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    Vapor XXXX
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    Pro AK27 Palushaj, Pro XXXX Glandening
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    Anaheim NBH 4-Rolls
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    Bauer 5000 w/ Itech HS22 visor, Pro-stock Philadelphia Bauer 4000 w/ orange Oakley visor
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    Pro-stock University of Michigan NBH, Pro-stock Calgary Franklin
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    Cooper XL 3
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    Bauer 6000
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    Easton Z-Air
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  1. Fantastic. Is #53 the six-year old? ;)
  2. To clarify, I wasn't commenting on the skate size. I'm in 6.5s myself B)
  3. "It's a good size."
  4. It was actually pretty "meh" compared to past years. The prices were fantastic, as always -- some were even lowed. Unfortunately, I wasn't in a financial position to go stick-hunting this year. Of the 3 years I've gone to the sale, this one had by far the best selection for righties like me. Other than that, though, it was lacking. I like to grab a bunch of super-discounted performance apparel, and I came away with only one shirt this year. There was almost nothing sized smaller than XL. Gloves went way too quick with people grabbing 5 pairs at a time (and I was none too impressed with the palms and mobility anyway). The big steals, in my opinion, were the helmets. Used logo/numbered practice helmets for $15, new-in-box helmets for $20, and used "winged" Michigan helmets for $25. Edit - The tape was actually pretty solid, too. I got the last 20 rolls of white for $10. Probably would have grabbed 50 I could have.
  5. They'd never get rid of those helmets. I would have bought one, but I'm not nearly presumptuous (or good) enough to rock a bucket like that.
  6. I bought a practice helmet. The "winged" helmets were also available for $25.
  7. Nice little pick-up. $15 at the Michigan sale. Foam is pristine, shell looks great.
  8. Apparently, this is my go-to move at MSH skates :
  9. I see what you did there.
  10. I'm not sure that being queer is a precondition of disliking red laces.
  11. The best part of high school hockey was reminding people how you line up for a face-off.
  12. Gionta is a 5, Kronwall a 6.
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