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  1. Solid response... when it comes down to it you’ve got a beef with someone you’ve never met via the internet with the sack to suggest that I don’t know what I’m talking about based on posts you have read and your perception of them. Deep down, face to face, man to man and some factual credentials you just look like a modsquadhockey.com hero know it all with a big mouth. Many don’t like me but that only matters if I give a shit but that doesn’t take away from what I do or do not know. However, with that being said... if your aspirations are reputation points on a forum and getting picked for to be a Warrior VIP I think you’ve nailed down your life goals. I don’t think you would be so liberal if your back was to a wall. Don’t take any of that with a grain of salt. There is nothing to misinterpret there. You’re a punk. But I’ll give all of your posts thumbs up just so you can feel like your oxygen was put to good use.
  2. Yea take what I have to say with a massive grain of salt because Hills has a problem with me and can’t separate accuracy with personality preference.
  3. That does make sense. You don’t get that from the Ribcor because of the shaft design. If I were you I’d go for a Supertacks 2.0 as a smooth mid kick. That or a 1N/2NPRO. I’ve never really gotten a smooth release sensation from any low kick. Maybe with the exception of a CX.
  4. Softest feeling. The blade has no ribs or foams really it’s a play on the RBZ speed pocket blade. IMO poor puck feel, damp and not very lively or crisp. Rigidity isn’t the issue. FWIW pucks fly off the blade. Shoots hard.
  5. Well CCM added a dampening layer on their pocket in blade and the jet speed is in fact they’re soft is feeling blade out of all three of the lines. Not sure what to tell you other than that but you probably already knewNot sure what to tell you other than that but you probably already knew
  6. Depending on what hand you are, curve and flex your best bet would be pro stock. Not much plays like the 1000 unless you follow up the line 8000/1N/1N 2.0/2NPro. Quite a few guys still using R32 (Nexus 1000 pro build code)
  7. Supertacks 2.0 like to whip out quickly but last. T2 sticks are tough.
  8. If you like the puck feel of the APX2 and the shaft shape you should stick with Bauer and get a 1X in either generation. The APX2 is an “Intelli-Sense” kickpoint but the 1X is a low kick point. Puck feel will be very similar. The Jetspeed does not play anything like it. If you wanted something with a stiff blade and a low kick point in CCM you can look for pro stock ultra/super or Supertacks 2.0 LK sticks which is a team stick but plays very nicely.
  9. The blade is very soft. It does not play anything like a Nexus 1000. R shaft is a love or hate shape and the stick is not particularly light.
  10. I didn’t ask you if you cared nor did I ask for your approval. Nothing about what I said was aimed at being a prick or polishing trophies but also don’t assume that my experience is limited to reps running their mouths about products to put in a trash teams locker room. There comes a time though when my patience runs thin with the forum know it all’s as they run short with me. Of course many know much more than me. I am always learning but far from a knowledgeless forum troll which is assumed because some don’t like my posts.
  11. Anyone here planning on getting a 2N stick is the thread stick9. Not “tell me about the 2N/2NPro stick.” I disagreed with ONE thing and that was when someone said the blade was “super dampened”. Then he defended it by saying it was the 2N stick and I said that it was the same blade... it is the same blade with a different weave but essentially the same blade. That is it. Don’t paint this picture like I’ve been jumping down everyone’s throat with corrections. NCAA players are not pros but when a forum Warrior gets sassy with me that’s why I said what I said and the. buzz comes flying in from Infiniti and beyond to put lighter fluid on the fire. This is getting way too off topic.
  12. One cannot learn by avoiding questions and there is no such thing as a dumb one. The question is also whether or not the question in question is asked to seek factual information or an opinion. There is also saying that one should never assume. Maybe you should ask yourself the question of whether or not I ask dumb questions because I know I will get dumb answers. Regardless of your thoughts my resume is still my resume and your opinion is still your opinion which is based off of extremely limited amount of content. Others without a chip on their shoulder or an extreme affection for pro stock forums may think differently. most of all no one likes a lieutenant that knows it because he read it in the book without any application in the real world. You have some things to ask yourself mister have a lot of questions.
  13. Please tell me more about your expertise and then once you’ve worked for Division I NCAA men’s hockey team as an equipment manager dealing with professionals after your time there you come talk to me about sticks ... buddy
  14. I disagree with dampened and or super dampened. I’ve used every top tier Nexus stick and this is like a step down from a 1X.
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