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  1. About 25 years ago, someone told me that the point along the shaft where you can balance a stick is also where to place your bottom hand for a slap shot. I tried it out and it was true (at the time). Just now, I located the balance point on my two-piece stick and found that it was quite lower than where I would put my hand for a slap shot, which I suppose means that this stick is relatively bottom-heavy, i.e., the weight is biased toward the blade. Then I checked again with an OPS and for that one, the balance point and bottom hand spot were fairly close--the balance point was maybe just a touch lower than where I'd go for a slap shot. So what does this mean? Is this balance point thing I heard complete BS? Wood sticks and composite sticks have completely different weight distributions, right? I'm just posting this picture of an Easton aluminum for aesthetics.
  2. I think these are discontinued but I upgraded from the 5030s to 9950s because they have the added sternum and spine "protection" plates (LOL), and I was also annoyed with the laces coming undone. However, my jersey always seems to snag on the back when I'm putting it on and that's almost as bad. Knock on wood, I haven't had any chest or shoulder injuries playing non-check adult rec league while wearing either versions.
  3. While we're sort of on the topic of backhand toe drags, no goal but this was a nice inside-outside move from yesterday (Kevin Hayes).
  4. Just did an internet search and realized that inventory is so small there really isn't enough selection for comparison.
  5. I'm looking for some recommendations for shafts that fit tapered blades, please and thank you.
  6. I'm trying to work on things like backhand toe drags. Balls won't accurately capture that feel, will they?
  7. Are there any practice pucks that work well on carpet (low pile, I'm guessing)?
  8. I was using the "Pro" version with the rubber grip. Once I took off the rubber, it was more stable.
  9. I finally got one! It's a little lighter. The regular Green Biscuit is already pretty good, but on parquet flooring, the RH version is superior because it's faster. It might be slightly more prone to flipping over, due to the pegs, but that's outweighed by the improved speed.
  10. Wait a second...does the Dangle Puck only work on one side?
  11. Video looks pretty good. Years ago I bought a Franklin Roll-A-Puck, and let's just say that my life didn't change.
  12. I was thinking for some sort of marketing purpose? By extension would that mean there might be a major difference in the materials and protectiveness of, say, a senior 14" glove and an intermediate 13.5" glove, or between a 14" senior shin guard and 12" junior shin guard (aside from the obvious difference in coverage and surface area)?
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