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  1. Any chance you have some better pics of the 11k/hummer9000? I always thought that'd be an awesome setup.
  2. Beautiful! Makes me wish my Nikes weren't yellow and falling apart haha
  3. Exactly what I thought when people said they didn't understand it :(
  4. My moth dropped when I saw those Canada Eastons.. Beautiful.
  5. Loving the black/gold Eastons. What's the name on the non-Sykora's? I tried inverting the color in PS but still couldn't read the name
  6. Love the Blackhawk (I think) Eastons. I've been looking for a pair of them on eBay but they're going for waaaaaay too much :(
  7. I could be speaking out of my ass here, but I'm sure I've heard 6 or so Yeh ive heard 6 aswell, but i doubt its true There's an eBay auction for Pronger Vapor XXXX skates size 8+1/4D. http://cgi.ebay.com/BAUER-VAPOR-XXXX-PRO-S...93%3A1|294%3A50
  8. Agreed, the fade looks spot on.
  9. Those glovers are absoutely beautiful! Lovin' the pinky stripe. I had thought of doing a pair just like those.
  10. You're one lucky SOB.. haha I've been wanting that exact stick! (PM9 87flex) If you decide to sell one.... ;)
  11. I got them here: http://www.sandehockey.com/ User Sande on MSH is the owner of Sande Hockey. Their equipment is pretty cool. +1 -- I've got a pair of MaxPros and love them
  12. A white Q would look quite good I think... Hell, anything besides the gold would make them look better.
  13. If you ever want to get rid of the GripLites let me know, they were my favorite shaft growing up. :)
  14. $300 starting bid is ridiculous, let alone $550 BIN
  15. Those 9ks look like they were made to be on that frame, looks alone makes me wish RBK boots fit my foot.
  16. I love the look of the black sprungs and rink rats.. simply amazing!
  17. The box label says it's for one90's..
  18. Those look absolutely sick! I tried on a pair of x72 today and they felt great. If these feel even better, I may try custom next time I need gloves...
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