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  1. Trying to prevent a slight to moderate case of heel lift in my 28K skates. I can tie my skates tighter and eliminate it for the most part but then I can't really push off and get a good bite on the ice as the blades just slip. When I say tight I mean maybe 75-80% of how tight I could physically pull them without a tool. So pretty snug but not circulation stopping. I am not flush with fun money right now, but I may try on a pair of Jetspeed 270's. Supremes don't do my arches any favors, at least the One70's I tried didn't.
  2. Played around with these, and I have to say for me they didn't do the trick. I am sure they work great on certian foot types, but I didn't feel any positive effects. I also think the sock material itself is pretty slippery. I'd suggest they use a more grippy material, or add some grippy stuff to the heel and achillies area. Never know until you try I guess. Glad I waited for the price to drop before I tried them.
  3. Just got mine last night and haven't had a chance to hit the ice yet. Really just had a minute to put them on with my skates just to see what I bought. I am a size 10 in street shoes - could scrunch into a 9.5 depending on the fit of the shoe- and ordered the medium sock. Not too big but not second skin either. I'll get a chance to try some combinations tonight. 1 foot needs them, the other foot could go without so I have some options with the supplied pads.
  4. Thanks for the feedback !! Mine are in the mail.
  5. Digging this thread back up so as not to start a new thread on this sock. For those who have been wearing them, did you notice any effect on foot length in the boot? I am thinking about getting a pair and just want to make sure my heel will still be able to seat into the heel fully. I know there are variables like heel shape, which pads are used and how much extra space there is in the heel of the boot. Just looking for a few examples if ya got 'em ! I am thinking about these for just a fine tuning of heel fit so I don't need much from them. If I tie my skates just a bit tighter than I'd like for mobility my heels are fine, tightened for freedom, my heels start to lift just a bit as the game goes on. My heel actually fits pretty well in my boots, there isn't really any extra slop but the heel lift just starts creeping in. Strangely - or not - this happens on both pairs of skates I have, EQ50's and RBK 28K's. Based on that I think it's my foot so the Stable 26 seems to be a good idea to try. Thanks as always !!!
  6. My 7EE one70's use a 263, as does a 7D Supreme. The half sizes ( 7.5 - 8.5 and so on) is where the EE gets the longer holder. The full sizes share the same holder in both D and EE widths. Thanks for the chart, it does give a good baseline. This skate line is looking like a poster child for buying locally. As much as it never really pays to switch to a new skate without a good hands on fitting, this skate really is a shot in the dark for any internet buyers. Let your LHS sell you this one !
  7. I fit in a 7EE One70, good width, a smidge tight in the length. The sizing on these new CCM's truly needs a good fitting.
  8. Thanks for that info JR. Size 7D CCM U12 is a epro 271 and I am on the small side of that. New CCM with Sppedblade 271 runs 7.5 to 8. Size 7EE One70 is a 263 with a similar fit to U12 length in a 7D.
  9. Is the size difference a full half size, or something less than a half size that you can tell? As the 7 is slightly too small in length and width - the new CCM in a 6.5 would be the same fit if it were exactly a half size smaller. But if it were more like 1/4 size smaller fitting a new CCM at size 7 would be like a 2012 model at 7 1/4 which would be awesome fit for me. So I guess I am asking if a 2013 CCM size 7 fits like a 2012 CCM size 7 1/4 or 7 1/2! I will be trying on at LHS if I decide to buy, but my LHS is only concerned with $$ and gives no advice whatsoever so I need to do homework. Thanks for your help AIREAYE!
  10. I have a pair of U+12's I bought that are a size 7D that are very slightly too short and very slightly too tight. In the opinion of those who have tried on the new skate, would a size 7 in the new skate be just bigger enough to fit me well, too big, or about the same.
  11. Can modern skates like a Bauer Supreme be stretched? I have read both that they can and that they can't, or that the gains are tempoary. That could be a lifesaver if streatching is a viable tool.
  12. Thanks for the feedback ! When I look back at the skates that have given me fits, it definately seems like a combination of things as well. My biggest issue is that my right foot is almost a half size smaller than my left. Add to that skates with a wide heel, and wider mid-foot and pronation results. Supremes are the least problematic for me, likely because of the higher arch, but I get arch pain from them if I tie the laces with any amount of tension. Superfeet do not alliviate that pain. I don't know if a half size difference in length warrants going custom, but I don't really need a skate that stiff, although at this point it would have been cheaper to go straight to custom skates!
  13. Below link to discussion from Genreal Hockey forum: http://www.modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php?/topic/59207-blade-alignment-to-help-pronation-when-skating/ I was searching on this subject and found this thread in the General forum. It is an issue that affects me, so I thought it might play well in the Equipment thread. My questions after reading the above thread were : What part of skate fit affects or prevents pronation, heel size, arch support, mid-foot width of boot, boot length, or other? Watching the video of the LHS skate tech shim only one side of the holder, does that have any long term affects on the holders durability?
  14. Bringing this thread back to life rather than starting a new one I have been looking for new skates, and in some models have the same issue with the right foor pronating. In a Supreme which is frankly a liitle big on me it is much less noticable, but in a RBK that fits much better my righ foot pronates much more. Now my right foot is about a pencil width shorter, and lately the skates I have been trying on are fit to my longer foot. My question here is what aspect of boot fit amplifies this issue? Is it purely the arch support of the skate? I used to skate in 5K's with superfeet, Sole footbeds, you name it. Nothing really helped. Is it having a narrower heel in the boot, or a narrower mid- foot? Another question is if a shop shims one side of a skate as in the video above, how does that effect the durability of the holder.
  15. So here is a related question. I have skated with players who bought pro returns, or used skates from NHL teams. Is there any sort of database that shows players and their skate sizes, options? Similar to what is out there for players sticks. With all the pro players out there I am sure they cover a wide range of fit options such as one foot shorter, wider, etc. If someone knew of a pro who had a foot that had similar "oddities" to their own they could possibly contact the teams equipment guys and see about buying used skates from that pro.
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