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  1. I've been using a lot of pairs of Warrior franchise gloves. I really love them. Then I want to repair its gusset leather. Usually I use my local shop to repalm the palm leather only. But the shop can't repair gusset leather because they can't supply gusset leather themselves. I know that some famous repalming shops can repair gusset. They supply the gusset leather by themselves by cutting it off from sheet leather. My local shop answered me that maybe they can repair if they can get the material. So I want to buy the material leather, but I can't find it out. Is it the true name of the leather that the "Nash" or "Micronash"? For example I can find "Clarino" leathers on the internet stores because it is a true name of the leather which has created and named by Kuraray Inc. But I can't find "Nash" leather. Anyone knows some good stores who deal with "Nash" or "Micronash" leather?
  2. JR Boucicant, > they're still making sticks for NHL players I think so too. > you're not a NHL player Of course yes. > so that option is not available for you Why can you say such thing by your own judge? Are you Easton?
  3. Yes, I thought the same thing for this topic. I think Bauer still making Easton stick at least for pro. But I don't have any connection who can receive my order. All my 3 times orderi was through my local shop. But after Easton was bought by Bauer, Easton's distributor also changed to the same distributor as Bauer's. Easton's distributor lost their right to sell Easton's products. Bauer's distributor of my area don't receive custom order from no-pro. So the local shop have not been able to receive custom stick order of Easton. If my thought: Bauer still making Easton stick for limited person is correct, I've been finding some shops or personal connection who can receive an order of Easton custom stick...
  4. So... few NHLers who have been still using Easton sticks for example Phil Kessel, their sticks are just their own stock which ordered before Easton gone?
  5. Easton was bought by Bauer. Soon after Bauer went bankrupt. There are few players in NHL who have still been using Easton stick. Has Easton been still providing their custom order sticks? I've ordered custom Easton sticks 3 times. All sticks were Elliptical Tapered stick. I really love them. If it's possible, I want to order my stick to Easton again. Has Easton completely gone? Or is there any shop or connection who can receive an order? If you know that, I really want to know.
  6. Just made up my newest version of copy-grip. I'm glad that I could make it in this year.
  7. I bought this elbow pads and used 2wice on the ice. Definitely it can be said "mobile". But I want to say strongly that STX should take more measures for slip prevention. This elbow's holding ability is too bad. It will slip down to hand if you will skate 2~3 steps. This elbow doesn't have enough band/straps for slip prevention. There is just sleeve type gimmick only. 360 strap is not for it. It's is just for tying forearm protection so not work for slip prevention. Of course sleeve doesn't have such enough power. I can't understand that position and its meaning of sleeve's hole which you can see just above of elbow joint. Generally, designing of current hockey protectors usually have hole but it's a measure for that "receive" some swelling part of our human body. Oppositely the gum strap which sewed into sleeve come to top of upper arm. So this gum strap will move down to elbow joint and its power work for slide down the elbow pad. I already decided not to use this elbow. Sizing was exactly the same as CCM. I was satisfied with size M (168cm).
  8. Finally got my QXs. Pro stock Phil Kessel pattern modified Left hand 60flex Strong grip (strongest grip surface option of Warrior) No texture Now I'm working on making a mold of a grip end. QX's inside shape is also not square. So I've thought it's hard to get smooth fitment with traditional insert.
  9. I don't know your experience so I can't talk anymore. At least I've never heard an opinion as you said. I've been thinking that all of skate runners would be delivered in bent condition, not straight because the companies that producing skate runners don't do such process (Definitely there is thickness control process though). I was surprised that there is a location where can get new runner in such great condition. Thank you for your information. There is a possibility that finally I ask you to get a pair instead of me. At first, I have to say the reason why I want to correct my blades' flatness. That's because I want to sharpen it only blade runner. Of course I know probably these runners can be correct by skate holder if sharpen it with skate boots as traditionally. But I want to create an environment that I can achieve good result if I sharpen blade only. So in this case I don't question that the skate blade condition, bent or straight after attached to skate boots. I've wrote that "high precision metal ruler". I don't know well about politic name of that in English though, this ruler was made under 0.014mm precision of straightness. I've never fall it. Don't worry about its precision. This is very good information for me. Thank you! I will try this.
  10. The thing under the blade is high precision metal ruler. The first picture is a fact. Probably you didn't know that though, almost skate runners are bent even if it is new. These picture's skate blade is also a new Step V-Steel. Really can it be keep its composition as high quality stainless knife steel? I fear it. There are sensitive temperature control technique for these steel, for example quenching, annealing, normalizing... especially such a stainless steel like SUS440A include Martensite. So it will start to change its composition from 100 degrees celsius. I want to hear Step's opinion though...
  11. Your pain was not "lace bite"... right?
  12. I chose my shin guards according to depth. For length, it was enough even only 12~13" for me. But I chose 14 or 15" shin guards for the depth and after buying I cut it down to suitable length for me at local shop. Of course almost people want to choose easy way. So if there are shin guards which have both suitable length and depth for you, maybe it's the best situation. In my case, if I decided to choose my shin guards like that, probably I had only 1~2 choice. I wanted to choose it from not limited choices.
  13. Of course I can understand that it would go better to use heating. But how do you think about its effect as annealing? Tydan or Step... current "premium" replacement blades are made from premium material and high quality quenching. Hockey shop sharpener person often take it carefully as it doesn't cause annealing when sharpening or contouring. So I feel little resistance to do it. But this can be said as that we can't bend current hardened stainless steel runners without heating? As I already wrote, I tried to leave a new V-steel blade putting on bender for 30 minutes. I couldn't find any progress. I thought I will not be able to any progress either if I will try to use bender again and again.
  14. I don't have conclusive proof though, skate blades are often get impact which can make blades bend when we playing ice hockey. Crash or receive the puck with leg (skate) is one of that. Also one of the reason why I wan to try getting better "straighten easily environment" is that I usually sharpen skates with only blade runner. I put blades off from boots. So blades go back to its natural condition. If there is a bended blade, perhaps it can be keep almost straight form with holder. But I need just a blade's flat precision. Yeah I've faced exactly that too. I checked my stock holders. I noticed that they have more bend than my current using blades. Yesterday I tried to straighten my current blades with traditional bender. But it only made too slightly and slow progress. If anything, I want to say there was no progress. Especially new blades (Step's V-steel) were so difficult to make bend it. Finally I left it 30 minutes with continuing put it on the bender in desperation. But I couldn't find progress.
  15. Does anyone here who have an experience that used Blademaster's new blade straightener, BSG1? I already have a traditional blade straightener (No diameter and can't use with boots) though, I'm going to consider buying BSG1 if it is very useful. Is it able to straighten blades quickly? I don't mind whether it can be used with boots or only runner. I want to place importance to time saving and precision of the work.
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