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  1. My son wanted a square toe stick and they are hard to find on prostockhockey. He is back to using P88s now until we get a replacement.
  2. My son finally received his stick from Base hockey. It snapped during warm ups for my sons first varsity game. Had it less than 2 weeks. I sent Base an email October 14th and have no heard from them. I've called them and no one answers, I've sent 2 emails to warranty support and even emailed Ron Kunisaki. Not a peep from anyone. Did I mention the stick was late also? $250 for a stick that broke in less than 2 weeks and was late getting shipped.
  3. Any idea how long you waited? Varsity hockey games starting soon and Id hate to have to buy another stick.
  4. I ordered my son a custom stick from Base Hockey almost 4 weeks ago. We are trying to get a status on the stick but no one returns emails or answers calls? has anyone had luck reaching out to them? Any issues with stick delivery?
  5. Anyone know of any P30 (parise/panarin) pro stock equivalents? Looks like I can save a few dollars buying from prostockhockey.com
  6. This may have been mentioned already but has anyone noticed the edges are sharper with the FBV? I have never cut myself with my skates until I had the FBV and I nicked my fingers twice pretty good just lacing my skates. I like the FBV but I am a little concerned about how sharp the blades may be. My 5 year old is playing Mites now and im scared to think the blades my be sharper than they need to be.
  7. Well my last post in this thread was over a year ago and I still have issues with my ankle. No flexiblilty, stiffness, clicking, and general soreness. I was to busy with a new job to do the PT, think that may have been my biggest mistake. I can still play hocley though I just have alot of discomfort. I was able to walk/limp after 4 weeks but my biggest issue was the sprain I had on the opposite side of the break. It was months before I could actually run without pain. When you can run you can play hockey.
  8. You mean, other than me? Well, ya know, your a Flyers fan and all... Joking, honestly I havnt been in Harrisburg in quite a while and am still over seas for another week or so (fingers crossed). I didnt even know you did sharpenings. Are you talking about Twin Ponds or somewhere else?
  9. Is there any place in Pittsburgh or Harrisburg that has the FBV?
  10. Went to the Docs today. Said my break is completely healed. I just had surgery 4 weeks ago, guess those 2 screws really helped. I just need to keep stretching my ankle/calf and wait for all the tenderness to go away. Im really worried I wont be able to wear any of my low cut skates (Kor, S500). Im going to need all the support I can get.
  11. Got the cast off and stitches out about 2 weeks ago. I have been walking without crutches (with a limp) for 4 days now. I have a pretty bad ankle sprain on the opposite side of my break and my foot has no flexibility in it. This is taking alot longer than I thought. My foot still blows up with swelling also.
  12. Just got out of surgery today I think they put 2 screws in the ankle to hold it in place while it heals hurts like a mother!
  13. I broke my ankle last week. I broke the big ball of the ankle clean off. Will be getting surgey this coming Monday... joy... Ill post an xray if I get one. Its pretty trippy looking.
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