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    Bauer APX Pro
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    Easton RSII Frolik Pro Stock
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    NBH 4-Roll Pro, Easton 4-Roll Pro Stock
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    Bauer 7500, Reebok 8k
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    Reebok 5k
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    Easton Synergy 700
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    Reebok 6k

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  1. Haven't posted on here in a while, here's the stuff I've picked up over the course of the summer. Bauer 7500 with Bauer pro clip straight visor, Ben Lovejoy pro stock Penguins gloves, Mikael Frolik RSII (S19 repaint), and yesterday's impulse buy, Pro stock APX skates. No name or markings on them, TSR had a stash of them selling as pro stock, only differences I've noticed from retail are the liner, 7.0 tongue and LS3 steel.
  2. There's always UMaine gloves, although NCAA equipment is notoriously hard to a hold of...
  3. Uploaded with ImageShack.us new helmet setup: 8k with oakley pro modified aviator
  4. Those are Providence Bruins socks. Big B's wear yellow socks with home unis and the away set have a thick black stripe and thin gold ones, opposite of those.
  5. It's misleading. If I search for Bauer gloves, I want to see Bauer gloves, I'm not going to buy your reebok gloves just because they come up on my search for Bauer. In fact, if I'm searching for Bauer gloves and I see a picture of Bauer gloves labeled BAUER EASTON WARRIOR NIKE REEBOK RBK CCM EAGLE PRO STOCK RETURN NHL GLOVE, chances are I'm not buying them anyway.
  6. $1400??? thats insane. I was paying 315 for the year or 180/semester and thought I was getting boned, but that is absolutely brutal. As for the Audi, that's a shame, great cars. My first car was a 98 A4 wagon which went over 250k miles before we sold it, I loved that thing. Now I'm in an 05 A4 sedan, I sometimes miss the wagon and I wish it had the USP (s-line for B6 bodystyle) package as those and the s-line for later models just make them look that much better. My dad drives a 2010 S4 and man, does that thing go. My mom recently traded in her 07 A6 sedan for a new Q5, both great cars. Sorry that it didn't work out this time around but definitely keep Audi in mind for the future, great cars, especially with quattro come wintertime.
  7. What if someone is buying this as a gift for their son or daughter, someone who doesn't know hockey like those of us on here? They're going to get ripped off. That's like saying if you witness a murder that it was the victim's fault for not being strong enough to defend themselves so it's their problem and you shouldn't report it to the police. This person is committing a crime and should be reported, end of story.
  8. Here's a situation for you guys. I saw online that PureHockey was running a sale on Flexlite 4.0 skates for $250, but they were sold out (sorry I was going to buy online but I couldn't pass up that deal) So I call around to all the PureHockey stores within reasonable driving distance from me and ask if they have any in stock. Find one that says they do have them and in plenty of sizes. I say ok, and are they still $250, I saw your ad online. "Let me go check". Puts down the phone, comes back a few minutes later, "actually they are only $189." So I said oh really, wow, the 4.0 are only that much? are you sure they're the 4.0's because thats around what the 3.0's go for. He says yep, bauer flexlite 4.0. So I say ok, can you hold a pair in 10.5 for me? "We have plenty so you should be all set" So I say alright, I'll be in later today. So I drive an hour and 15 minutes to the shop, walk in, go to the skate rack, see zero flexlite 4.0, but 3.0's for 189. So someone comes to help me and I ask if they have 4.0's in the back somewhere, I talked to someone on the phone who said you did. So I'm thinking, maybe the guy just messed up the pricing and I'd be more than happy to pay the 250 I was expecting. He goes and checks and tells me they don't have any but they'll have them in before next season. Great. So I say alright, well someone told me on the phone you had them and I just drove over an hour to buy those skates. He didn't seem very concerned so he asked if there was anything else I'd like to look at. So of course I'm upset that I drove all that way and thinking about just walking out but I do need new skates and apparantly the flexlites were off the table now, so I ended up getting fitted and buying some reebok 7ks. I was pleased with them, but still obviously pissed that the kid still assured me they had those skates, for that price and I drove over an hour, only to find out that he either a) took a quick glance, saw flexlite and figured "same skate", or b) thought that I didn't know what I was talking about and wouldn't know the difference between a 3.0 or 4.0. I realize this probably belongs in the "Things LHS do" thread, but I just want to see what the opinion from the other side. I don't know if I was dealing with the same kid in store as I did on the phone, but what would you guys do if you had made that mistake?
  9. Unfortunately, no. "Designed in Canada. Made In Thailand"
  10. I haven't gotten a chance to skate in them yet, but first impression from just wearing them around the shop was very good. I was looking at the x4.0s as well today and aside from needing a 2E in vapors where i fit in a D width in these, the 7k's just seemed more sturdy and better built compared to those and other skates near that price point. Again I obviously can't comment on durability or on ice feel but so far, so good in my opinion.
  11. New skates, Reebok 7k. never cared for white skates but these just looked so good in person. 2 things i swore I'd never buy: reebok skates and white skates. Both went out the window today, but these fit my foot well and I surprised myself by really liking the looks of them. I'm sure some people will hate but hey, I don't think the white is too much on these.
  12. I'm pretty sure (correct me if I'm wrong, just what I've gathered from other threads) that they were made in the Eagle factory using CCM's patterns/molds
  13. Sweet. I actually work in the equipment room at UVM. I think goalie gear is some of the only stuff they actually let go since it's so custom. Ive been trying to get my boss to let me have some of the old stuff but almost all of it gets passed down to club and intramural teams. Ive also been told they have to be really careful about what they let players keep when they graduate because of NCAA rules about gifts and such. Great colors though, especially to match your uni's and definitely a great pickup. And Madore is a real nice guy, I bump into him from time to time at the rink after stick and puck
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