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  1. Lucky me my new toys!!! Whip flex ftw [
  2. lol Those any good for a normal checking league? I always wondered about those and kinda itching myself to get new pads =/ how is the sizing? I wear a m-l in jofa and a medium in eastons lol
  3. A little late to the crowd but man do these ever feel GOOD on my foot, truly found a skate without pain anywhere so far.. just hope things continue this way until i step on that ice lol. A shout out goes to earl from just hockey great guy!! and truly a pricey tag that left me crying a bit ..but it was worth it!
  4. Dirrrttyyy gloves bud!
  5. Darkstar, great piece of vintage gear ya got there!
  6. latest rbk/jofa gear lol got em for 70$
  7. Thats true hmm, was wondering about these 5k shouldies floating on ebay is it just rebranding? http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-NHL-JOFA-SP-5K-PRO...cd#ht_953wt_734
  8. LoL those are hard to come across these days :P I wear 14" too great pick up btw! I have the elbows and the shouldies just missing the shins .
  9. Helmet: Bauer 5500 w/ 8500 cage Elbow Pads: RBK 8K pro Gloves: Bauer 4 rolls Pants: Warrior Hustler Shin Pads: bauer one75 shin pads, nike apollo shin pads Skates: Bauer vapor x:50, bauer vapor XXX Sticks: Reebok 7k sikick v, warrior ak-27 with one95 blade
  10. lol agreed this man deserves a clap haha btw theres already some of those jofa shinguards on ebay are they yours mxihockey?
  11. Im 5'8 at 175 lbs and lol I measured my elbow to my wrist and it was around 10 1/2 inch the mediums were around the same size which covered the whole wrist and restricts my mobility so I was looking for a small..
  12. Hmmm I lost in a bid today on a small size that is rare to find :(
  13. LoL looks like something a guy would do from phew ;) putting on EXTRA long tongues haha but none the less gorgeous skates!
  14. Lol or a china jersey B)
  15. Is she that hot? ;) http://entertainment.msn.co.nz/img/blog/oc...9_megan-fox.jpg
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