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  1. you'll be fine. read the tobacco limit on the re-entry declaration when you go through customs.
  2. Someone take this off my hands. It's listed on dell.ca for $300 + tax + shipping. I'll do $300 + shipping.
  3. They retail at 6-7 here, I got it for $330. Just trying to get back what I paid.
  4. I have a LG 5.1 Surround Sound, new in box for sale. http://www.lg.com/ca_en/tv-audio-video/home-theatre-systems/LG-home-theatre-system-HT904PA.jsp I will let it go for $400 + shipping.
  5. New Orleans for my reading week that I get off in University. Staying on Bourbon street, going to Voodoo Fest (mainly to see deadmau5), then hitting Bourbon street up after the Saints play the sunday night game on Halloween. Unreal...
  6. Just bought the LG HT904PA 5.1 surround sound for an unreal price. Great sound, especially for my 12x12 off campus room that already houses a queen size bed, mini fridge and 32" flatscreen.
  7. So, I'm having a bit of a problem with my little setup. I have a 32" Sony Bravia, with my laptop hooked up to it. Before I was just using the tv speakers for the tv, and a small set of computer speakers for the laptop. I decided to hook up a pair of tower speakers I had laying around with a receiver I also had. Using vga from laptop to flatscreen, mini jack to mini jack from laptop to tv, rca from tv to receiver. When running the tv, speakers are fine, but when running off the laptop, it sounds absolutely horrendous. I did some reading, and sort of found its from the charger of the laptop? (I have the battery out and run constantly on the charger). How do I resolve this issue?
  8. caught a break then. just be careful, as the 3vze is notorious for blowing head gaskets.
  9. mine's the four. what are you working with?
  10. 4" lift 33 x12.5 Dick Cepek Mud Country tires 12" pioneer sub, pioneer headunit, kenwood speakers.
  11. phillips electric razor (3 head kind) nivea sensitive face wash nivea sensitive shave cream nivea sensitive aftershave cream body shop hemp sensitive aftershave cream i too got the worst razor burn on my neck when using a fusion razor. was iffy about the switch but loved it. close shave, no razor burn!
  12. Sick Tundra a couple pages back. My buddy races MX and is sponsered by Toyota and got a Tundra for free and did it all up. Graphics, lift, grill, etc... I'll snap a pic tomorrow. It is UNREAL.
  13. Indoor training starts for me today, wood bats. Midget AAA Hardball. Hello baseball season, goodbye lip.
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