorter. The Warrior stick feels off-ice a lttle stiffer than the A5.2 and the A6.0 feels noticeable softer than the A5.2, all of them having quite the same length. I´m interested if the cutting down made my A5.2 stiffer, maybe 85-90flex, or does it have the same flex as before if the True senior and intermediate sticks are measured with the same parameters/procedures? Am i comparing real 58flex with real 75flex if both sticks are cutted down to 55.5"? The reason for me to go down in flex is pain in my shoulder on my playing side after a hockey-session. More noticeable after playing two to three days in a row. This monday my shoulder exploded after a simple soft wristshot without a trauma. Today is the first day on which I can move my shoulder full and I´m quite sure that no damage will remain. I will try the softer stick after my shoulder completely calmed down. Has anyone of you made good experiences with going down in flex for shoulder pain?
  8. Over time my bauer waxed laces lost the waxbased grip. Some days ago i thought that i could rewax them with "snap wax" stick wax. Out of laziness i just pulled them out the upper four eylets and slided them along the waxblock on both sides. And wow, my skates had never been laced so perfect before. The waxed part was even more sticky than heavy waxed elite laces(Which i don´t really like because of the heavy wax), but it gave me a perfect heellock and a strong lateral support and i didn´t have to retie them over one hour which is usual for me. On the other hand my midfoot wasn´t tied too tight and did´t have pain usually caused by waxed laces. Has anyone of you made similar experiences?
  9. I had N2900 being close to the s29. I'm now in Supreme 180. 180s have more stiffness, support and they are better thermoformable.
  10. I´m 52, 170 cm and 105 kG size 6.5D. I`m playing beginner-amateur-level. I had different skates till i found something adequate to skate in. I want or need a good support from my skates. I had Nexus N2900 which are similar to the S29. I could feel them twisting and sqeezing under my load, loosing a noticeable amount of power in the skates and not going into the ice and having not enough support. Now I´m on used Supreme S180. They are way more stiff than the N2900 and give me the support i want and transfer my power better to the ice. Are the 8.5 fitting you loose ore tight? I prefer a normal-tight fit. Can you try the 1s? And don´t forget the width, Bauer EE are a half size longer than D!
  11. Why did you buy new skates? What kind of skates did you have before? Are your new skates longer than your old ones? Did you have non-stock insoles in your old skates or in your new skates? Can you change the runners between your skates?
  12. Looks nice. Could be that you get problems with vibrations. I used to have some caused by a wobbling Podest. @ all of you: 100/50 FBV seems to have the strongest bite for the best glide available. How long did it take to adjust to it if you like it? If you don't like it, could you tell me the reason why?
  13. One week and 4 skates later: I gave the 100/50 a try. I didn't think that there would be souch a big difference. Compared to the 92/75 there is a huge improvement in glide and speed. The bite for turning is good. I´m more agile and can make tighter turns. But i definitely lost lateral and longitudenal stability and acceleration (more noticeable on bad ice). I skate on a 11´ radius and I´m 225lbs and 5´7". Any suggestions for the same glide and better stability? Or could i adjust to the new FBV over time. Did anyone of you make the same experience?
  14. Once a week we are the last team on ice on our outdoor rink at 9pm. We don't get fresh ice and it is quite hard. On fresh ice a 92/75 FBV is good for me. Could a xx/50 or a xx/1 FBV be better for heavily used ice?
  15. Does anyone definitely know the structural differences of the three stick variants? I thought that a high kickpoint stick has the same stiffnes from the top to the bottom.
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