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  1. What kind? I have a Ninja 650r and a Buell 1125R. Got a good deal on a Yamaha FZ6R. It's essentially a dumbed down 600... my dad and insurance price talked me out of the R6 I wanted (i'll probably have a better chance of living until i get comfortable on the bike lol) When you decide you want more performance you can just get a piggy back ECU for cheap (and if you want to, but not neccesary, R6 cams) and you can get alot more out of the bike. The FZR is just a detuned R6 03-05 engine. You may actually like the FZ6R more, it has better mid range torque though it lacks some high end so for highway/city cruising the FZR is a better choice. If youre going to track it, the R6 of the same year has the edge... newer R6's also have some extra goodies but nothing huge for a first bike. Let me know if you have any questions about the bike, especially the engine as I've designed and built Formula race cars using the same years R6. If you want some tips on things I'd change right away to save yourself a headache down the road let me know.
  2. I drive this.... The car will put a Viper to shame
  3. As an engineering student and an out of shape hockey player the FBV sounds like a great idea to me (both the design aspects of it and the potential for less fatigue). My only problem is finding somewhere that offers it. Does anyone know of a shop in the Minneapolis area that offers FBV? With the dozen some that are within 20ish minutes of the city I'm sure someone must have it unfortunately no one has any idea what I'm talking about when I call to ask them. If anyone can help me out I'd very much appreciate it, thanks!
  4. When I'm at school my 1990 Lincoln Continental because it sits out on the street for 9 months out of the year surrounded by 8000 other college students who couldn't give a damn if they hit it or scratch it or total it when they're driving drunk (Not to mention getting buried in snow and sitting there for weeks). I got it for $700 and it looked almost new. A great first car and I'll drive it until it dies. I've got a 97 Nissan Maxima SE which I leave at home. I got it for $5k from my uncle and it will replace the Lincoln when the time comes. For now I just drive it during the summer.
  5. If you like the Bandits check out Streetlight Manifesto http://www.streetlightmanifesto.com http://www.purevolume.com/streetlightmanifesto
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