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  1. Update: Hot glue gun from the dollar store didn't do jack sh*t. Found the glue I used last time. Amazingly it still came out of the tube even after like 10 years of sitting under my sink. I think it's going to work fine.
  2. What's the appropriate glue to re-adhere the occipital pad of my Easton Stealth S13 helmet? It's the gray piece at 12 o'clock in the picture below. The pad seems to be EVA and it normally sticks to both the plastic outer shell as well as the EPP liner. In the ancient past, I remember having good results reattaching helmet padding using some clear gel that came in a big toothpaste-like tube, but I can't remember what it was. Thanks!
  3. Anybody familiar with this product? https://betterbiscuit.net/ Like, is it any different than the Green Biscuit?
  4. Any idea why MIPS exclusivity didn't happen in other sports? Like did True offer a huge amount of money or are there other aspects involved?
  5. Anybody know if CCM or Warrior (or even Bauer) plan on incorporating MIPS in their future helmets?
  6. The study cited above is for non-check beer leagues (which is personally most relevant to me) but we don’t have to limit our discussion to that. I used to wear those football style pads but switched over to Sher-wood 9950s because I play where people “aren’t supposed to check me.”
  7. No worries. Glad I understand you better too. Reminds me of when Cascade claimed to have superior protection. Then Bauer refuted it. And then Bauer bought them. Maybe custom helmets are too new for any data/evidence to exist but I’m hoping that it catches on enough that we can at least begin to study it. Maybe this feature will come out from the big brands soon?
  8. Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but your response seems oddly confrontational when it seems like we'd both agree that evidence is good.
  9. That is, if you're looking for the most protective shoulder pads out there, what would you look for? In case you're wondering why I'm asking, I was skimming this study: Caputo P, Mattson DJ. Recreational ice hockey injuries in adult non-checking leagues: a United States perspective. J Sports Sci Med. 2005;4(1):58-65. Published 2005 Mar 1. And it says (emphasis my own): Key Points The injury incidence rate was found to be 12.2/1000 player-exposures, similar to previous Canadian literature. The concussion rate was 1.1/1000 player-exposures. 38% of injuries involved a lack of protective equipment and 24% of injuries involved penalties. Full facial protection and shoulder pads should be compulsory. Strict enforcement of game rules is necessary. History of prior injuries was found in 89% of injured players. There are several threads here asking for recommendations on low-profile/lightweight/minimalist shoulder pads, but I only saw one asking for more protective shoulder pads. Was just wondering what your thoughts would be if protection was your #1 priority.
  10. Do all high-end helmets have EPP? Anybody know if the CCM pod helmets (introduced with the Resistance models, I believe) have EPP? If not, what do they use instead?
  11. Saw two replies mentioning data and proven science--what are some of the evidence out there regarding current helmet technologies? Are you excited about MIPS?
  12. Is there already a thread on this? (Did I mess up my search?) https://kavsports.com/
  13. Do you guys know what companies are making PPE for consumers? I know it's dorky on the level of wearing a Tackla belt with your jeans, but maybe I still want to represent my sport while protecting myself from viruses. I know Bauer has this: https://www.bauer.com/en-US/medical-face-shield/ And CCM has this, but it's meant for pros, not regular slobs like me: https://ccmhockey.com/en/covid-19-hood
  14. About 25 years ago, someone told me that the point along the shaft where you can balance a stick is also where to place your bottom hand for a slap shot. I tried it out and it was true (at the time). Just now, I located the balance point on my two-piece stick and found that it was quite lower than where I would put my hand for a slap shot, which I suppose means that this stick is relatively bottom-heavy, i.e., the weight is biased toward the blade. Then I checked again with an OPS and for that one, the balance point and bottom hand spot were fairly close--the balance point was maybe just a touch lower than where I'd go for a slap shot. So what does this mean? Is this balance point thing I heard complete BS? Wood sticks and composite sticks have completely different weight distributions, right? I'm just posting this picture of an Easton aluminum for aesthetics.
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