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  1. Those tavares gloves were a steal on ebay. Was thinking about grabbing them and reselling right away, but have enough stuff I need to get rid of already...plus the colors would make them a little harder to sell assuming someone would want to use them.
  2. That boy ain't right...
  3. I would have been interested 6 months ago...think my girlfriend would kill me if she found another pair. Think people over play the fact that they're heavy. Yes they are heavier than most, but nothing that should stop you if you like the feel and look of the skate.
  4. Sweet skates, Kanya... I too have the obsession. I'm now up to 5 pairs.
  5. $405??? Those aren't even the top of the line. I guess it's time to get out the bleach and start scrubbing my old ones.
  6. Love the all white...how did you go about getting them? Did you deal with graf or order them through a store?
  7. those look like they're straight from the set of Transformers
  8. I love Nikes, Shinedown, but don't you have anything better? Those are like $30 skates....from 1997. It's like putting rims on a '84 Honda.
  9. if u really want white skates (and some people do, as shown on this board) you dont have much of a choice but to pay that much. You can either fly to europe and hope u find a pair of white grafs or hope u find a pair of old nikes on ebay, which doesnt happen that much anymore. I paid 200 for the boots, then paid for the tuuks (which both took a while to find). So no, i'm not going to sell them for 300plus profit cause i would never be able to find another pair in good condition. That is why that guy offered me so much, cause he knew he wouldnt find them anywhere else.
  10. Nike Air Accel Elite - 2nd edition Wish I would have bought more of these when they were practically giving them away in stores. I had one guy offer me $700 for these. For every person who says they look like figure skates, I have ten people say how much they want them. The new tuuk helps a little, but they are still heavy. I have another pair that I'm going to change the tuuk on also. I'd love to see the new vapors in all-white. I think they would sell a bunch if they made a special limited edition and charged an extra $300 or so.
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