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  1. I'll be at the game Saturday night cheering for the Hawks (and that David has a good game in a losing effort) Funny that Hitch's first game with the Blues was against the Hawks and Perron's first is also against the Hawks. The guy I bought my tickets from expected about 5000 Hawks fans making the trip down for the game.
  2. I wouldn't say they are d-bags. They are just playing in a league below their level. I'm a C league player and I'm 35 like most guys in our league. It's one thing to be 35 and better than most everyone in the league. But at 19, dangling around toe dragging guys all over it's just showing off. It just so happens that the better teams in our league are the ones picking these g...

  3. ah, well i am sorry they are d-bags. i know quite a few who it could be.

  4. Yeah The eagle helmets pop up in every game over the summer. I don't know their names but I would figure there is one in almost every game I play in. If not every game than every other game

  5. So you played against some RMU kids eh? Do you know who they were by any chance?

  6. What about those CCM Externo skates. I don't think I have ever seen anyone wearing those.
  7. What? That thing sold tons of units and they were tanks. Yeah, I loved mine, I wish they still sold them. My wish is for the TriCore to make some kind of return. I loved the square shaft version. I still have one square Tricore the cherry color and two of the aramid pine looking shafts. I love those sticks. Great feel, and real tough.
  8. Those gloves still pop up at my local Oakley outlet from time to time for $40. I had a Mission Carbster and I hated it. I had sweat dripping off my face after the first shift with that thing and it seemed like it went down too far on my neck.
  9. Hawkeye

    Tackla 951 Advantage

    Tackla 951 I was wearing a CCM Girdle for 10 years before I picked these up. I ordered them from the hockey shop in Canada and they shipped them out to me in Chicago no problem. I couldn't find the features in a girdle I wanted so I figured it was time to go back to pants. Fit - I bought mine in a size 54 since I am a beer leaguer whose drank to much beer. I wanted something snug around the hips with enough protection to prevent hip pointers and bruising which I had a problem with in my old girdle. These pants are snug and take a nice tug to get on. The legs are roomy and fit loose and allow for great range of motion. It is my understanding that that's what these are for and Tackla hit the mark. 10/10 Protection- Compared to what I was wearing these things are tanks. The protection runs up high on the sides and back almost to the bottom of my rib cage. I didn't find the proctection at all confining. The thigh pad and is large and increases my profile by maybe 2 inches. 9/10 Weight - I wouldn't say these are the lightest pants but they are not too heavy. My teammates were passing them around the room and everyone commented that these arn't too heavy. But the do look like they would weigh a ton 8/10 Durability- She shell is made out of heavy weight canvas like a bag. It seems pretty cut resistant. The inside is a slick fabric material. Since the legs have zippers some people may put their skates on before the pants and that may tear up the insides. 8/10 Conclusion - I would say these are great pants for what I do. Maybe a bit overkill for a men's league but after getting some bad bone bruises on my hip joints anf some pointers I don't think it's too much. A nice pant with good looks. 8.75/10 Overall Rating -
  10. It's a tacky, slightly gritty feeling grip. If you really want to remove it rubbing alcohol will work fine. That's what I did to my G1. Bags should arrive over the summer. I guess I will have to duct tape my bag until then.
  11. When will those bags be availible? That black and camo looks sweet.
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