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    Ice Flexlite Pro 4.0 - Roller CCM V10 SE, 2010 RBK 8K ice boot w/ Mission Hi-Lo
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    Montreal NitroLite 100 Flex/ Sherwood TPS R2 85 Flex OPS
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    Easton Pro Gold
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    Mission Intake, CCM V10
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    Tackla Air 9000
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    Sherwood 5030
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    Itech 990 Tech Lite
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    Ice Graf 700 - Roller RBK 4K
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    Mission book bag

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  1. I would be concerned with a shop expecting the rivets to move once there in place (unless they have rusted and need replacement). Not to say that it doesn't happen. Are you taking about the copper rivets or the standard ones? +1 I would also take them back to the shop and have them install shims on both heels are per Kanya. After which I would apply epoxy the affected area. Thought I include a video that shows what shims are and how they install it. Shim info starts at 23 seconds of the video.
  2. I can't answer that for you since I've skated in the Mag frame for the last 3 years. I've skated in a Aluminum mission frame, however this was one of their old frames from the late 90's/early 2000's. The wheel set up was 72's upfront and 80's in the back compared to 76's/80's of today is a difference but until I get my hands on a aluminum 76's/80's frame I can not give you a answer. What I can tell you is that I put both frames (Alumn & Mag) through hell and have yet to crack or break the frame. This is both playing indoors and out and in both hot and cold weather. Let me know this help you out whatsoever, if you do have more questions feel free to PM so that the thread is kept in the right direction.
  3. Yes. Felt too much on my toes and it affected my skating to a certain extent. I didn't want to go through the changing of the steel (balance/radius and so on) on the LS2 so best fit was to go with a goodie but oldie set up. I'm have a pair of LE one60 that I'm skating on trying to get accustom to the LS2 blade due to the cost of having to swap the whole blade if the Custom steel breaks.
  4. My lastest conversion, skates are solid. Used t-nuts, washers & socket cap screws. My next project, looking to try out a hummer frame with these.
  5. Image does look usable but then again the I can't see the crack that you are mentioning. As you said the crack goes all the way through I would be cautious to skate on them. Last thing you want to do is blow the frame while playing and injuring yourself. Take them back show them what they did to the frame. See if they will replace them or at least inquire what they could do to help the situation (having them pay for a welder to strengthen the cracks). Although if I were you I would not allow them to put the chassis on any boot. Good luck!
  6. What kind of rivet job is that?
  7. Thanks! Pretty good guess. Here's the low down Intake is correct 8K w/ Bauer cage (don't remember model info as it was a trade for a half visor - I got the better part of the trade B) ) V10 is correct CCM 652 w/ LaFontaine head lock back piece Nah no where close to a goalie's butt-end. My butt-ends are about a 1/4 inch thick I use both hockey & electric tape on my end's to save's my plams (never had a problem of slippage with any sticks)
  8. First 3 were/are for outdoors & the V10/Boss are for indoors. Skates date back to 96' so it's kinda of a timeline for me and it's real hard to get rid of some gear (atleast for me it is).
  9. Thought it was time for me to post my gear. So here it is... Just got both TPS 8 lites today. Be easy on the roller - Ice is way to expensive to play in NYC. Don't have that many twigs as I'm a shaft and blade combo person. I use manily the M9/M95 blades euro curve. The montreal stick is a good ol' woodie that I can't use for the life of me Can't get use to the feel of a OPS.
  10. HDF1508 - those are some sick looking skates. Well worth the wait I would say! Did they have to do much drilling (if any)?
  11. The skate is a 9E, I matched up the chassis size (medium - http://www.hockeymonkey.com/mission-magnes...assis-set.html) according to mission boot sizing method. My LHS only had to drill into one of the previous FUBAR factory made holes on both skates - other than that they matched right up with the tri-di holes. Skating in them is pretty awkward though, played 3 games with them and still don't feel comfty at all (nothing to do with the chassis position or size)... Boot is too stiff around the top (baked them twice to try to get that worked out), it won't wrap around my ankle so it feels loose and if it wasn't for the heel lock I get in them I wouldn't use them at all. Have to use a bunga pad on the right skate as the ankle foam shifted down a bit that expose a plastic edge which was digging on the bone above the ankle. Have to do alot more skating to break in the skate, glad it was a gift though (no money lost on the boot).
  12. Could not stand the tri-di set up. Looks funny with chrome boot and Mission Hi-Lo Penetrator gold chassis . Had more copper rivets installed so I wouldn't rip them out when playing on sport court . Kind of a big guy and tough on my skates. bottome view
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