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  1. i know a lot of guys that still crave the P08 Crazy Ovi curves (myself included)
  2. How different are the lies?
  3. hey guys, just wondering on the differences on these curves as bauer lists them both as mid-toe open which would you guys say is the most open of the two? love the openness of the p08/ovi curves looking for something similar with those real load up wrist shots and one time capabilities
  4. Thanks man that’s an incredible answer exactly what I’ve been looking for 👍🏻
  5. Which curve would you recommend to being most like the p08/crazyovi (I can switch between both with only minor adjustment most of the time during a game) But now I'm all out of p08s now and I can either go p28 or p92? The majority of my shots are one timers after getting free in the high slot or loaded up wristers coming down my off wing. It’s normally the power of my shot that is the biggest attribute. Tend to shoot through defenders instead of dangle them.
  6. What I don’t get is why did they release the p29 to retail which as stated in that pdf is “almost identical” when they could have released the p90 which is apparently “identical” I’ve heard so many people say that they would love to use ccm but they don’t have an exact p92 clone
  7. Just found this boys, feast your eyes on this info 👌🏻 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1g0UwtZ8BHbBI10cG9z4YMXvS0UmP28u4/view
  8. Just browsing for a new twig and have come across a load of ccm P90 curves. Are these identical to p29 or are there slight differences? I know a lot of people have said that the p29 is not like the p92 from Bauer (not as open more mid) is the p90 identical to the p92 or the p29 I’m getting confused
  9. Hey guys Have had the as1 skates for a little over a month and a half now and had them properly fitted here in the uk using the Bauer scanner https://my.volumental.com/en/bauer/55d4fbc5-08f1-4a96-9cb3-6d5703853f3f/?utm_medium=myvemail The guy sold me on yellow super feet and I have been skating on them 4 times a week at an hour a time with no problems. That was until first game of the season last weekend when I obviously spent a lot more time in them and suddenly I’ve had multiple things rear their ugly head, I’m getting cramp across the bottom of my right foot and this on my left foot: https://share.icloud.com/photos/0aTYeRzFWuECKfWNqUFvAOP4g ive never had this problem before so thought it may be the super feet but skated last night in them with stock foam insoles (not the yellow ortho things) and still got the same problems and tightened them up a lot more and that just made the cramp worse. my right skate always feels like there is more movement in it due to my right foot being half a size smaller and I usually have that problem in my skates. I’ve never however had blisters on my instep before. Skates are a 9.5D Thoughts on a solution? Thanks guys
  10. In my experience the Bauer p28 is the most extreme ccm and warrior definitely look tamer to me with the warrior being the tamest
  11. Wow 😮 thanks for the pics! Im sure that’s not as crazy as it used to be.
  12. Anyone found a solution to this yet? What did you guys end up doing? Going with the 28 curve stuff or are you using something else now?
  13. What do you guys make of this comment by PSHG_prostock? Any truth? http://www.sports2k.com/forum/index.php?/topic/565-easton-pro-stock-stick-barcode/?p=4916
  14. totally agree I've been scanned and measured and have come back as fitting into a 9.5d bauer supreme or ccm as1 When i say i like the look of the ccm stuff what i really mean is i like the look of the one piece boot construction etc. Sorry i should've been more clear with that as i know countless people fall into the trap of "ooo that looks nice ill buy that online"
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